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MoEML is thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of the complete 1598 text of John Stow’s A Survey of London. Our TEI-encoded diplomatic transcription is based on EEBO-TCP’s XML text. Our research team has corrected the transcription, filled in gaps left by EEBO-TCP transcribers, added additional bibliographical encoding, and identified all the toponyms, people, and dates. Follow our progress on the 1598 text here: Stow (1598) Progress Chart. If you are interested in viewing and providing feedback on a preliminary version of our 1598 Survey, the editorial team would be happy to share a link.
We are applying for another SSHRC grant to encode the 1603, 1618, and 1633 editions of Stow’s Survey. We plan to build a custom comparator tool for these four editions that will allow you to view the extensive additions and deletions from one edition to the next. We will incorporate digital facsimiles of the volumes as well.

Articles on Stow

For now, you can learn more about Stow and his Survey from these student articles:

Stow Extracts

The Ward Index will take you to transcriptions of the opening section of each ward description, where Stow traces the boundaries of the ward:
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