Prisons in early modern London. See The Prison System (encyclopedia topic) for more information about prisons in early modern London.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Clink Prison Agas Map  Stub
East Smithfield Prison   Stub
Finsbury Jail   Stub
Fleet Prison Agas Map  Stub
Gatehouse Agas Map  Stub
King’s Bench   Stub
Lord Wentworth’s Jail   Stub
Ludgate Agas Map  Assigned
Marshalsea   Stub
New Prison Agas Map  Stub
Newgate Agas Map  Stub
Poultry Compter   Empty
Southwark Counter   Stub
St. Katherine’s by the Tower   Stub
Tower of London Agas Map  Stub
White Lion   Stub
Wood Street Counter (?) Agas Map  Empty