Liberties in early modern London. The term liberty was used to refer to suburban districts or other locations that were not under the jurisdiction of the City of London. For the generic place, see Liberty.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Coldharbour   Empty
Fuller Rents Agas Map  Stub
Glasshouse Yard   Empty
Havering-atte-Bower   Empty
Inner Temple Agas Map  Stub
Middle Temple Agas Map  Assigned
Minories Agas Map  Empty
Norton Folgate   Empty
Paris Garden Manor House Agas Map  Empty
Salisbury Court   Empty
St. Katherine’s by the Tower   Stub
St. Martin’s le Grand Agas Map  Empty
The Clink   Assigned
The Manor and Liberty of the Savoy Agas Map  Empty
The Mint   Empty
Whitefriars Agas Map  Stub