Riverside Features

Riverside wharfs, quays, landings, hithes, and stairs in early modern London. For the generic place, see Riverside.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Amwell Head   Empty
Andro Morris Key Agas Map  Complete
Arundel Stairs   Empty
Barge House Stairs Agas Map  Empty
Billingsgate Agas Map  Complete
Blackfriar’s Stairs   Empty
Botolph’s Wharf Agas Map  Empty
Bridewell Dock   Empty
Bull Wharf   Empty
Custom Key   Empty
Falcon Stairs Agas Map  Assigned
Fish Wharf Agas Map  Assigned
Fish Wharf, Queenhithe   Empty
Fresh Wharf Agas Map  Empty
Galley Key Agas Map  Assigned
Horse Ferry Agas Map  Assigned
Lyon Key Agas Map  Empty
Oyster gate   Empty
Paris Garden Stairs Agas Map  Assigned
Paul’s Wharf Agas Map  Assigned
Pepper Alley Stairs Agas Map  Empty
Privy Stairs Agas Map  Assigned
Puddle Wharf Agas Map  Complete
Queenhithe Agas Map  Complete
Salt Wharf (Queenhithe) Agas Map  Empty
Smart’s Key Agas Map  Complete
Somar’s Key Agas Map  Empty
St. Katherine’s Dock   Empty
St. Mary Overy Stairs Agas Map  Empty
St. Mary Overy’s Dock Agas Map  Empty
Stangate Stairs Agas Map  Assigned
Three Cranes Stairs   Empty
Three Cranes Wharf Agas Map  Empty
Traitors’ Gate Agas Map  Assigned
Westminster Stairs Agas Map  Assigned