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Goldsmiths’ Row was a section on the south side of Cheapside, by Cheapside Cross. The part of Cheapside known as Goldsmiths’ Row ran between Bread Street and Friday Street (Weinreb and Hibbert 148). Goldsmiths’ Row and the shops and homes of other wealthy merchants made the street an elite and attractive one. Stow claims that there were ten houses and fourteen shops in Goldsmith’s Row, and that they were easily the most beautiful in London (Stow 1:296, 1:345–46).1 In the long view of Edward VI’s coronation procession through London,2 the windows of the shops in Goldsmiths’ Row are stocked with standing cups and other plate.
Further Reading: Reddaway; Styles; Griffiths.
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  1. Some of this paragraph also appears in MoEML’s encyclopedia entry for Cheapside.
  2. This painting was destroyed in the fire at Cowdray House in 1793, but copies survive. The earliest witness is at the Society of Antiquaries.


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