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WHEREas a very rich Loterie generall hath now lately bene
erected2 by the order of our ioſt3 dread Soueraigne Lady, the
Queenes moſt excellent Maieſtie
, and by hir highneſſe com-
maundement ſince publiſhd within this hir highneſſe Citie
of London
, the. xxiii. daye of Auguſt, in the. ix. yeare of hir
Maieſties moſte proſperois Raigne
, together wyth the Pri-
ces, Articles, and Condtions concernyng the ſame, as by
the Charte of the ſayde Lotterie more playnly doth at large
appeare. In whiche Charte among other thyngs it is compriſed, that hir Maie-
and hir ſayd Citie of London wil anſwere to all and ſingular perſons, hauyng
aduentured their money in the ſayd Lotterie, to obſerue all the Articles and con-
ditions conteined in the ſame from poynt to poynt inuiolably.
Nowe to auoyde certaine doubtes ſince the publication of the ſayde Lotterie, ſe-
cretely moued concernyng the aunſwering thereof, wherein though the wiſer ſort
may finde cauſe to ſatiſfie them ſelues therin: yet to the ſatiſfaction of the ſimpler
ſorte, The Lorde Maior of the ſayde Citie, and his brethren the Aldermen of the
ſayd Citie
, by the aſſent of the common Councell of the ſame, doe ſignifie and de-
clare to all people by this Proclamation, That accordyng to the Articles of hir
s order conteined in the ſayde Charte ſo publiſhed, euery perſon ſhalbe du-
ly aunſwered accordyng to the tenour of hir highneſſe ſayde proclamation.
And it is newly ordered for the advauntage of the Aduenturers4, that the daye
of the Readyng of the ſayde Lotterie ſhall not be deferred after the. xxv. daye of
mencioned in the ſayde Charte without very greate and vrgent cauſe : and
yet the ſame at the furtheſt, ſhall not be deferred paſt the feaſt of the Purification
of Saincte Marie the virgin, which ſhall be next folowyng, in the yeare of oure
Lorde God. M. D. Lxviii. after the computation of the Church of Englande.
And that from the day of the ſayd prorogation vntill the very day of the Rea-
ding, the parties hauyng put in their Money to the ſayde Lotterie, ſhall be al-
lowed for the forbearyng thereof, after the rate of Twelue in the Hundred .&c.
Proclaimed in London the. xiii. day of September, in the forſayd. ix. yeare of hir
s Raigne

God ſaue the Queene.

¶ Imprinted at London, by Henrie Bynneman, dwelling in
Pater noſter Rowe, at the Signe of the Marmayde.

Anno. 1567. Septembris. 13.


  1. In September 1567, the lord mayor of London was Christopher Draper (MASL). (TLG)
  2. Elizabeth I commissioned the first ever government run lottery in England in 1566, one year before this proclamation was written. Winning tickets were drawn two years later in 1568. For more information, see Winifred G. Wilson (1955) and Eric C. Brown (1999).
  3. Sic. (JJ)
  4. A person who plays at games of chance, or risks money in such games; a gambler, a gamester. (OED adventurer, n.2). (TLG)


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