Victualling Houses

Establishments in early modern London such as Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns where sustenance was served. We include all such establishments in a single category. For the generic places, see Inn, Alehouse, Tavern, Ordinary, Bakehouse, Cook-shop, and Tobacco Shop.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Abbot of St. Alban’s Inn   Empty
Angel Inn   Empty
Axe Inn   Empty
Barnard’s Inn   Empty
Beachamp’s Inn   Empty
Bear Inn   Empty
Beer House No. 1 Agas Map  Empty
Beggar’s Bush   Empty
Bell Inn, Aldersgate Street   Empty
Bell Inn, Coleman Street   Empty
Bell Inn, Friday Street   Empty
Bell Inn, Henley-on-Thames   Empty
Bell Inn, Holborn   Empty
Bell Inn, Smithfield   Empty
Bell Inn, St. John’s Street   Empty
Bell Inn, in the Strand   Empty
Bell Savage Inn   Stub
Bell Tavern, Old Fish Street   Empty
Bell Tavern, Stratford-at-Bow   Empty
Bell Tavern, Walbrook   Empty
Bell Tavern, Waltham   Empty
Bell Tavern, Warwick Street   Empty
Bell Tavern, Wood Street   Empty
Benbridges Inn Agas Map  Complete
Bishop of St. David’s Inn   Empty
Black Bull (Gray’s Inn Lane)   Empty
Black Bull (Grey’s Inn Lane)   Empty
Black Bull Inn, Bishopsgate Street   Stub
Black Bull Inn, Smithfield   Empty
Black Swan Inn   Empty
Blossoms Inn   Empty
Blue Anchor   Empty
Blue Boar Inn   Empty
Boar’s Head Tavern Agas Map  Empty
Bull Inn   Empty
Bull Inn, Southwark   Empty
Cardinal’s Hat Tavern   Stub
Castle Inn, Smithfield   Empty
Castle Inn, Wood Street   Empty
Catherine Wheel Inn   Empty
Chequer Inn, Charing Cross   Empty
Chequer Inn, Dowgate   Empty
Chequer Inn, Holborn   Empty
Christopher Inn   Empty
Cobham’s Inn   Empty
Cock Inn   Empty
Cross Keys Inn, Gracechurch Street Agas Map  Stub
Cross Keys Inn, Holborn   Empty
Cross Keys Inn, St. John’s Street   Empty
Crown Inn, Aldgate High Street   Empty
Crown Inn, Holborn   Empty
Devil’s Tavern   Empty
Dolphin Inn Agas Map  Empty
Falcon Inn Agas Map  Assigned
Flower de Luce   Empty
Four Swans Inn   Empty
George Inn, Bread Street   Empty
George Inn, Holborn Bridge   Empty
George Inn, Lombard Street   Empty
George Inn, Southwark   Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Bishopsgate Street   Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Southwark   Empty
Greyhound Inn, Fleet Street   Empty
Greyhound Inn, Smithfield   Empty
Greyhound Inn, Southwark   Empty
Hart’s Horns Inn   Empty
Ipris Inn   Empty
King’s Arms Inn, Holborn Street   Empty
King’s Arms Inn, Leadenhall Street Agas Map  Empty
King’s Arms, Cheapside Agas Map  Empty
King’s Head Inn, Old Change   Empty
King’s Head Inn, Southwark   Empty
King’s Head Tavern, Fenchurch Street Agas Map  Empty
Legate’s Inn   Empty
Mermaid Inn Agas Map  Stub
Mitre Tavern   Empty
Mitre Tavern Agas Map  Empty
Mitre Tavern Agas Map  Empty
Okebourne   Empty
Old Swan Inn Agas Map  Empty
Painted Tavern Agas Map  Empty
Peacock Inn   Empty
Pope’s Head Tavern Agas Map  Stub
Prince’s Arms Tavern   Empty
Queen’s Head Inn, Southwark   Empty
Queen’s Head Inn, St. Giles   Empty
Ram Inn   Empty
Red Lion (Shoreditch)   Empty
Rose Inn, Holborn Bridge   Empty
Rose Inn, Smithfield   Empty
Rose Tavern (Russell Street)   Empty
Saracen’s Head, Carter Lane   Empty
Saracen’s Head, Friday Street   Empty
Saracen’s Head, Gracechurch Street   Empty
Saracen’s Head, Newgate Agas Map  Empty
Scroop’s Inn   Empty
Spread Eagle Inn   Empty
Spur Inn   Empty
St. Paul’s Head Tavern   Empty
Star Inn   Empty
Swan Inn, Holborn Bridge   Empty
Swan Inn, St. John’s Street   Empty
Swan Inn, The Strand   Empty
Swan with Two Necks Inn, Lad Lane   Empty
Swan with Two Necks Inn, Somar’s Key   Empty
Tabbard Inn, Gracechurch Street   Empty
Tabbard Inn, Southwark Agas Map  Empty
The Bear and Ragged Staff   Empty
The Lion, Shoreditch   Empty
The Maidenhead, Cateaton Street   Stub
The Maidhead, Ram Alley   Stub
The Rose and Crown, Holborn   Empty
The Rose and Crown, St. John’s Street   Empty
The Star and the Ram Agas Map  Stub
Three Cranes Tavern   Empty
Three Cups Inn, Bread Street   Assigned
Three Cups Inn, St. John’s Street   Empty
Three Horseshoes Inn   Empty
Vine Inn   Empty
White Hart Inn, Coleman Street   Empty
White Hart Inn, Cripplegate   Empty
White Hart Inn, Drury Lane   Empty
White Hart Inn, Southwark   Empty
White Horse Inn   Empty
Windmill Tavern   Empty