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BRidgeward within, ſo called of London Bridge, which Bridge is a principall part of that Ward, and beginneth at the ſtulpes on the South end by Southwarke, runneth along the Bridge, and North by Bridgeſtreete, commonly called (of the Fiſhmarket) New Fiſhſtreete, from Fiſhſtreete hil, up Graſſe ſtreete, to the North corner of Graſſe church, all the Bridge is repleniſhed on both the ſides with large, fayre and beautifull buildinges inhabitants for the moſt part rich marchantes, and other wealthy Cittizens, Mercers and Haberdaſhers. […]
On that ſouth ſide of Thames ſtreete, haue ye Drinkwater warfe, and Fiſh Wharfe in the pariſh of ſaint Magnus. On the North ſide of Thames ſtreete is Saint Martins lane, a pat of which lane is alſo of this ward, to wit, on the one ſide to a well of water, and on the other ſide as farre up as againſt the ſaid well. Then is Saint Michaels lane, part whereof is alſo of this warde up to a Well there, &c. Then at the upper end of new fiſhſtreete, is a lane turning towards S, Michaels lane, and is called Crooked lane, of the croked windings thereof. Aboue this lanes end, upon Fiſhſtreet hill is one great houſe, for the moſt part builded of ſtone which pertained ſometime to Ed. The black prince, ſon to Ed. The 3. who was in his life time lodged there. It is now altered to a common hoſterie, hauing the blacke bell for a ſigne: Aboue this houſe at the top of Fiſhſtreet hil is a turning into great Eaſtcheape, and ſo to the corner of Lombardſtreet, ouer againſt the northweſt corner of Graſſe church, & theſe be the whole bounds of this Bridgeward within[.]
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