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BRedſtreete ward beginneth in the high ſtreete of weſt Cheape, to wit, on the ſouth ſide, from the Standard to the great Croſſe. Then is alſo a part of Watheling ſtreete ofthis warde, to wit, from ouer againſt the Red Lion on the North ſide up almoſt to Powles gate, for it lacketh but one houſe of S. Auguſtines church. And on the ſouth ſide from the red Lion gate to the Old Exchange, and downe the ſame Exchange on the Eaſt ſide, by the weſt end of Mayden lane, or Diſtar lane, to Knightriders ſtreete, or as they call that part thereof, Old Fiſhſtreet. And allt he north ſide of the ſaid old Fiſhſtreete to the South ende of Bredſtreete, and by that ſtill in Knightriders ſtreete, till ouer againſt the Trinitie Church, and Trinitie lane. Then is Bredſtreet it ſelfe, ſo called of bread in olde time there ſold: for it appeareth by recordes, that in the yeare 1302. which was the 30. of E. firſt, the Bakers of London were bounden to ſell no bread in their ſhops or houſes, but in the market, and that they ſhould haue 4. Hall motes in the yeare, at foure ſeuerall terms, to determine of enormities belonging to the ſaid Company.
This ſtreete giuing the name to the whole warde, beginneth in weſt Chepe, almoſt by the Standarde, and runneth downe ſouth, through or thwart Watheling ſtreet, to Knightriders ſtreet aforeſaide where it endeth. This Bredſtreet is wholy on both ſides of this warde. Out of the which ſtreet on the Eaſt ſide is Baſing lane, a peece whereof to wit, too and ouer againſt the backe gate of the Red Lion in Watheling ſtreete, is of this Bredſtreete ward.
Then is Fryday ſtreete beginning alſo in weſt Cheape, and runneth downe South through Watheling ſtreet to Knightrider ſtreete, or olde Fiſhſtreet. This Friday ſtreete is of Bredſtreet ward, on the eaſt ſide from ouer againſt the northeaſt corner of S. Mathewes church, and on the weſt ſide from the ſouth corner of the ſaid church, down as aforeſaid.
In this Fryday ſtreete on the weſt ſide thereof is a Lane, commonly called Mayden Lane, or Diſtaffe lane, corruptly for Diſtar lane, which runneth weſt into the old Exchange: and in this lane is alſo one other lane, on the ſouth ſide thereof, likewiſe called Diſtar lane, which runneth downe to Knightriders ſtreet, or olde Fiſhſtreete: and ſo be the boundes of this whole ward.
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