Rights and Responsibilities of MoEML Contributors

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Governing Principles

Our project is governed by the following principles:

Rights and Responsibilities

These principles mean that you (our contributors) have the following rights and responsibilities:
  • You own the text you sent to us. We own the XML mark-up (unless you sent us an encoded file). Since both are licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, anyone is free to repurpose either your text or our mark-up with attribution.
  • We credit you in terms that work for you and your CV. We assign the MoEML or MarcRelator Code that best describes your contribution (e.g., aut if you have played an authorial role). You get to customize the text that appears in the Credits pane to describe your role more precisely (e.g., First Author, Co-Author, Second Author).
  • We also credit everyone who edited, encoded, fact-checked, or otherwise improved your contribution. You can see who contributed to your piece by clicking on the Credits menu to the left.
  • You are free to repurpose your contribution in any other publication, provided you indicate that it was first published by MoEML.
  • If you republish a contribution that was significantly revised or edited by the MoEML team, please give us a co-author credit.
  • Should new information come to light about a site or topic, we may add it to the bottom of your contribution in a separate division clearly labelled Additional Information from MoEML.
  • We commit to hosting your work at a stable URL. After the completion of the project, static versions of MoEML with fully functional linking and searching capabilities will be deposited in various institutional repositories, including the UVic Library.
  • We commit to hosting a bio-bibliographical page for you at a stable URL.
  • You may update your bio-bibliographical note (at your request) for the lifetime of the project.
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