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Articles to be inquired of, by the Miniſter, Churchwardens, and Sidemen, of
euery Pariſh,1 and Precinct,2 within the Archdeaconrie of London, according
to the ſpeciall direction of certaine Letters, heeretofore ſent to the Lord Biſhop of
, from the right Honourable Lords of the Priuie Councell.

IMprimis, whether there be any in your Pariſh, either Pariſhio-
ners, Soiourners, or ſuch as be late came out of other Countries,3
into your pariſh, which do refuſe, or neglect, to come to diuine
Seruice, to their Pariſh Church,4 or elſe where: and what be their
names, and Sir-names, & how long they haue refuſed ſo to do?
2 Item, how many of their wiues, and Children, aboue the age
of Sixteene yeares, Seruants, and other Soiourners abiding in
their Houſes, doe likewiſe refuſe ſo to do? And what bee their names, and Sir-
names, and how long they haue refuſed ſo to doe?
3 Item, whether there be any in your Pariſh, which bée ſuſpected to haue béen re-
conciled to the Popiſh Religion? or to haue been abſolued? or any that procured, or
counſelled any thereunto, and what be their names, and Sir-names?
4 Item, whether there bee any in your pariſh, which be ſuſpected to bée Maſſing
Prieſts, Reconcilers, Ieſuits, Seminaries, or other perſons which haue receiued a-
ny orders or authority from the Romiſh Church, to vſe the like: And what be their
names and Sir-names?
5 Item, whether there be any Schoolemaiſters, within your Pariſh, which do
not bring vp their youth, in the Religion now profeſſed, or bee not themſelues dili-
gent, in repairing to diuine Seruice, or bringing their Scholers to it?

Obſeruations materiall in this Inquirie.

IN euery Pariſh, where any manner of perſon dwelleth, or ſoiourneth, which re-
fuſeth, or neglecteth to go to the Church, to heare diuine Seruice; The Miniſter, &
Churchwardens, of the pariſh, ar commanded, euery Moneth from henceforth, to go
to euery ſuch perſon, with the Sidemen, or elſe with two, or thrée honeſt witneſſes,
and before thoſe Sidemen, or witneſſes, to require euery ſuch perſon, to repaire to
the Church
, to heare diuine Seruice. And the ſayd Miniſter, and Churchwardens and
Sidemen, are commanded to ſend a Certificate or pretentment in writing, ſigned
with the hands, markes, and ſeales of the ſaid Miniſter, Churchwardens, and Side-
, to their Ordinarie, alwayes on the tenth day before Midſomer day,5 on the
tenth day before Michaelmas day,6 on the tenth day before Chriſtmas day,7 and on the
tenth day before the Feaſt day, of the Annunciation of the bleſſed Virgin Mary,8
without further delay. So as returne of ſuch Certificate may be made in time to the
Cuſtos Rotulorum at euery Seſſions, next enſuing thoſe Feaſts, teſtifying as well
the manner, and time of their admoniſhments, of ſuch Recuſants whatſoeuer they be,
as their anſwers; And when, and whether they went to Church, euery Moneth,
after ſuch admonition giuen to them as aforeſayd. Or whether any ſuch perſon hath
wilfully withdrawne himſelfe, from taking, or vnderſtanding ſuch admonition; and
alſo declaring the names, ſirnames, and abiding places, of euery one that ſhall of-
fend, in any part, or clauſe of the aboue written Articles. This euery Miniſter, and
Churchwarden, is ſtraightly charged, to ſhew his diligence in, and effectually to do,
as they, and euery of them, ſhall and will anſwer to the contrary, at their perils.

You ſhall bring your Preſentment into Mr. Hulets Office at the weſt end of old Fiſh ſtreet
in London, ten dayes before euery Quarter, at the vttermoſt, ſpecifying the proper, & Sir-
name, title, and addition, of euery perſon preſented, and how many Monethes they haue re-
fuſed, or neglected to come, to heare diuine Seruice, in their pariſh Church, before the day of
the making of your Preſentment.


  1. For a list of parishes in early modern London, see Parishes in the placeography. (TLG)
  2. The area within the boundaries (real or imaginary) of a particular place or building; the interior; the grounds; esp. the (consecrated) ground immediately surrounding a religious house or place of worship (OED precinct, 1.a).
  3. See London Aliens for more information. (JT)
  4. See Stow’s list of parish churches. (JT)
  5. Midsummer Day was held on 24 June each year. (JT)
  6. Michaelmas Day was held on 29 September each year. (JT)
  7. Christmas Day was held on 25 December each year. (JT)
  8. The Feast of the Annunciation (now known as the Solemnity of the Annunciation) was held on 25 March each year. (JT)


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