A-Z index of all published items in the document collection

Title Item type Link Status
Abbey of St. Clare Churches
ABBE1 Complete
Abbey of St. Mary Graces Churches
ABBE2 Stub
Abbey of Grace Churches
ABBE3 Empty
Abchurch Lane Streets
ABCH1 Complete
Adam and Eve Bookshops
ADAM11 Empty
Addle Hill Streets
ADDL1 Empty
Addle Street Streets
ADDL2 Empty
Advisory Board organization ADVI1
Abbot of St. Alban’s Inn Victualling Houses
ALBO1 Empty
Aldermanbury Streets
ALDE1 Complete
Aldersgate Ward Wards
ALDE2 Complete
Aldersgate Gates
ALDE3 Empty
Aldersgate Street Streets
ALDE4 Empty
Aldermanbury Conduit Water Features
ALDE5 Empty
ALDE6 glossary item
Court of Aldermen organization ALDE7
Aldgate Gates
Undergraduate Student Articles
ALDG1 Complete
Aldgate Ward Wards
ALDG2 Complete
Aldgate Bars Sites
ALDG3 Complete
Aldgate Street Streets
ALDG4 Complete
Alderman Bury Sites
ALDR2 Empty
Alehouse Generic Places
ALEH1 Empty
London Aliens Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
ALIE1 Complete
ALIE2 glossary item
All Hallows, London Wall Churches
ALLH1 Complete
All Hallows, London Wall (Parish) Parishes
ALLH101 Empty
All Hallows Barking (Parish) Parishes
ALLH102 Empty
All Hallows, Bread Street (Parish) Parishes
ALLH103 Empty
All Hallows, Lombard Street (Parish) Parishes
ALLH104 Empty
All Hallows Staining (Parish) Parishes
ALLH105 Empty
All Hallows the Great (Parish) Parishes
ALLH106 Empty
All Hallows the Less (Parish) Parishes
ALLH107 Empty
All Hallows, Honey Lane (Parish) Parishes
ALLH108 Empty
All Hallows Barking Churches
ALLH2 Complete
All Hallows, Bread Street Churches
ALLH3 Empty
All Hallows, Lombard Street Churches
ALLH4 Empty
All Hallows Staining Churches
ALLH5 Empty
All Hallows the Less Churches
ALLH7 Empty
All Hallows, Honey Lane Churches
ALLH8 Empty
ALSH1 glossary item
Amen Corner Sites
AMEN1 Empty
American University Literature 434 Fall 2014 Students organization AMUN1
Amwell Head Riverside Features
AMWE2 Empty
Anchor Lane Streets
ANCH1 Empty
Andrew Court Streets
ANDR1 Empty
Andro Morris Key Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
ANDR2 Complete
Angel Inn Victualling Houses
ANGE1 Empty
Angel (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites
ANGE4 Empty
Angel (Without Newgate) Sites
ANGE5 Empty
Angel (Popes-Head-Alley) Sites
ANGE6 Empty
The Angel Sites
ANGL1 Empty
Annis a Cleare Topographical Features
ANNI1 Empty
Annis a Cleare Water Features
ANNI2 Empty
Anonymity Topics
ANON1 Empty
The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London organization APOT1
Apothecaries’ Hall Sites
APOT2 Empty
Appold Street Streets
APPO1 Empty
APPR1 glossary item
Archdeaconry of London organization ARCH10
Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconry of London Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
ARCH9 Complete
Armourers’ Hall Halls
ARMO1 Empty
Artillery Yard Sites
ARTI1 Empty
King’s Artirce Sites
ARTI2 Empty
Artillery Garden Sites
ARTI3 Empty
Artillery Walk Neighbourhoods
ARTI4 Empty
Arundel House Sites
Peer-reviewed Documents
Articles by Scholars
ARUN1 Complete
Arundel Stairs Riverside Features
ARUN4 Empty
Asher House Sites
ASHH1 Empty
ASSI1 glossary item
A Strange Sighted Traveller Other Texts
ASST1 Complete
St. Audoen Churches
AUDO1 Stub
The Augustinians organization AUGU4
Austin Friars Sites
AUST1 Stub
Austin’s Gate Gates
AUST2 Empty
Ave Maria Lane Streets
AVEM1 Empty
Axe Inn Victualling Houses
AXEI1 Empty
BACH1 glossary item
Bacon House Sites
BACO3 Empty
Bakers’ Hall Halls
BAKE1 Empty
Blackwell Hall Sites
BAKE2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Bakers organization BAKE4
Paul’s Bakehouse Sites
BAKE6 Empty
Bakehouse Generic Places
BAKE7 Empty
Balmes (Hoxton) Sites
BALM1 Empty
Bangor Inn Sites
BANG1 Empty
Bank End Streets
BANK1 Empty
Bankside Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
BANK2 Assigned
Banqueting House Sites
BANQ1 Assigned
Banstead Downs Sites
BANS1 Empty
Barbers’ Hall (?) Halls
BARB1 Empty
Barbican Streets
BARB2 Complete
Barbican (Tower) Sites
BARB3 Empty
Barge House Stairs Riverside Features
BARG1 Empty
BARG2 glossary item
Barkley’s Inn Sites
BARK1 Empty
Barnards Inn Sites
BARN1 Empty
Barnard’s Inn Victualling Houses
BARN10 Empty
Barn Elms Sites
BARN11 Empty
BARS1 glossary item
Bartholomew Fair Dramatic Extracts
BART2 Complete
Bassinghall Ward Wards
BASI1 Complete
Basinghall Street Streets
BASI2 Empty
Basing Lane Streets
BASI3 Complete
Basing Hall Halls
BASI6 Empty
Bath Inn Sites
BATH1 Empty
Battle Bridge, Tooley Street Sites
BATT1 Empty
Baynard’s Castle Sites
Graduate Student Articles
BAYN1 Complete
Beachamp’s Inn Victualling Houses
BEAC2 Empty
BEAD1 glossary item
Bear Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BEAR1 Complete
Bearbinder Lane Streets
BEAR2 Empty
Bear Inn Victualling Houses
BEAR3 Empty
The Bear and Ragged Staff Victualling Houses
BEAR4 Empty
Bear’s Head, Southwark Brothels
BEAR5 Empty
Bearbaiting Topics
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BEAR6 Assigned
Bear (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites
BEAR7 Empty
Bedford House Sites
BEDF1 Empty
Bedford House Sites
BEDF3 Empty
Beech Lane Streets
BEEC1 Empty
Beer House No. 1 Victualling Houses
BEER1 Empty
Beer Lane Streets
BEER2 Complete
Beeston’s Boys organization BEES3
Beggar’s Bush Victualling Houses
BEGG1 Empty
Bell Yard, Temple Bar Streets
BELL1 Complete
Bell Inn, Gracechurch Street Playhouses
BELL10 Stub
Bell, Southwark Brothels
BELL11 Empty
Bell Tavern, Warwick Street Victualling Houses
BELL12 Empty
Bell Tavern, Old Fish Street Victualling Houses
BELL13 Empty
Bell Tavern, Wood Street Victualling Houses
BELL14 Empty
Bell Tavern, Walbrook Victualling Houses
BELL15 Empty
Bell Inn, in the Strand Victualling Houses
BELL16 Empty
Bell Tavern, Stratford-at-Bow Victualling Houses
BELL17 Empty
Bell Tavern, Waltham Victualling Houses
BELL18 Empty
Bell Inn, Henley-on-Thames Victualling Houses
BELL19 Empty
Bell Inn, Holborn Victualling Houses
BELL3 Empty
Bell Inn, Aldersgate Street Victualling Houses
BELL4 Empty
Bell Inn, Friday Street Victualling Houses
BELL5 Empty
Bell Inn, Coleman Street Victualling Houses
BELL6 Empty
Bell Savage Inn Victualling Houses
BELL7 Stub
Bell Inn, St. John’s Street Victualling Houses
BELL8 Empty
Bell Inn, Smithfield Victualling Houses
BELL9 Empty
Belsize Neighbourhoods
BELS1 Empty
Benbridges Inn Victualling Houses
BENB1 Complete
Ben Johnson’s Head Bookshops
BENJ1 Empty
Bennet’s Hill Streets
BENN1 Empty
Bermondsey Street Streets
BERM1 Empty
Bermondsey Neighbourhoods
BERM2 Empty
Bermondsey Abbey Churches
BERM3 Empty
Bermudas Generic Places
BERM4 Empty
Berwardes Lane Streets
BERW1 Empty
Bethlehem Hospital Sites
Graduate Student Articles
BETH1 Complete
Bethnall Green Neighbourhoods
BETH4 Empty
Bevis Marks Streets
BEVI1 Stub
Bevis Marks (?) Sites
BEVI2 Empty
The Bible Bookshops
BIBL2 Empty
Billingsgate Riverside Features
Undergraduate Student Articles
BILL1 Complete
Billingsgate Ward Wards
BILL2 Complete
Billiter Lane Streets
BILL3 Complete
Billingsgate Market Markets
BILL4 Empty
Birchin Lane Streets
BIRC1 Complete
Bishopsgate Ward Wards
BISH1 Complete
Bishopsgate Gates
BISH2 Empty
Bishopsgate Street Streets
BISH3 Complete
Bishop of Hereford’s Inn Sites
BISH5 Empty
Bishop’s Hall Sites
BISH6 Empty
Bishop’s Palace Sites
BISH7 Complete
Bishop of London organization BISH8
Bishops of Winchester’s Stairs Sites
BISP1 Empty
Blackfriars Precinct Sites
BLAC1 Empty
Blackheath Topographical Features
BLAC10 Empty
Black Lion Bookshops
BLAC11 Empty
Black Swan Sites
BLAC12 Empty
Blackwall Neighbourhoods
BLAC13 Empty
Blacksmiths’ Hall (?) Halls
BLAC2 Empty
Blackfriars Theatre Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BLAC6 Complete
Black Hall Sites
BLAC7 Empty
Blackfriars Monastery Churches
BLAC8 Empty
Blackfriar’s Stairs Riverside Features
BLAC9 Empty
Bladder Street Streets
BLAD1 Empty
Blanch Appleton Sites
BLAN1 Empty
Blue Boar Inn Victualling Houses
BLBO1 Empty
Black Bull Inn, Smithfield Victualling Houses
BLBU1 Empty
Black Bull Inn, Bishopsgate Street Victualling Houses
BLBU2 Stub
Black Bull (Gray’s Inn Lane) Victualling Houses
BLBU3 Empty
Black Bull (Grey’s Inn Lane) Victualling Houses
BLBU4 Empty
CodeSharing: A Simple API for Disseminating our TEI Encoding Blog Posts
BLOG10 Complete
Paint over Print Conference Blog Posts
BLOG12 Complete
Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: Introduction Blog Posts
Undergraduate Student Articles
Peer-reviewed Documents
BLOG15 Complete
Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: 1. Theory without Practice Blog Posts
Undergraduate Student Articles
Peer-reviewed Documents
BLOG16 Complete
Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: 2. Filling the Space in Bibliographies Blog Posts
Peer-reviewed Documents
Undergraduate Student Articles
BLOG17 Complete
Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: 3. What’s in an Imprint? Blog Posts
Undergraduate Student Articles
Peer-reviewed Documents
BLOG18 Complete
Dr. Strangecode, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog Blog Posts
BLOG20 Complete
Welcome to MoEML v.5! Blog Posts
BLOG3 Complete
To Blog or Not to Blog Blog Posts
BLOG6 Complete
MoEML’s Pedagogical Partnership Project (PPP) is launched! Blog Posts
BLOG7 Complete
Introducing the First Digital Gazetteer of Early Modern London! Blog Posts
BLOG8 Complete
Marking Up Stow’s Survey of London Blog Posts
BLOG9 Complete
Bloomsbury Neighbourhoods
BLOO1 Empty
Blossoms Inn Victualling Houses
BLOS1 Empty
Black Swan Inn Victualling Houses
BLSW1 Empty
Blue Boar Sites
BLUE1 Empty
Blue Anchor Victualling Houses
BLUE2 Empty
Blue Bible Sites
BLUE3 Empty
Boar’s Head Tavern Victualling Houses
BOAR1 Empty
The Boar’s Head Playhouses
BOHE1 Stub
Bookselling at Paul’s Churchyard Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
BOOK2 Complete
BOOK3 glossary item
Boss Alley Streets
BOSS1 Empty
Boss of Billingsgate Water Features
BOSS2 Empty
BOSS3 glossary item
Botolph Lane Streets
BOTO1 Empty
Botolph’s Wharf Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
BOTO2 Empty
Bow Lane Streets
BOWL1 Complete
Bowyers’ Hall Halls
BOWY1 Empty
Bowyer Row Streets
BOWY2 Empty
Bread Street Streets
BREA1 Complete
Bread Street Hill Streets
BREA2 Stub
Bread Street Ward Wards
BREA3 Complete
Bread Street Market Sites
BREA4 Empty
Brewers’ Hall Halls
BREW1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Brewers organization BREW2
Brewers’ Key Sites
BREW3 Empty
Brewers Lane Streets
BREW4 Empty
Brick Lane Streets
BRIC1 Empty
Bricklayers’ Hall Halls
BRIC2 Stub
Bride Lane Streets
BRID1 Empty
Bridge Gate Gates
BRID10 Empty
Bridge Within Ward Wards
BRID3 Complete
Bridge Without Ward Wards
BRID4 Complete
Bridge House Sites
BRID5 Assigned
Bridewell Dock Riverside Features
BRID8 Empty
Bridewell Precinct Sites
BRID9 Empty
Britain Topics
BRIT1 Empty
Broad St. Giles Streets
BROA1 Empty
Broad Street Streets
BROA2 Stub
Broad Street Ward Wards
BROA3 Complete
Broadwall Streets
BROA4 Empty
BROA5 glossary item
Broad Lane Streets
BROA6 Empty
Broken Wharf Sites
BROC1 Empty
Bucklersbury Streets
BUCK1 Empty
Budge Row Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
BUDG1 Complete
Bull Baiting Sites
BULL1 Empty
Bull Inn Victualling Houses
BULL5 Empty
Bull Wharf Riverside Features
BULL6 Empty
Bull Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
BULL7 Empty
Bunhill Field Sites
BUNH1 Empty
Burley House Sites
BURL1 Empty
Bury Street Streets
BURY1 Empty
Bush Lane Streets
BUSH1 Empty
Butcher Row Streets
BUTC1 Empty
Butchers’ Hall (?) Halls
BUTC2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Butchers organization BUTC3
Butchers’ Alley Streets
BUTC4 Stub
Camomile Street Streets
CAMO1 Empty
Camomile Street (Lime Street Ward) Streets
CAMO2 Complete
Camp-Bell, or the Ironmongers’ Fair Field Lord Mayor’s Shows
CAMP3 Complete
Campion Lane Streets
CAMP6 Empty
Candlewick Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
CAND1 Complete
Candlewick Street Ward Wards
CAND2 Complete
Cannon Row Sites
CANN1 Empty
Cardinal’s Hat Tavern Victualling Houses
CARD2 Stub
Cardinal’s Hat, Southwark Brothels
CARD3 Empty
Carey Lane Streets
CARE1 Complete
Carpenters’ Hall (?) Halls
CARP1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Carpenters organization CARP3
The Carriers’ Cosmography Other Texts
CARR1 Complete
Carriers’ Hall Halls
CARR2 Empty
Carter Lane Streets
CART1 Complete
Carter Court Sites
CART3 Empty
Castle Alley Streets
CAST1 Stub
Castle Alley Streets
CAST12 Empty
Castle Baynard Ward Wards
CAST2 Complete
Castle Inn, Wood Street Victualling Houses
CAST4 Empty
Castle Inn, Smithfield Victualling Houses
CAST5 Empty
Castle, Southwark Brothels
CAST7 Empty
Cateaton Street Streets
CATE1 Empty
Catherine Wheel Inn Victualling Houses
CATH3 Empty
Central Criminal Court Sites
CENT1 Empty
Chamber of London organization CHAM12
Chancery Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
CHAN1 Complete
CHAN3 glossary item
Channels Topics
Graduate Student Articles
CHAN4 Complete
Chapel Children organization CHAP3
Charing Cross Sites
CHAR1 Empty
Chartesey House Sites
CHAR16 Empty
Charterhouse Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Undergraduate Student Articles
CHAR2 Complete
Charterhouse Lane Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Undergraduate Student Articles
CHAR3 Complete
CHAR8 glossary item
Cheap Ward Wards
CHEA1 Complete
Cheapside Street Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
CHEA2 Assigned
Cheapside’s Triumphs and Chyron’s Cross’s Lamentation Other Texts
CHEA4 Complete
Cheapside Market Markets
CHEA5 Empty
Chequer Inn, Charing Cross Victualling Houses
CHEQ1 Empty
Chequer Inn, Holborn Victualling Houses
CHEQ2 Empty
Chequer Inn, Dowgate Victualling Houses
CHEQ3 Empty
Chertsey House Sites
CHER2 Stub
Charlton House Sites
CHHS1 Empty
Chick Lane, Smithfield Streets
CHIC1 Empty
Chick Lane, Tower Street Ward Streets
CHIC2 Complete
Childbed Generic Places
CHIL1 Empty
Chiswell Street Streets
CHIS1 Empty
Children of Paul’s organization CHPA1
Blackfriars Children organization CHQR1
Christ Church Churches
CHRI1 Empty
Christchurch Southwark (Parish) Parishes
CHRI101 Empty
Library of Gray-Friars Sites
CHRI13 Empty
Christ’s Hospital Sites
CHRI2 Empty
St. Christopher’s Alley Streets
CHRI4 Complete
Christopher Inn Victualling Houses
CHRS1 Empty
Chrusothriambos Lord Mayor’s Shows
CHRU1 Complete
Chrysanaleia Lord Mayor’s Shows
CHRY1 Complete
Church Alley Streets
CHUR1 Empty
CHUR10 glossary item
Church Alley (Langbourne Ward) Streets
CHUR2 Empty
Church Lane (Tower Street Ward) Streets
CHUR3 Complete
Churches in Aldgate Topics
CHUR4 Complete
Church Generic Places
CHUR7 Empty
Church of England organization CHUR8
Church Lane (All Hallows) Streets
CHUR9 Empty
CITI1 glossary item
CITI2 glossary item
City Dog House Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Undergraduate Student Articles
CITY1 Complete
City Shield Non-textual Markings on the Agas Map
CITY2 Empty
CIVI1 glossary item
Act for the Preservation and Cleansing of the Thames Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
CLEA1 Complete
Clerkenwell Road Streets
CLEK1 Empty
Clements Inn Sites
CLEM1 Empty
Clement’s Well Water Features
CLEM2 Empty
Clerkenwell Sites
CLER1 Empty
Clerkenwell Road Streets
CLER2 Empty
Clerk’s Hall Halls
CLER3 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks organization CLER4
Clifford’s Inn Sites
CLIF2 Empty
Clink Prison Prisons
CLIN1 Stub
Clink Street Streets
CLIN2 Empty
The Clink Liberties
CLIN5 Assigned
Cloak Lane Streets
CLOA1 Empty
Clothworkers’ Hall Halls
CLOT1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers organization CLOT2
Cobham’s Inn Victualling Houses
COBH2 Empty
Cock Lane Streets
COCK1 Empty
Cockspur Street Streets
COCK2 Empty
Cock Inn Victualling Houses
COCK3 Empty
The Cockpit Playhouses
Articles by Scholars
Peer-reviewed Documents
COCK5 Complete
Cockpit Alley (Pitt Court) Streets
COCK6 Stub
The Cockpit-in-Court Playhouses
COCK7 Stub
Coldharbour Sites
COLD1 Empty
Coldharbour Liberties
COLD3 Empty
Coleman Street Streets
COLE1 Empty
Coleman Street Ward Wards
COLE2 Complete
College Hill Streets
COLL1 Empty
College of Arms (?) Sites
COLL2 Empty
St. Paul’s College Sites
COLL8 Empty
COMM4 glossary item
COMM5 glossary item
COND1 glossary item
Conduit at Bishopsgate Water Features
COND2 Empty
Conduit upon Cornhill Water Features
COND3 Complete
Conduit Generic Places
COND5 Empty
Constables Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
CONS1 Complete
CONS5 glossary item
Covent Garden Sites
CONV1 Empty
Conyhope Lane Streets
CONY1 Empty
Cooks’ Hall Halls
COOK1 Empty
Cook’s Row Sites
COOK6 Empty
Cook-shop Generic Places
COOK7 Empty
Coopers’ Hall Halls
COOP1 Empty
Cordwainer Street Ward Wards
CORD1 Complete
Cordwainers’ Hall Halls
CORD2 Empty
Cordwainer Street Streets
CORD3 Empty
CORD4 glossary item
The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers organization CORD5
Cornhill Ward Wards
CORN1 Complete
Cornhill Streets
CORN2 Complete
Corn Market Markets
CORN6 Empty
Corporation of London organization CORP1
Wood Street Counter (?) Prisons
COUN1 Empty
Counters Topics
COUN2 Complete
Court of Common Council organization COUN5
Cousin Lane Streets
COUS1 Empty
Francis Cole’s Shop in Vine Street Bookshops
COVI1 Empty
Cow Bridge, Smithfield Streets
COWB1 Empty
Cow Cross Street Streets
COWC1 Empty
Cow Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
COWL1 Complete
Crane, Southwark Brothels
CRAN1 Empty
Creechurch Lane Streets
CREE1 Empty
Creed Lane Streets
CREE2 Empty
Cripplegate Gates
CRIP1 Complete
Cripplegate Ward Wards
CRIP2 Complete
Cripplegate Conduit Water Features
CRIP3 Empty
Cross Keys Inn, Gracechurch Street Victualling Houses
CRKE1 Stub
Cross Keys Inn, St. John’s Street Victualling Houses
CRKE2 Empty
Cross Keys Inn, Holborn Victualling Houses
CRKE3 Empty
Crockers Lane Streets
CROC1 Empty
Crokehorne Alley Streets
CROK1 Empty
Crooked Lane Streets
CROO1 Empty
Crosby Hall Sites
CROS1 Empty
Cross Keys, Southwark Brothels
CROS5 Empty
Cross Bones Graveyard Sites
CROS6 Empty
Crown Inn, Aldgate High Street Victualling Houses
CROW2 Empty
Crown Inn, Holborn Victualling Houses
CROW3 Empty
Crown Court, Warwick Lane Sites
CROW4 Empty
Croydon Markets
CROY1 Empty
Crutched Friars Streets
CRUT1 Stub
Crutched Friars Priory Churches
CRUT2 Stub
Cuckold’s Haven Sites
CUCK1 Assigned
Culver Alley Streets
CULV1 Empty
Curriers’ Hall Halls
CURR1 Empty
Curriers Row Streets
CURR2 Empty
Cursitors Alley Streets
CURS1 Empty
Curtain Road Streets
CURT1 Empty
The Curtain Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Peer-reviewed Documents
CURT2 Complete
CURT5 glossary item
Custom House Sites
CUST1 Empty
Custom Key Riverside Features
CUST2 Empty
CUST3 glossary item
Cutlers’ Hall (?) Halls
CUTL1 Empty
Project CV Project CV
Site Landing Pages
CV Complete
Sign of King David Sites
DAVI5 Empty
Bishop of St. David’s Inn Victualling Houses
DAVI6 Empty
Dead Man’s Place Streets
DEAD1 Empty
Denmark House Sites
DENM1 Empty
Desborne Lane Streets
DESB1 Empty
The Devil Is an Ass Dramatic Extracts
DEVI1 Complete
Devil’s Tavern Victualling Houses
DEVI4 Empty
DHUM 491: Georeferencing London Books Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Undergraduate Student Articles
DHUM491_2014 Complete
Distaff Lane Streets
DIST1 Complete
City Ditch, the Minories Sites
DITC1 Stub
The Device of the Pageant Borne before Wolstan Dixie Lord Mayor’s Shows
DIXI2 Complete
Doctors’ Commons (?) Sites
DOCT1 Empty
Dodding Pond Topographical Features
Water Features
DODD1 Stub
The Doleful Lamentation of Cheapside Cross Other Texts
DOLE2 Complete
Do Little Lane Streets
DOLI1 Complete
Dolphin Inn Victualling Houses
DOLP1 Empty
The Order of Dominican Friars organization DOMI2
Dean John Donne Full-length Biographies
Undergraduate Student Articles
DONN2 Complete
Dowgate Street Streets
DOWG1 Empty
Dowgate Ward Wards
DOWN1 Complete
Conduit upon Dowgate Water Features
DOWN3 Empty
Dowgate Sites
DOWN4 Empty
Draper’s Almshouses Sites
DRAP1 Empty
Drapers’ Hall Halls
DRAP2 Stub
The Worshipful Company of Drapers organization DRAP3
Drinkwater Wharf Sites
DRIN1 Empty
Drury House Sites
DRUR1 Empty
Drury Lane Streets
DRUR2 Empty
Duke’s Place Sites
DUKE1 Empty
St. Dunstan’s, Stepney Churches
DUNS1 Empty
St. Dunstan’s Stepney (Parish) Parishes
DUNS101 Empty
DUOD1 glossary item
Durham House Sites
Undergraduate Student Articles
DURH1 Complete
Dyers’ Hall (?) Halls
DYER1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Dyers organization DYER2
Eastcheap Market Markets
EACH1 Empty
East Smithfield Prison Prisons
EASM1 Stub
East Smithfield Neighbourhoods
EAST1 Stub
Eastcheap Streets
EAST2 Complete
Eastward Ho! Dramatic Extracts
EAST3 Complete
East India House Sites
EAST5 Empty
How to Use the English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA) Undergraduate Student Articles
Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
EBBA_guide Complete
Editorial Board organization EDIT1
Early English Books Online–Text Creation Partnership organization EEBO3
How to Use Early English Books Online (EEBO) Undergraduate Student Articles
Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
EEBO_guide Complete
520 Class 8 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
EIG1 Complete
Elbow Lane Streets
ELBO2 Empty
Cheapside Cross (Eleanor Cross) Sites
ELEA1 Complete
520 Class 11 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
ELEV1 Complete
ELLU1 glossary item
The Elms, Smithfield Sites
ELMS1 Stub
Ely Place Sites
ELYP1 Empty
Ely Place Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
ELYP2 Assigned
Embroiderers’ Hall Halls
EMBR1 Empty
Emperor’s Head Lane Streets
EMPE1 Empty
England Topics
ENGL2 Empty
Epicene, or the Silent Woman Dramatic Extracts
EPIC1 Complete
King’s Exchange Churches
EXCH1 Empty
Exchange Alley Streets
EXCH2 Empty
Executions Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
EXEC1 Complete
Exeter University EAS 124 Fall 2014 Students organization EXON1
Simon Eyre (Draper and Mayor) Full-length Biographies
Graduate Student Articles
EYRE3 Complete
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Students organization FAIR2
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Student Group 1 organization FAIR2_1
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Student Group 2 organization FAIR2_2
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Student Group 3 organization FAIR2_3
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Student Group 4 organization FAIR2_4
Fairfield University English 213 Fall 2014 Student Group 5 organization FAIR2_5
Falcon Inn Victualling Houses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
FALC1 Assigned
Falcon Stairs Riverside Features
FALC2 Empty
Farringdon Within Ward Wards
FARR1 Complete
Farringdon Without Ward Wards
FARR2 Complete
Farringdon Road Streets
FARR3 Empty
Farringdon Ward Wards
FARR4 Stub
Fenchurch Street Streets
Graduate Student Articles
FENC1 Complete
Fetter Lane Streets
FETT1 Complete
Ficket’s Field Sites
FICK1 Empty
Finch Lane Streets
FINC1 Complete
Finimore Lane Streets
FINI1 Complete
Finsbury Court Sites
FINS1 Empty
Finsbury Neighbourhoods
FINS3 Empty
Finsbury Jail Prisons
FINS4 Stub
The Great Fire of London Topics
FIRE1 Assigned
Fisher’s Folly Sites
FISH1 Stub
Fishmongers’ Hall Halls
FISH2 Empty
Fish Wharf Riverside Features
FISH3 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers organization FISH5
Fish Wharf, Queenhithe Riverside Features
FISH9 Empty
520 Class 5 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
FIVE1 Complete
Fleet Ditch Sites
FLEE1 Assigned
Fleet Hill or Ludgate Hill Sites
FLEE2 Empty
Fleet Lane Streets
FLEE3 Empty
Fleet Prison Prisons
FLEE4 Stub
Fleet River Topographical Features
Water Features
FLEE5 Empty
Fleet Bridge Streets
FLEE7 Empty
Fleet Street Conduit Water Features
FLEE8 Empty
Fletchers’ Hall Halls
FLET1 Empty
Flower de Luce Victualling Houses
FLOW1 Empty
FOLI1 glossary item
Fore Street Streets
FORE1 Empty
The Fortune Playhouses
FORT1 Empty
Foster Lane Streets
FOST1 Complete
St. Foster Streets
FOST4 Empty
Four Swans Inn Victualling Houses
FOSW1 Empty
Founders’ Hall (?) Halls
FOUN1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Founders organization FOUN2
520 Class 4 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
FOUR1 Complete
Fowle Lane, Tower Street Ward Streets
FOWL1 Empty
Fowle Lane, Southwark Streets
FOWL2 Empty
FRAN5 glossary item
Fraternitie of the Papie organization FRAT1
Fraternitie of the Trinity organization FRAT2
Fraternity of Taylors and LInen Armourers of St. John the Baptist organization FRAT3
FREE3 glossary item
FREE4 glossary item
Fresh Wharf Riverside Features
FRES1 Empty
Friday Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
FRID1 Complete
Frogwell Court Streets
FROG1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers organization FRUI1
The Worshipful Company of Fullers organization FULL2
Fuller Rents Liberties
FULL4 Stub
Furnivals Inn Sites
FURN1 Empty
Galley Key Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
GALL1 Assigned
Galley Row Sites
GALL2 Stub
GALL3 glossary item
Garlick Hill Streets
GARL1 Stub
Garland in Little Eastcheap Sites
GARL3 Empty
Gatehouse Prisons
GATE1 Stub
Gayspur Lane Streets
GAYS1 Empty
George Yard Sites
GEOR1 Empty
George Inn, Bread Street Victualling Houses
GEOR2 Empty
George Inn, Holborn Bridge Victualling Houses
GEOR3 Empty
George Inn, Lombard Street Victualling Houses
GEOR4 Empty
George Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
GEOR5 Empty
Gerrards Hall Halls
GERR1 Empty
Ghertsey House Sites
GHER1 Empty
Giltspur Street Streets
GILT1 Empty
Girdlers’ Hall Halls
GIRD1 Empty
Glass House (Blackfriars) Sites
GLAS1 Empty
Glasshouse Yard Liberties
GLAS2 Empty
Glaziers’ Hall (?) Halls
GLAZ1 Empty
The Globe Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
GLOB1 Assigned
Glossary of Terms Databases
GLOSS1 Complete
Golden Lane Streets
GOLD1 Empty
Goldsmiths’ Hall Halls
GOLD2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths organization GOLD3
Goldsmiths’ Row Streets
GOLD6 Stub
Golden Lion Sites
GOLD7 Empty
Goodmans Field Sites
GOOD1 Empty
Goose Alley Streets
GOOS1 Empty
Gossip and Gossips Topics
Graduate Student Articles
GOSS1 Complete
Gossip at Paul’s Walking Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
GOSS2 Complete
Goswell Road Streets
GOSW1 Empty
Gracechurch Street Streets
GRAC1 Complete
Gracechurch Market Markets
GRAC3 Empty
Gracechurch Street Conduit Water Features
GRAC4 Empty
Gravel Lane Streets
GRAV1 Empty
Gray’s Inn Sites
GRAY1 Stub
Gray’s Inn Road Streets
GRAY2 Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Bishopsgate Street Victualling Houses
GRDR1 Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
GRDR2 Empty
Great Conduit (Cheapside) Water Features
GREA1 Empty
Great St. Thomas Apostles Streets
GREA2 Empty
Great Stone Gate Gates
GREA3 Empty
The Great Boobee Other Texts
GREA5 Complete
The Green Gate Sites
GREE2 Complete
Greenwich Neighbourhoods
GREE6 Empty
Greenwich Lane Streets
GREE7 Empty
GREE9 glossary item
Gresham House Sites
GRES1 Empty
Grey Friar’s Church Sites
GREY2 Empty
Greyhound Inn, Smithfield Victualling Houses
GREY4 Empty
Greyhound Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
GREY5 Empty
Greyhound Inn, Fleet Street Victualling Houses
GREY7 Empty
The Greyfriars (Franciscans) organization GREY8
Griste’s House Sites
GRIS2 Empty
Grocers’ Hall Halls
GROC1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Grocers organization GROC3
Great Ormond Street Streets
GROR1 Empty
Grub Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
GRUB1 Complete
Great Wild Street Streets
GRWI1 Empty
Guildhall Halls
GUIL1 Empty
The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, Guildhall Churches
GUIL2 Empty
Guildhall Yard Sites
GUIL4 Empty
Gully Hole Streets
GULL1 Empty
Gunfoundry Sites
GUNF1 Stub
Gunn, Southwark Brothels
GUNN1 Empty
Gunpowder Alley (John Street) Streets
GUNP1 Empty
Gunpowder Alley (Shoe Lane) Streets
GUNP2 Empty
Gutter Lane Streets
GUTT1 Complete
Haberdashers’ Hall Halls
HABE1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers organization HABE2
Hart’s Horns Inn Victualling Houses
HAHO1 Empty
HALL4 glossary item
Hall Generic Places
HALL7 Empty
Hampton Court Sites
HAMP1 Empty
Hampstead Heath Topographical Features
HAMP3 Empty
Hampstead Heath Topographical Features
HAMP4 Empty
Hanging Sword Court Streets
HANG1 Empty
Hare House Sites
HARE1 Stub
Harp Lane Streets
HARP1 Empty
Hart Street Streets
HART1 Complete
Hartshorn Alley Streets
HART4 Stub
Hatton Garden Sites
HATT1 Empty
Havering-atte-Bower Liberties
HAVE1 Empty
Haymarket Streets
HAYM1 Empty
The University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre organization HCMC1
HCMC Programmers for MoEML organization HCMC1_1
HCMC Graphic editors for MoEML organization HCMC1_2
Hedge Lane Streets
HEDG1 Empty
Henslowe’s Diary Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
HENS2 Complete
The Herber Sites
HERB1 Empty
Harbour Lane Streets
HERB6 Empty
Hermitage Dock Sites
HERM2 Empty
Highbury Sites
HIGH2 Empty
Highbury Sites
HIGH3 Empty
Highgate Neighbourhoods
HIGH4 Empty
Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of England Lord Mayor’s Shows
HIMA1 Complete
Hockley in the Hole Streets
HOCK1 Empty
Hog Lane Streets
HOGL1 Empty
Hog Lane, Norton Folgate Streets
HOGL2 Empty
Hog Lane (East Smithfield) Streets
HOGL3 Stub
Holborn Streets
HOLB1 Empty
Holborn Bars Sites
HOLB2 Empty
Holborn Bridge Streets
HOLB3 Stub
Holborn Conduit Water Features
HOLB4 Empty
Holborn Hill Sites
HOLB5 Empty
Holborn Cross Sites
HOLB6 Empty
Holborn Hall Sites
HOLB7 Empty
Holy Trinity Priory Parishes
HOLY1 Stub
Holy Trinity the Less (Parish) Parishes
HOLY103 Empty
Holy Trinity Minories (Parish) Parishes
HOLY104 Empty
Holywell Street Streets
HOLY2 Empty
Holy Trinity the Less Churches
HOLY3 Empty
Holy Trinity, Minories Churches
HOLY4 Empty
Holy Trinity Churchyard, East Smithfield Churches
HOLY5 Stub
Holy Well Lane Streets
HOLY6 Empty
Honey Lane Streets
HONY1 Empty
The Hope Playhouses
HOPE2 Stub
Horner’s Key Sites
HORN2 Empty
Horse Ferry Riverside Features
HORS1 Empty
Horsleydown Streets
HORS2 Empty
Horshew Bridge Streets
HORS3 Empty
Horsepool Topographical Features
Water Features
HORS4 Empty
Hosier Lane Streets
HOSI1 Empty
Hothouse Generic Places
HOTH1 Empty
Houndsditch Streets
HOUN1 Stub
Huggin Lane Streets
HUGG1 Complete
Huggin Lane, Upper Thames Street Streets
HUGG2 Empty
Hungerford House Sites
HUNG1 Empty
Huntington House Sites
HUNT2 Empty
Hyde Park Sites
HYDE1 Assigned
INNC1 glossary item
INNC2 glossary item
Inner Temple Sites
INNE1 Stub
Inn Generic Places
INNE2 Empty
Innholders’ Hall Halls
INNH1 Empty
The Inns of Court Sites
INNS1 Stub
Ipris Inn Victualling Houses
IPRI1 Empty
Ironmonger Lane Streets
IRON1 Assigned
Ironmongers’ Hall (?) Halls
IRON2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Ironmongers organization IRON3
How to Use the Internet Shakespeare Editions (ISE) Undergraduate Student Articles
Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
ISE_guide Complete
Islington Neighbourhoods
ISLI1 Empty
Ivy Bridge Lane Streets
IVYB1 Empty
Ivy Lane Streets
IVYL1 Empty
If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part 2 Dramatic Extracts
IYKN2 Complete
St. James’s Palace Sites
JAME5 Empty
JCURA Scholars organization JCUR1
Current JCURA Scholar organization JCUR1_1
Past JCURA Scholars organization JCUR1_2
JCURA Scholars About MoEML
Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
JCURA_scholars Complete
Jesus Commons organization JESSE1
Joiners’ Hall Halls
JOIN1 Stub
JOUR1 glossary item
John Rastell’s Stage Playhouses
JRST1 Stub
JUST2 glossary item
Kerion Lane Streets
KERI1 Empty
King’s Arms Inn, Holborn Street Victualling Houses
KIAR1 Empty
King’s Arms Inn, Leadenhall Street Victualling Houses
KIAR2 Empty
King’s Arms, Cheapside Victualling Houses
KIAR3 Empty
KIAR4 glossary item
King’s Head Tavern, Fenchurch Street Victualling Houses
KIHE1 Empty
King’s Head Inn, Old Change Victualling Houses
KIHE2 Empty
King’s Head Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
KIHE3 Empty
The King’s Men organization KIME1
The King’s Revels Children organization KIME2
King Street Streets
KING1 Empty
King’s Alley Streets
KING10 Stub
King’s Bench Prisons
KING4 Stub
King’s Street Streets
KING5 Empty
Kirkebies Castle Sites
KIRK1 Empty
Kitchens by the Guildhall Sites
KITC1 Empty
Knightrider Street Streets
KNIG1 Complete
Knights Hospitallers organization KNIG3
Lamb’s Conduit Street Streets
LACO1 Empty
Lad Lane Streets
LADL1 Empty
The Lady Elizabeth’s Men organization LAEL1
Lambeth Sites
LAMB1 Empty
Lambeth Hill Streets
LAMB2 Complete
Lambeth Marsh Streets
LAMB3 Empty
Lambeth Road Streets
LAMB4 Empty
The Lamb Sites
LAMB5 Empty
Langbourn Ward Wards
LANG1 Complete
LASH1 glossary item
Leadenhall Sites
LEAD1 Empty
Leadenhall Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
LEAD2 Complete
Leaden Porch Sites
LEAD3 Empty
Leadenhall Manor Sites
LEAD4 Empty
Leadenhall Market Markets
LEAD5 Empty
Leather Lane Streets
LEAT1 Empty
Leathersellers’ Hall Halls
LEAT2 Stub
The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers organization LEAT3
Legate’s Inn Victualling Houses
LEGA1 Empty
LEGA2 glossary item
Lewes Inn Sites
LEWE1 Empty
LIBE1 glossary item
Liberty Placeography
LIBE3 Empty
Lily Pot Lane Streets
LILY1 Empty
Lime Street Ward Wards
LIME1 Complete
Lime Street Streets
LIME2 Complete
Limehouse Neighbourhoods
LIME3 Empty
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Sites
LINC1 Empty
Lincoln’s Inn Sites
LINC2 Stub
The Lion, Shoreditch Victualling Houses
LION1 Empty
Little Ormond Street Streets
LIOR1 Empty
Little Britain Streets
LITT1 Empty
Little Conduit (Cheapside) Water Features
LITT2 Stub
Little Drury Lane Streets
LITT3 Empty
Little Eastcheap Streets
LITT4 Empty
Little Moorfields Streets
LITT5 Empty
Little St. Thomas Apostles Streets
LITT6 Empty
Little Tower Hill Sites
Graduate Student Articles
LITT7 Stub
Little Wood Street Streets
LITT8 Empty
Little Bailey Sites
LITT9 Empty
LIVE1 glossary item
LIVE2 glossary item
LIVE3 glossary item
Loders Well Sites
LODE1 Empty
Loders Well Water Features
LODE2 Empty
Lollard’s Tower Sites
LOLL1 Empty
Lombard Street Streets
LOMB1 Stub
London Bridge Bridges
LOND1 Empty
London Stone Sites
LOND2 Complete
London Wall (street) Streets
LOND3 Stub
London Topics
LOND5 Stub
Long Acre Sites
LONG1 Empty
Long Southwark Streets
LONG2 Empty
Long Lane, Smithfield Streets
LONG3 Empty
Long Lane, Aldersgate Streets
LONG5 Empty
LORD2 glossary item
The Worshipful Company of Loriners organization LORI1
Loriners’ Hall Halls
LORI2 Empty
Lothbury Streets
LOTH1 Empty
Conduit in Lothbury Water Features
LOTH2 Empty
Proclamation About the Lottery Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
LOTT1 Complete
Love Lane, Thames Street Graduate Student Articles
LOVE1 Complete
Love Lane (Coleman Street) Streets
LOVE12 Stub
Love Lane, Wood Street Streets
LOVE2 Complete
The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity Lord Mayor’s Shows
LOVE8 Complete
Lovel’s Inn Churches
LOVE9 Empty
Ludgate Gates
LUDG1 Assigned
Lumley House Sites
LUML1 Stub
Lyon Key Riverside Features
LYON1 Empty
Lyon’s Inn Sites
LYON2 Empty
Magpie Alley Streets
MAGP1 Empty
Maiden Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
MAID1 Complete
The Maidenhead, Cateaton Street Victualling Houses
MAID2 Stub
The Maidhead, Ram Alley Victualling Houses
MAID3 Stub
Mallow Field Sites
MALL1 Empty
Manor of the Maze Sites
MANO1 Empty
Mark Lane Streets
MARK1 Complete
Market Generic Places
MARK5 Empty
The Marriage of London Stone and the Boss of Billingsgate Other Texts
MARR1 Complete
Marshalsea Prisons
MARS5 Stub
Masons’ Hall Halls
MASO1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Masons organization MASO5
MASQ1 glossary item
MAST3 glossary item
Malyhurst University English 386 Fall 2014 Students organization MAUN1
Malyhurst University English 386 Fall 2014 Student Group 1 organization MAUN1_1
Malyhurst University English 386 Fall 2014 Student Group 2 organization MAUN1_2
MAYO1 glossary item
Mayor of London organization MAYO2
River Medway Water Features
MEDW1 Empty
Meg’s Glory Sites
MEGS1 Empty
Mercers’ Hall Halls
MERC1 Empty
Merchant Taylors’ Hall (?) Halls
MERC2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Mercers organization MERC3
Merchant Taylors’ Almshouses Sites
MERC7 Empty
Mermaid Inn Victualling Houses
MERM1 Stub
The Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors organization META1
Metropolis Coronata Lord Mayor’s Shows
METR1 Complete
The Worshipful Company of Merchant Venturers of London organization MEVE1
Middle Row Sites
MIDD1 Empty
Thomas Middleton (playwright) Full-length Biographies
Graduate Student Articles
MIDD17 Complete
Middle Temple Sites
MIDD2 Assigned
Middle Temple Gate-house Sites
MIDD21 Empty
Middle Temple Hall Halls
MIDD22 Assigned
Middle Temple Lane Streets
MIDD3 Empty
Milford Lane Streets
MILF1 Empty
Milk Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
MILK1 Complete
Mill Lane Streets
MILL1 Empty
Millman Street Streets
MILL9 Empty
Mincing Lane Streets
MINC1 Complete
MINI1 glossary item
Minories Liberties
MINO1 Empty
The Mint Liberties
MINT1 Empty
Mitre Tavern Victualling Houses
MITR1 Empty
Mitre Tavern Victualling Houses
MITR2 Empty
Mitre Tavern Victualling Houses
MITR3 Empty
Molestrand Dock Sites
MOLE1 Empty
Monkwell Street Streets
MONK1 Empty
Monte Jovis Inn Sites
MONT1 Empty
Montfichet’s Tower Sites
MONT3 Stub
Moorfields Sites
Graduate Student Articles
MOOR1 Assigned
Moorditch Topographical Features
MOOR10 Empty
Moorditch Water Features
MOOR11 Empty
Moorgate Gates
MOOR2 Empty
More Lane Streets
MORE4 Empty
Morgan’s Lane Streets
MORG1 Empty
Mount Calvary Sites
MOUN1 Empty
Mount Godard Street Streets
MOUN3 Empty
Muscovy Company organization MUSC1
Narrow Wall Streets
NARR1 Empty
Newington Butts Playhouses
NEBU1 Stub
New Alley Streets
NEWA1 Stub
New Exchange Sites
NEWE1 Complete
Newgate Gates
NEWG1 Stub
Newgate Market Markets
NEWG2 Empty
Newgate Street Streets
NEWG3 Empty
New Inn Sites
NEWI1 Empty
New Prison Prisons
NEWP2 Stub
New Rents Streets
NEWR1 Empty
A Balade declaryng how neybourhed loue, and trew dealyng is gone. Other Texts
NEYB1 Complete
St. Nicholas Churches
NICH3 Empty
520 Class 9 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
NINE1 Complete
The Nine Worthies of London Other Texts
NINE2 Complete
Noble Street Streets
NOBL1 Complete
Northumberland House, Crutched Friars Lane Sites
NORT1 Stub
Northumberland House, Aldersgate Sites
NORT2 Empty
Norton Folgate Liberties
NORT3 Empty
New Fish Street Market Markets
NWFS1 Empty
Oat Lane Streets
OATL1 Complete
OCTA1 glossary item
Okebourne Victualling Houses
OKEB1 Empty
St. Olave Street Streets
OLAV1 Empty
Old Bailey Streets
OLDB1 Empty
Old Barge Sites
OLDB2 Empty
Old Change Streets
OLDC1 Empty
Old Fish Street Streets
OLDF1 Empty
Old Fish Street Hill Streets
OLDF2 Complete
Old Hall Halls
OLDH1 Empty
Old Jewry Streets
OLDJ1 Empty
Old Street Streets
OLDS1 Empty
Old Swan Lane Streets
OLDS2 Empty
Old Swan Inn Victualling Houses
OLDS3 Empty
Old Fish Street Market Markets
OLFS1 Empty
520 Class 1 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
ONE1 Complete
Orders Appointed to be Executed in the City of London Other Texts
ORDE1 Complete
Order of Carthusian Monks organization ORDE4
Ordinary Generic Places
ORDI2 Stub
Complete Orgography Databases
ORGS1 Complete
Ormond Place Sites
ORMO1 Empty
Oxford College of Emery University English 311Q Fall 2014 Students organization OXEU1
Oxford Street Streets
OXFO1 Empty
Oxford’s Men organization OXFO5
Oyster gate Riverside Features
OYST1 Empty
Paddington Sites
PADD1 Empty
A Pæan Triumphal Other Texts
PAEA1 Complete
Introduction to A Paean Trivmphall Critical Editorial Documents
PAEA1_critical Complete
PAGE2 glossary item
PAGE3 glossary item
Painter Stainers’ Hall (?) Halls
PAIN1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers organization PAIN2
Painted Tavern Victualling Houses
PAIN3 Empty
Panier Alley Streets
PANI1 Empty
Pardon Churchyard Churches
PARD1 Empty
Pardon Churchyard Sites
PARD2 Empty
Pardon Church Churches
PARD3 Empty
Paris Garden Manor House Sites
PARI1 Empty
Paris Garden Stairs Riverside Features
PARI2 Empty
Parliament of England organization PARL2
Passeke’s Wharf Sites
PASS1 Empty
Paternoster Row Streets
PATE1 Empty
PATR1 glossary item
Paul’s Chain Streets
PAUL1 Complete
Paul’s Wharf Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
PAUL2 Assigned
The Worshipful Company of Paviors organization PAVI1
Peacock Inn Victualling Houses
PEAC4 Empty
Pembroke’s Inn Sites
PEMB5 Empty
Pentecost Lane Streets
PENT1 Stub
Pepper Alley Stairs Riverside Features
PEPP1 Empty
Perilous Pond Topographical Features
PERI1 Empty
Perilous Pond Water Features
PERI2 Empty
Using the Personography Spreadsheet Documentation for Encoders
Documentation for Contributors
PERS_spreadsheet Complete
Use the Personography (PERS) Spreadsheets Documentation for Encoders
PERS_spreadsheet_internal Complete
Peter Key Sites
PETE1 Empty
Petty France Sites
PETT1 Empty
Petty Wales / Galley Row Streets
PETT2 Empty
Pewterers’ Hall Halls
PEWT1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Pewterers organization PEWT2
Philip Lane Streets
PHIL1 Empty
Philpot Lane Streets
PHIL2 Empty
College of Physicians Sites
PHYS1 Empty
Picadilly Streets
PICA1 Empty
Pickering House Sites
PICK1 Empty
Pie Corner Sites
PIEC1 Empty
The Pied Bull Bookshops
PIED1 Stub
Pike Gardens Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
PIKE1 Assigned
Pissing Alley (Basing Lane) Streets
PISS1 Stub
Articles for the Plague Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
PLAG2 Complete
Plasterers’ Hall (?) Halls
PLAS1 Empty
Plumbers’ Hall (?) Halls
PLUM1 Empty
Manor of Ponington Sites
PONI1 Empty
Poor Jewry Streets
POOR1 Empty
Pope’s Head Tavern Victualling Houses
POPE3 Stub
Pope’s Head Alley Streets
POPE4 Empty
Portsoken Ward Wards
PORT1 Complete
PORT5 glossary item
Port of London Sites
PORT6 Empty
Porter’s Key Sites
PORT7 Empty
Posterngate Gates
POST1 Empty
Postern Lane Streets
POST3 Empty
Poultry Streets
POUL1 Empty
Poultry Compter Prisons
POUL2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Poulters organization POUL3
Poulter’s Stall Generic Places
POUL4 Empty
Powlet’s House Sites
POWL4 Empty
Pedagogical Partners’ Syllabi About MoEML
Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
PPP_syllabi Complete
Resources and Teaching Tips for Pedagogical Partners Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
PPP_teaching_tips Complete
Excerpt from The Praise and Virtue of a Jail and Jailers Other Texts
Graduate Student Articles
Undergraduate Student Articles
PRAI1 Complete
Prince’s Arms Tavern Victualling Houses
PRAR1 Empty
Prince Charles’s Company organization PRCH1
Primrose Hill Streets
PRIM2 Empty
PRIN1 glossary item
Prince’s Street Streets
PRIN2 Empty
Prince’s Wardrobe Sites
PRIN4 Empty
The Prison System Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
PRIS1 Complete
Privy Stairs Riverside Features
PRIV1 Empty
Privy Council organization PRIV2
PUBL1 glossary item
Pudding Lane Graduate Student Articles
PUDD1 Complete
Puddle Wharf Riverside Features
Undergraduate Student Articles
PUDD2 Complete
St. Pulcher Churches
PULC1 Empty
PUMP1 glossary item
The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage Royal Entries
Graduate Student Articles
QMPS1 Complete
QUAR2 glossary item
Quays on the Thames Topics
QUAY1 Complete
Queen’s Bridge Bridges
QUEE1 Empty
Queenhithe Riverside Features
QUEE2 Complete
Queenhithe Ward Wards
QUEE3 Complete
Queenhithe Market Markets
QUEE4 Empty
Queen Anne’s Men organization QUEE5
Queenhithe Street Streets
QUEE6 Empty
Queen’s Head Inn, St. Giles Victualling Houses
QUHE1 Empty
Queen’s Head Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
QUHE2 Empty
Queen Henrietta’s Men organization QUHE3
Ratcliffe Sites
RADC1 Empty
Radwell Sites
RADW1 Empty
Radwell Water Features
RADW2 Empty
RAKE1 glossary item
Ram Alley Streets
RAMA1 Complete
Ram Inn Victualling Houses
RAMI1 Empty
The Red Bull Playhouses
REBU1 Assigned
RECO1 glossary item
Redcross Street Streets
REDC1 Empty
REDE1 glossary item
Red Lion Fields Sites
REDL1 Empty
Red Lion Court Sites
REDL2 Empty
Red Lion Gate Gates
REDL3 Empty
Red Lion (Shoreditch) Victualling Houses
REDL4 Empty
Red Lion Street Streets
REDL5 Empty
The Red Lion Playhouses
RELI2 Stub
RESP1 glossary item
Revels Office Topics
REVE2 Stub
Riverside Generic Places
RIVE1 Empty
The Rose and Crown, St. John’s Street Victualling Houses
ROCR1 Empty
The Rose and Crown, Holborn Victualling Houses
ROCR2 Empty
Rodd Lane Streets
RODD1 Empty
Rolls Chapel Churches
ROLL1 Empty
Romeland Sites
ROME1 Empty
Rose, Manor of Sites
ROSE1 Empty
Rose Inn, Holborn Bridge Victualling Houses
ROSE3 Empty
Rose Inn, Smithfield Victualling Houses
ROSE4 Empty
Rose Tavern (Russell Street) Victualling Houses
ROSE5 Empty
The Rose Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
ROSE6 Assigned
Royal Exchange Sites
ROYA1 Empty
Royal Mews Sites
ROYA2 Assigned
ROYA4 glossary item
Sabb’s Dock Sites
SABB1 Empty
Sabbath Orders Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
SABB2 Complete
SACK1 glossary item
Friars of the Penitence of Jesus Christ, or Sack Friars organization SACK3
Saddlers’ Hall (?) Halls
SADD1 Empty
Saffron Hill Streets
SAFF2 Empty
Salisbury Court Streets
SALI1 Empty
Salisbury House Sites
SALI2 Empty
Salisbury Court Theatre Playhouses
SALI3 Assigned
Salisbury Court Sites
SALI5 Empty
Salters’ Hall Halls
SALT1 Empty
Salt Wharf (Queenhithe) Riverside Features
SALT2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Salters organization SALT3
Saracen’s Head, Newgate Victualling Houses
SARA1 Empty
Saracen’s Head, Carter Lane Victualling Houses
SARA2 Empty
Saracen’s Head, Friday Street Victualling Houses
SARA3 Empty
Saracen’s Head, Gracechurch Street Victualling Houses
SARA4 Empty
The Manor and Liberty of the Savoy Sites
SAVO1 Empty
Scalding Alley Streets
SCAL1 Empty
Scalding House Sites
SCAL2 Empty
Scavengers Close Sites
SCAV1 Empty
SCAV2 glossary item
Scotland Yard Sites
SCOT1 Empty
Scroop’s Inn Victualling Houses
SCRO3 Empty
San Diego State University English 534 Spring 2014 Students organization SDSU1
Seacoal Lane Streets
SEAC1 Empty
Seething Lane Streets
SEET1 Complete
New Seldam Sites
SELD1 Empty
Sempringham Court Sites
SEMP1 Empty
Sentlegar House Sites
SENT1 Empty
Serjeants’ Inn, Fleet Street Sites
SERJ1 Empty
Serjeants’ Inn, Chancery Lane Sites
SERJ2 Empty
Sermon Lane Streets
SERM1 Empty
SERV1 glossary item
Service Tower Sites
SERV2 Empty
520 Class 7 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
SEV1 Complete
Sewage and Waste Management Topics
Graduate Student Articles
SEWA1 Complete
Sewersditch Water Features
SEWE1 Stub
Shaftesbury Avenue Streets
SHAF1 Empty
Shaft Alley Streets
SHAF2 Complete
St. Nicholas Shambles Streets
SHAM1 Empty
SHAW4 glossary item
Sherborne Lane Streets
SHER1 Empty
SHER3 glossary item
The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights organization SHIP1
Shipwright Ordinances Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
SHIP2 Complete
Shipwrights’ Hall Halls
SHIP3 Empty
Shire Lane Streets
SHIR1 Empty
Shoe Lane Streets
SHOE1 Complete
The Shoemaker’s Holiday Dramatic Extracts
SHOE2 Complete
Shoemaker Row Streets
SHOE3 Empty
Shoreditch Neighbourhoods
SHOR1 Empty
Shoreditch Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
SHOR2 Complete
SHOW1 glossary item
Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and iron triumphing Lord Mayor’s Shows
SIDE1 Complete
SIDE3 glossary item
Silver Street Streets
SILV1 Complete
Sir Thomas More Dramatic Extracts
SIRT1 Complete
520 Class 6 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
SIX1 Complete
Skinners’ Hall Halls
SKIN1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Skinners organization SKIN2
Skinner’s Well Water Features
SKIN3 Empty
Smart’s Key Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
SMAR1 Complete
Smithfield Sites
SMIT1 Assigned
Smithfield Bars Sites
SMIT5 Empty
Smithfield Market Markets
SMIT9 Assigned
Snow Hill Streets
SNOW2 Empty
SOKE1 glossary item
Soke of the Archbishop of Canterbury Sites
SOKE2 Empty
Somar’s Key Riverside Features
SOMA1 Empty
Somerset House Sites
SOME1 Complete
Soper Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
SOPE1 Complete
The Sounds of Pageantry Topics
Articles by Scholars
Peer-reviewed Documents
Critical Editorial Documents
SOUN1 Complete
SOUN2 glossary item
Southampton House Sites
SOUT1 Empty
Southwark Neighbourhoods
SOUT2 Empty
St. Mary Overie (Southwark Cathedral) Churches
SOUT3 Stub
Southwark Counter Prisons
SOUT4 Stub
Southwark Market Markets
SOUT5 Empty
Spread Eagle Inn Victualling Houses
SPEA1 Empty
Spinilas Pleasure Sites
SPIN1 Empty
Spitalfields Sites
SPIT1 Complete
Spittle Lane Streets
SPIT2 Empty
Spur Inn Victualling Houses
SPUR1 Empty
Spur Alley Streets
SPUR2 Empty
SSHRC Insight Grant 2012-2016 About MoEML
SSHRC2012 Complete
Staining Lane Streets
STAI1 Complete
St. Albans Ct. Streets
STAL1 Empty
St. Alban, Wood Street (Parish) Parishes
STAL102 Empty
St. Alphage, London Wall (Parish) Parishes
STAL103 Empty
St. Alban, Wood Street Churches
STAL2 Empty
St. Alphage Churches
STAL3 Empty
St. Andrew Holborn Churches
STAN1 Complete
St. Anthony Churches
STAN10 Empty
St. Andrew Holborn (Parish) Parishes
STAN101 Empty
St. Andrew Hubbard (Parish) Parishes
STAN102 Empty
St. Antholin, Budge Row (Parish) Parishes
STAN105 Empty
St. Andrew by the Wardrobe (Parish) Parishes
STAN107 Empty
St. Andrew Undershaft (Parish) Parishes
STAN108 Empty
St. Anne and St. Agnes (Parish) Parishes
STAN109 Empty
St. Anne Blackfriars Churches
STAN11 Empty
St. Anne Blackfriars (Parish) Parishes
STAN111 Empty
St. Anne’s, Westminster (Parish) Parishes
STAN127 Empty
St. Anthony’s Ordinary Sites
STAN16 Empty
The Standard (Cheapside) Water Features
STAN17 Empty
St. Andrew Hubbard Churches
STAN2 Empty
St. Anne’s, Westminster Churches
STAN27 Empty
St. Andrew’s Hill Streets
STAN3 Empty
St. Anne’s Lane Streets
STAN4 Empty
St. Antholin Churches
STAN5 Empty
Stangate Stairs Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
STAN6 Assigned
St. Andrew by the Wardrobe Churches
STAN7 Empty
St. Andrew Undershaft Churches
STAN8 Complete
St. Anne and St. Agnes Churches
STAN9 Empty
The Staple of News Dramatic Extracts
STAP1 Complete
Staple Inn Sites
STAP2 Empty
Star Chamber Sites
STAR1 Empty
Star Inn Victualling Houses
STAR3 Empty
The Star and the Ram Victualling Houses
STAR4 Stub
Stationers’ Hall Halls
STAT1 Empty
STAT2 glossary item
The Worshipful Company of Stationers organization STAT3
St. Augustine Inn Sites
STAU1 Empty
St. Augustine, Old Change (Parish) Parishes
STAU103 Empty
St. Augustine Papey Churches
STAU2 Complete
St. Augustine, Watling Street Churches
STAU3 Empty
St. Bartholomew the Great Churches
STBA1 Empty
St. Bartholomew the Great (Parish) Parishes
STBA101 Empty
St. Batholomew by the Exchange (Parish) Parishes
STBA103 Empty
St. Bartholomew the Less (Parish) Parishes
STBA104 Empty
St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Sites
STBA2 Empty
St. Bartholomew by the Exchange Churches
STBA3 Empty
St. Bartholomew the Less Churches
STBA4 Empty
St. Bartolomew’s Priory Churches
STBA5 Empty
St. Benet, Paul’s Wharf Churches
STBE1 Empty
St. Benet, Paul’s Wharf (Parish) Parishes
STBE101 Empty
St. Benet Fink (Parish) Parishes
STBE102 Empty
St. Benet Gracechurch (Parish) Parishes
STBE103 Empty
St. Benet Sherehog (Parish) Parishes
STBE104 Empty
St. Benet Fink Churches
STBE2 Empty
St. Benet Gracechurch Churches
STBE3 Empty
St. Benet Sherehog Churches
STBE4 Empty
St. Botolph without Bishopsgate Churches
STBO1 Complete
St. Botolph, Bishopsgate (Parish) Parishes
STBO101 Empty
St. Botolph, Aldgate (Parish) Parishes
STBO102 Empty
St. Botolph, Aldersgate (Parish) Parishes
STBO103 Empty
St. Botolph, Billingsgate (Parish) Parishes
STBO104 Empty
St. Botolph, Aldgate Churches
STBO2 Complete
St. Botolph, Aldersgate Churches
STBO3 Empty
St. Botolph, Billingsgate Churches
STBO4 Empty
St. Bride Churches
STBR1 Empty
St. Bride (Parish) Parishes
STBR101 Empty
St. Katherine Cree Churches
STCA1 Stub
St. Katherine Cree (Parish) Parishes
STCA101 Empty
St. Christopher le Stocks Churches
STCH1 Complete
St. Christopher le Stocks (Parish) Parishes
STCH101 Empty
St. Clements Lane Streets
STCL1 Empty
St. Clement Danes (Parish) Parishes
STCL102 Empty
St. Clement, Eastcheap (Parish) Parishes
STCL103 Empty
St. Clement Danes Churches
STCL2 Empty
St. Clement, Eastcheap Churches
STCL3 Empty
St. Dionis Backchurch Churches
STDI1 Empty
St. Dionis Backchurch (Parish) Parishes
STDI101 Empty
St. Dunstan’s Hill Streets
STDU1 Empty
St. Dunstan in the East (Parish) Parishes
STDU102 Empty
St. Dunstan in the West (Parish) Parishes
STDU103 Empty
St. Dunstan in the East Churches
STDU2 Empty
St. Dunstan in the West Churches
STDU3 Empty
St. Edmund, Lombard Street Churches
STED1 Empty
St. Edmund, King and Martyr (Parish) Parishes
STED101 Empty
St. Edmund the Bishop and Mary Magdalen, Charnel House and Chapel of Churches
STED2 Stub
Stepney Neighbourhoods
STEP6 Empty
St. Ethelburga Churches
STET1 Complete
St. Ethelburga (Parish) Parishes
STET101 Empty
Stew Lane Streets
STEW2 Empty
The Stew Sites
STEW3 Empty
St. Faith Under St. Paul’s Churches
STFA1 Empty
St. Faith Under St. Paul’s (Parish) Parishes
STFA101 Empty
St. Gabriel Fenchurch Churches
STGA1 Empty
St. Gabriel Fenchurch (Parish) Parishes
STGA101 Empty
St. George Churches
STGE1 Empty
St. George Botolph Lane (Parish) Parishes
STGE101 Empty
St. George Southwark (Parish) Parishes
STGE104 Empty
St. George’s, Hannover Square (Parish) Parishes
STGE105 Empty
St. George’s Lane Streets
STGE2 Empty
St. George Southwark Churches
STGE4 Empty
St. George’s, Hannover Square Churches
STGE5 Empty
St. Giles High Street Streets
STGI1 Empty
St. Giles in the Fields (Parish) Parishes
STGI102 Empty
St. Giles, Cripplegate (Parish) Parishes
STGI103 Empty
St. Giles in the Fields Churches
STGI2 Empty
St. Giles, Cripplegate Churches
STGI3 Stub
St. Giles Churchyard, Cripplegate Sites
STGI4 Empty
St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate Churches
STHE1 Complete
St. Helen (Parish) Parishes
STHE101 Empty
Stinking Lane Streets
STIN1 Stub
St. James Park Sites
STJA1 Empty
St. Gregory by St. Paul’s (Parish) Parishes
STJA102 Empty
St. James, Clerkenwell (Parish) Parishes
STJA103 Empty
St. James Garlick (Parish) Parishes
STJA104 Empty
St. James Duke’s Place (Parish) Parishes
STJA106 Empty
St. James’s, Westminster (Parish) Parishes
STJA107 Empty
St. Gregory by St. Paul’s Churches
STJA2 Empty
St. James, Clerkenwell Churches
STJA3 Empty
St. James Garlickhithe Churches
STJA4 Empty
St. James in the Wall Hermitage Churches
STJA5 Empty
St. James Duke’s Place Churches
STJA6 Empty
St. James’s, Westminster Churches
STJA7 Empty
The Priory of St. John of Jerusalem organization STJJ1
St. John’s Lane Streets
STJO1 Empty
St. John the Baptist (Parish) Parishes
STJO104 Empty
St. John the Evangelist (Parish) Parishes
STJO105 Empty
St. John Zachary (Parish) Parishes
STJO106 Empty
St. John the Baptist, Wapping (Parish) Parishes
STJO109 Empty
St. John Street Streets
STJO2 Empty
St. John’s of Jerusalem Churches
STJO3 Empty
St. John the Baptist, Walbrook Churches
STJO4 Empty
St. John the Evangelist Churches
STJO5 Empty
St. John Zachary Churches
STJO6 Empty
St. John the Baptist, Wapping Churches
STJO9 Empty
St. Katherine Coleman Churches
STKA1 Complete
St. Katherine Coleman Street (Parish) Parishes
STKA101 Empty
St. Katherine’s by the Tower (Parish) Parishes
STKA107 Empty
St. Katherine’s Hermitage (?) Sites
STKA2 Empty
St. Katherine’s Hospital Sites
STKA3 Complete
St. Katherine’s Lane Streets
STKA4 Empty
St. Katherine Steps Sites
STKA5 Empty
St. Katherine’s Dock Riverside Features
STKA6 Empty
St. Katherine’s by the Tower Liberties
STKA7 Stub
St. Katherine’s by the Tower (Precinct) Sites
STKA8 Empty
St. Katherine, Aldgate Churches
STKA9 Empty
St. Laurence Hill Streets
STLA1 Empty
St. Lawrence, Jewry (Parish) Parishes
STLA105 Empty
St. Laurence, Pountney (Parish) Parishes
STLA106 Empty
St. Laurence Lane Streets
STLA2 Empty
St. Laurence Lane, Guildhall Streets
STLA3 Empty
St. Laurence Poultney Hill Streets
STLA4 Empty
St. Laurence, Jewry Churches
STLA5 Empty
St. Laurence Poultney Churches
STLA6 Empty
St. Laurence Poultney Churchyard Churches
STLA7 Empty
St. Leonard Churches
STLE1 Stub
St. Leonard, Shoreditch (Parish) Parishes
STLE101 Empty
St. Leonard, Eastcheap (Parish) Parishes
STLE102 Empty
St. Leonard, Foster Lane (Parish) Parishes
STLE103 Empty
St. Leonard, Eastcheap Churches
STLE2 Empty
St. Leonard, Foster Lane (?) Churches
STLE3 Empty
St. Mary Overy Stairs Riverside Features
STMA10 Empty
St. Magnus (Parish) Parishes
STMA101 Empty
St. Margaret, Lothbury (Parish) Parishes
STMA102 Empty
St. Margaret, New Fish Street (Parish) Parishes
STMA103 Empty
St Margaret’s, Westminster (Parish) Parishes
STMA104 Empty
St. Mary Rounceval (?) Churches
STMA11 Empty
St. Margaret Moyses (Parish) Parishes
STMA116 Empty
St. Margaret Pattens (Parish) Parishes
STMA117 Empty
St. Martin in the Fields (Parish) Parishes
STMA118 Empty
St. Martin within Ludgate (Parish) Parishes
STMA119 Empty
St. Mary Spital Sites
STMA12 Stub
St. Martin Orgar (Parish) Parishes
STMA120 Empty
St. Martin Outwich (Parish) Parishes
STMA121 Empty
St. Martin Pomary (Parish) Parishes
STMA122 Empty
St. Martin Vintry (Parish) Parishes
STMA126 Empty
St. Mary, Abchurch (Parish) Parishes
STMA127 Empty
St. Mary, Aldermanbury (Parish) Parishes
STMA128 Empty
St. Mary, Aldermary (Parish) Parishes
STMA129 Empty
St. Mary at Hill Street Streets
STMA13 Empty
St. Mary, Bothaw (Parish) Parishes
STMA130 Empty
St. Mary, Lambeth (Parish) Parishes
STMA132 Empty
St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street (Parish) Parishes
STMA133 Empty
St. Mary Somerset (Parish) Parishes
STMA135 Empty
St. Mary Staining (Parish) Parishes
STMA136 Empty
St. Mary Woolchurch (Parish) Parishes
STMA137 Empty
St. Mary Woolnoth (Parish) Parishes
STMA138 Empty
St. Matthew, Friday Street (Parish) Parishes
STMA139 Empty
St. Mary, Islington Churches
STMA14 Empty
St. Mary Mounthaw (Parish) Parishes
STMA144 Empty
St. Mary le Bow (Parish) Parishes
STMA147 Empty
St. Mary, Colechurch (Parish) Parishes
STMA148 Empty
St. Mary-At-Hill (Parish) Parishes
STMA149 Empty
St. Mary-Le-Bow Churchyard Churches
STMA15 Empty
St. Mary Whitechapel (Parish) Parishes
STMA151 Empty
St. Mary Rotherhithe (Parish) Parishes
STMA152 Empty
St. Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street (Parish) Parishes
STMA153 Empty
St Mary, Newington (Parish) Parishes
STMA154 Empty
St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey (Parish) Parishes
STMA155 Empty
St. Mary le Strand (Parish) Parishes
STMA157 Empty
St. Margaret Moses Churches
STMA16 Empty
St. Margaret Pattens Churches
STMA17 Empty
St. Martin-in-the-Fields Churches
STMA18 Empty
St. Martin, Ludgate Churches
STMA19 Empty
St. Margaret, Lothbury Churches
STMA2 Empty
St. Martin Orgar Churches
STMA20 Stub
St. Martin Outwich Churches
STMA21 Empty
St. Martin Pomary Churches
STMA22 Empty
St. Martin’s Lane, Strand Streets
STMA23 Empty
St. Martin’s le Grand Churches
STMA24 Empty
St. Martin, Vintry Churches
STMA26 Empty
St. Mary, Abchurch Churches
STMA27 Empty
St. Mary, Aldermanbury Churches
STMA28 Empty
St. Mary Aldermary Churches
STMA29 Empty
St. Margaret, New Fish Street Churches
STMA3 Empty
St. Mary Bothaw Churches
STMA30 Empty
St. Mary Clerkenwell, Nunnery of Sites
STMA31 Empty
St. Mary, Lambeth Churches
STMA32 Empty
St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street Churches
STMA33 Empty
St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street Churches
STMA34 Empty
St. Mary Somerset Churches
STMA35 Empty
St. Mary Staining Churches
STMA36 Empty
St. Mary Woolchurch Churches
STMA37 Empty
St. Mary Woolnoth Churches
STMA38 Empty
St. Matthew, Friday Street Churches
STMA39 Empty
St. Margaret, Westminster Churches
STMA4 Empty
St. Mary Street Streets
STMA40 Empty
St. Mary Axe Churches
STMA41 Complete
St. Mary Magdalen, Aldgate Churches
STMA42 Stub
St. Mary at Hill Churches
STMA43 Empty
St. Mary Mounthaw Churches
STMA44 Empty
St. Mary Le Bow Churches
STMA47 Empty
St. Mary Colechurch Churches
STMA48 Empty
St. Mary-At-Hill Churches
STMA49 Empty
St. Martin’s Field Sites
STMA5 Empty
St. Mary Coneyhope Churches
STMA50 Empty
St. Mary Whitechapel Churches
STMA51 Empty
St. Mary Rotherhithe Churches
STMA52 Empty
St. Mary, Newington Churches
STMA54 Empty
St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Churches
STMA55 Empty
St. Mary le Strand Churches
STMA57 Empty
St. Martin’s Lane Streets
STMA6 Empty
St. Mary Axe Street Streets
STMA7 Complete
St. Mary Botolph Lane Streets
STMA8 Empty
St. Mary Overy’s Dock Riverside Features
STMA9 Empty
St. Michael, Wood Street Churches
STMI1 Empty
St. Mildred, Poultry Churches
STMI10 Empty
St. Michael, Wood Street (Parish) Parishes
STMI101 Empty
St. Michael Bassishaw (Parish) Parishes
STMI103 Empty
St. Michael, Cornhill (Parish) Parishes
STMI104 Stub
St. Michael, Crooked Lane (Parish) Parishes
STMI105 Empty
St. Michael Le Querne (Parish) Parishes
STMI106 Empty
St. Michael Paternoster Royal (Parish) Parishes
STMI107 Empty
St. Michael, Queenhithe (Parish) Parishes
STMI108 Empty
St. Mildred, Bread Street (Parish) Parishes
STMI109 Empty
St. Michael, Aldgate Churches
STMI11 Stub
St. Mildred, Poultry (Parish) Parishes
STMI110 Empty
St. Michael, Panier Alley Churches
STMI12 Empty
St. Michael’s Lane Streets
STMI2 Empty
St. Michael Bassishaw Churches
STMI3 Empty
St. Michael, Cornhill Churches
STMI4 Empty
St. Michael, Crooked Lane Churches
STMI5 Empty
St. Michael le Querne Churches
STMI6 Empty
St. Michael Paternoster Royal Churches
STMI7 Empty
St. Michael, Queenhithe Churches
STMI8 Empty
St. Mildred, Bread Street Churches
STMI9 Empty
Nicholas Lane Streets
STNI1 Stub
St. Nicholas Cole Abbey (Parish) Parishes
STNI102 Empty
St. Nicholas Olave (Parish) Parishes
STNI103 Empty
St. Nicholas Acon (Parish) Parishes
STNI104 Empty
St. Nicholas Cole Abbey Churches
STNI2 Empty
St. Nicholas Olave Churches
STNI3 Empty
St. Nicholas Acon Churches
STNI4 Stub
St. Nicholas Shambles Market Markets
STNI5 Empty
Chapel of St. Thomas on the Bridge Churches
STOB1 Empty
Stocks Market Markets
STOC1 Complete
St. Olave Churches
STOL1 Empty
St. Olave Southwark (Parish) Parishes
STOL101 Empty
St. Olave, Hart Street (Parish) Parishes
STOL102 Empty
St. Olave, Old Jewry (Parish) Parishes
STOL103 Empty
St. Olave, Silver Street (Parish) Parishes
STOL104 Empty
St. Olave, Hart Street Churches
STOL2 Complete
St. Olave, Old Jewry (?) Churches
STOL3 Empty
St. Olave, Silver Street Churches
STOL4 Empty
Stonehill College English 304 Spring 2014 Students organization STON5
Stonehill College English 343 Fall 2015 Students organization STON8
Stonehill College English 343 Fall 2016 Students organization STON9
Stow Advisory Board organization STOW22
Biography of John Stow (1525–1605) Full-length Biographies
Documents Relating to John Stow
Graduate Student Articles
STOW3 Complete
Selected Passages from A Survey of London Stow’s Survey of London
STOW35 Complete
A Survey of London and its Revisions Documents Relating to John Stow
Critical Editorial Documents
Graduate Student Articles
STOW9 Complete
St. Pancras Lane Streets
STPA1 Empty
North Gate of St. Paul’s Gates
STPA10 Empty
St. Paul’s, Shadwell (Parish) Parishes
STPA1014 Empty
St. Paul’s, Covent Garden (Parish) Parishes
STPA1015 Empty
St. Pancras, Soper Lane (Parish) Parishes
STPA105 Empty
St. Paul’s Chapter House Sites
STPA11 Empty
South Wall of St. Paul’s Sites
STPA12 Empty
St. Paul’s Charnel House Sites
STPA13 Empty
St. Paul’s, Shadwell Churches
STPA14 Empty
St. Paul’s, Covent Garden Churches
STPA15 Empty
St. Paul’s Cathedral Churches
Undergraduate Student Articles
STPA2 Complete
St. Paul’s Churchyard Churches
STPA3 Assigned
St. Paul’s School Sites
STPA4 Empty
St. Pancras, Soper Lane Churches
STPA5 Empty
St. Paul’s Cross Sites
STPA6 Empty
St. Paul’s Head Tavern Victualling Houses
STPA7 Empty
St. Paul’s Theatre Playhouses
STPA8 Stub
St. Paul’s Cloister Sites
STPA9 Empty
St. Peter’s Hill Streets
STPE1 Empty
St. Peter upon Cornhill (Parish) Parishes
STPE103 Empty
St. Peter le Poor (Parish) Parishes
STPE104 Empty
St. Peter, Paul’s Wharf (Parish) Parishes
STPE105 Empty
St. Peter, Westcheap (Parish) Parishes
STPE106 Empty
St. Peter Ad Vincula Churches
STPE2 Empty
St. Peter le Poor Churches
STPE4 Stub
St. Peter, Paul’s Wharf Churches
STPE5 Empty
St. Peter, Westcheap Churches
STPE6 Empty
Strand Lane Streets
STRA1 Stub
Strand Bridge Bridges
STRA10 Stub
Strand Inn Sites
STRA7 Empty
The Strand Undergraduate Student Articles
STRA9 Complete
St. Saviour, Southwark Churches
STSA1 Empty
St. Saviour, Southwark (Parish) Parishes
STSA101 Empty
St. Sepulchre’s Alley Streets
STSE1 Empty
St. Sepulchre (Parish) Parishes
STSE102 Empty
St. Sepulchre Churches
STSE2 Empty
St. Stephen Walbrook Churches
STST1 Empty
St. Stephen Walbrook (Parish) Parishes
STST101 Empty
St. Stephen, Coleman Street (Parish) Parishes
STST102 Empty
St. Stephen, Coleman Street Churches
STST2 Empty
St. Stephen’s, Chanon Row Churches
STST3 Empty
St.Stephen’s, Westminster Palace Churches
STST4 Empty
St. Swithins Lane Streets
STSW1 Empty
St. Swithin, London Stone (Parish) Parishes
STSW102 Empty
St. Swithin, London Stone Churches
STSW2 Empty
St. Sythes Lane Streets
STSY1 Empty
St. Thomas’ Hospital (?) Sites
STTH1 Empty
St. Thomas Apostle (Parish) Parishes
STTH103 Empty
St. Thomas Southwark (Parish) Parishes
STTH104 Empty
St. Thomas Apostle Churches
STTH3 Empty
St. Thomas Southwark Churches
STTH4 Empty
St. Vedast Churches
STVE1 Empty
St. Vedast Foster (Parish) Parishes
STVE101 Empty
Suburb Without the Wall Neighbourhoods
SUBR1 Empty
SUBU1 glossary item
Suffolk Lane Streets
SUFF1 Empty
Sugarloaf Alley Streets
SUGA1 Complete
Sugarloaf Court Streets
SUGA2 Empty
The Sun Bookshops
SUNN1 Empty
The Swan Playhouses
Undergraduate Student Articles
SWAN1 Complete
Swan Inn, The Strand Victualling Houses
SWAN2 Empty
Swan Inn, Holborn Bridge Victualling Houses
SWAN3 Empty
Swan Inn, St. John’s Street Victualling Houses
SWAN4 Empty
Swan Brewhouse Sites
SWAN5 Empty
Old Swan Brewhouse Sites
SWAN7 Empty
Swan, Southwark Brothels
SWAN8 Empty
SWEE2 glossary item
Swan with Two Necks Inn, Lad Lane Victualling Houses
SWTN1 Empty
Swan with Two Necks Inn, Somar’s Key Victualling Houses
SWTN2 Empty
Tabbard Inn, Gracechurch Street Victualling Houses
TABB1 Empty
Tabbard Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
TABB2 Empty
Tallow Chandlers’ Hall Halls
TALL1 Empty
Order for Prices of Tallow Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
TALL2 Complete
The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers organization TALL3
Tassel Close Sites
TASS1 Empty
Tavern Generic Places
TAVE1 Empty
The MoEML Team organization TEAM1
Project Leaders organization TEAM1_1
Student Research Assistants organization TEAM1_2
Alumni organization TEAM1_3
Programmers organization TEAM1_3_1
Research Assistants organization TEAM1_3_2
Former Student Contributors organization TEAM1_3_3
Temple Bar Sites
TEMP1 Complete
Temple Lane Streets
TEMP2 Empty
Temple Church Churches
TEMP4 Empty
520 Class 10 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
TEN1 Complete
Tes Irenes Trophæa, or the Triumphs of Peace Lord Mayor’s Shows
TESI1 Complete
Thames Street Streets
THAM1 Complete
The Thames Topographical Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Water Features
THAM2 Assigned
Thame Park Abbey Churches
THAM4 Empty
Thavies Inn Sites
THAV1 Empty
Three Cups Inn, Bread Street Victualling Houses
THCU1 Assigned
Three Cups Inn, St. John’s Street Victualling Houses
THCU2 Empty
The Theatre Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
THEA2 Assigned
Theobalds Road Streets
THEO1 Empty
Three Horseshoes Inn Victualling Houses
THHO1 Empty
Thirty-Pound Gentlemen and the Jacobean Inflation of Honours Topics
Graduate Student Articles
THIR1 Complete
Thorney Sites
THOR4 Empty
520 Class 3 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
THR1 Complete
Three Cranes Lane Streets
THRE2 Empty
Three Cranes Wharf Riverside Features
THRE3 Empty
Three Cranes Tavern Victualling Houses
THRE4 Empty
Three Cranes Stairs Riverside Features
THRE5 Empty
Throgmorton Street Streets
THRO1 Complete
Timberhithe Sites
TIMB1 Empty
Tobacco Shop Generic Places
TOBA1 Empty
Tode Well Water Features
TODE1 Empty
Toulebooth Sites
TOLL1 Empty
Tooley Street Streets
TOOL1 Empty
Tottenham Ct. Road Streets
TOTT1 Empty
Tottenham Sites
TOTT2 Empty
London’s Early Modern Tourists Topics
Graduate Student Articles
TOUR1 Complete
Tower Hill Sites
Graduate Student Articles
TOWE1 Complete
Tower Royal Streets
TOWE2 Empty
Tower Street Streets
Graduate Student Articles
TOWE3 Complete
Tower Street Ward Wards
TOWE4 Complete
Tower of London Prisons
TOWE5 Stub
Tower Ditch Sites
TOWE6 Stub
Scaffold on Tower Hill Sites
TOWE7 Empty
Tower Royal Sites
TOWE8 Empty
White Tower Sites
TOWE9 Empty
Townsend Lane Streets
TOWN1 Empty
Town Ditch Sites
TOWN2 Assigned
Town’s End Lane Streets
TOWN3 Empty
Traitors’ Gate Gates
Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Student Articles
TRAI1 Assigned
Transcription of Cartouche on the Agas Map Transcriptions of Text on the Agas Map
Other Texts
TRAN1 Complete
Transcription of Poem on the Agas Map Transcriptions of Text on the Agas Map
Other Texts
TRAN2 Complete
TRAN4 glossary item
Trig Lane Streets
TRIG1 Complete
Trig Stairs Sites
TRIG2 Empty
Trinity Lane Streets
TRIN1 Complete
Church of St. Trinity Churches
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The Triumphs of Truth Lord Mayor’s Shows
TRIU1 Complete
Critical Companion to The Triumphs of Truth Critical Editorial Documents
TRIU1_critical Complete
The Triumphs of Reunited Britannia Lord Mayor’s Shows
TRIU2 Complete
Troia-Nova Triumphans, or London Triumphing Lord Mayor’s Shows
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Turnagain Lane Streets
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Turnbase Lane Streets
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Turnmill Street Streets
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520 Class 12 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Student Articles
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520 Class 2 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
TWO1 Complete
The Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers organization TYBR1
University of Alabama English 500 Spring 2015 Students organization UALA1
University of Auckland English 783/Drama 727 July-November 2014 Students organization UAUC1
Upolsters’ Hall Upon Cornhill Halls
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Upper Ground Streets
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URBS1 glossary item
Utah Valley University English 463R Spring 2014 Students organization UTVU1
University of Texas, Arlington English 5308 Fall 2014 Students organization UTXA1
University of Victoria English 362 Fall 2015 Students organization UVIC2
Means Devised for Better Execution of Vagrancy Statute Proclamations
Graduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
VAGR1 Complete
Vine Inn Victualling Houses
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Vine Street Streets
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Vintners’ Hall Halls
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Vintry Ward Wards
VINT2 Complete
The Worshipful Company of Vintners organization VINT3
The Vintry Sites
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WAIT1 glossary item
Walbrook Street Streets
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Walbrook Ward Wards
WALB2 Complete
Walbrook Topographical Features
Water Features
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WAPA1 glossary item
WARD4 glossary item
WARD6 glossary item
Warwick Lane Streets
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Warwick’s Inn Sites
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WATC1 glossary item
Water Lane Streets
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Water Lane, Fleet Street Streets
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Watergate Streets
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Water Lane, Blackfriars Streets
WATE4 Empty
Watergate, Blackfriars Sites
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Watergate (Tower Street Ward) Sites
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WATE8 glossary item
Watling Street Streets
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Wax Chandlers’ Hall Halls
WAXC1 Empty
Westcheap Markets
WCHE1 Stub
Washington College English 312 Fall 2014 Students organization WCOL1
Weavers’ Hall Halls
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The Worshipful Company of Weavers organization WEAV2
Weigh House Sites
WEIG1 Complete
Wentworth Lane Streets
WENT1 Empty
Lord Wentworth’s Jail Prisons
WENT4 Stub
Westminster Abbey Churches
WEST1 Stub
Westward Ho! Dramatic Extracts
Graduate Student Articles
WEST14 Complete
Westminster Hall Sites
WEST2 Complete
Westminster School Sites
WEST3 Empty
Westminster Stairs Riverside Features
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Westminster Palace Sites
WEST5 Empty
Westminster Neighbourhoods
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White Hart Inn, Drury Lane Victualling Houses
WHHA1 Empty
White Hart Inn, Cripplegate Victualling Houses
WHHA2 Empty
White Hart Inn, Coleman Street Victualling Houses
WHHA3 Empty
White Hart Inn, Southwark Victualling Houses
WHHA4 Empty
White Horse Inn Victualling Houses
WHHO1 Empty
Whitcomb Street Streets
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Isabella Whitney Full-length Biographies
Graduate Student Articles
WHIT15 Complete
Whitefriars Theatre Playhouses
Undergraduate Student Articles
WHIT17 Complete
Whitechapel Streets
WHIT2 Complete
White Lion Prisons
WHIT20 Stub
Whittington College Sites
WHIT21 Empty
The Whitefriars (Carmelites) organization WHIT22
Whitecross Street Streets
WHIT3 Empty
Whitefriars Liberties
WHIT4 Stub
Whitehall Sites
WHIT5 Assigned
The Will and Testament of Isabella Whitney Other Texts
WILL10 Complete
Winchester House Sites
WINC1 Empty
Windgoose Lane Streets
WIND1 Empty
Windsor House Sites
WIND3 Stub
Windmill Tavern Victualling Houses
WIND4 Empty
Wine Street Streets
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Wolsies Lane Streets
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Wood Street Streets
WOOD1 Complete
Woodmonger’s Hall Halls
WOOD13 Empty
Woodroffe Lane Streets
WOOD2 Stub
Wool Key Sites
WOOL1 Empty
Woolstable Sites
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Worcester House Sites
WORC1 Empty
Wormwood Street Streets
WORM1 Empty
The Wrestlers (Lime Street Ward) Sites
WRES1 Complete
Wringwren Lane Streets
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Wych Street Streets
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York House Sites
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York Watergate Riverside Features
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About MoEML About MoEML
Site Landing Pages
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Acknowledgements About MoEML
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How to Use MoEML’s Agas Map Project Documentation
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Add MoEML Locations to the Agas Map Documentation for Encoders
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Applications for Encoders Documentation for Encoders
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Cite MoEML About MoEML
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English 520 (Summer 2011) Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
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English 520 (Summer 2011) Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
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Contact Us People
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Contribute to MoEML Project Documentation
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Rights and Responsibilities of MoEML Contributors About MoEML
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Contributors About MoEML
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Copyright Notice for Agas Map About MoEML
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Critical Editorial Documents
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Our Donors About MoEML
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Editorial Declaration for Mayoral Shows Documentation for Editors
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Critical Editorial Documents
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The MoEML Guide to Editorial Style Documentation for Editors
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Encode a Mayoral Pageant Book Documentation for Encoders
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Primary Source Document Template Documentation for Encoders
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Create a MoEML TEI Header Documentation for Encoders
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Encode a Date Documentation for Encoders
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General Encoding Practices Documentation for Encoders
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Encode a Primary Source Transcription Documentation for Encoders
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Encoding Primer: MoEML TEI Markup for Beginners Documentation for Contributors
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MoEML’s Facebook page News
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Feedback About MoEML
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How to Use the Folger Digital Image Collection (LUNA) Undergraduate Student Articles
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The MoEML Gazetteer of Early Modern London Gazetteer
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Geocode MoEML Locations Documentation for Encoders
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Historical Personography Historical Personography
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History of MoEML About MoEML
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The Map of Early Modern London Site Landing Pages
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Pedagogical Partners’ Welcome Package About MoEML
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Index for Praxis Generated Databases
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Prepare your Data Set Project Documentation
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Prepare a Selection of Dramatic Extracts Documentation for Contributors
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Prepare your Encyclopedia Article Documentation for Contributors
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How to Use Project Gutenberg Undergraduate Student Articles
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Publications and Presentations About MoEML
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Using the Repertory Table Spreadsheet Project Documentation
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A Guide for Student Researchers of the Streets, Sites, and Playhouses of Early Modern London Project Documentation
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Stow (1598) Progress Chart Documents Relating to John Stow
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