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Mincing Lane ran north-south from Fenchurch Street to Tower Street. All of the street was part of Tower Street Ward except the corner house[s] towardes Fenchurch streete, which were in Langbourn Ward (Stow). Stow notes that the street was named after tenements there sometime pertayning to the Minchuns or Nunnes of Saint Helens in Bishopsgate streete (Stow). Stow also makes a definitive link between the lane and London’s commercial history. He states in Mincing Lane of olde time dwelled diuers strangers borne of Genoa and those parts, these were commonly called Galley men, as men that came vppe in the Gallies, brought vp wines and other merchandises which they landed in Thames street, at a place called Galley key (Stow). Stow is critical of the Genoese of Mincing Lane, who tried to use their own currency in defiance of English Law (Stow).
Mincing Lane, also known as Mincheon Lane, is drawn on the Agas map east of Mark Lane. It is labelled Mynchen Lane. Part of Mincing Lane is also featured on Benjamin Cole’s 1754 engraving of Tower Street Ward (Cole).


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