Dramatic Extracts

TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern dramatic extracts rich in London toponyms.
Date Title Author
in or before 1595 Sir Thomas More Anthony Munday
Henry Chettle
Thomas Dekker
Thomas Heywood
William Shakespeare
in or before 1599 The Shoemaker’s Holiday Thomas Dekker
in or before 1604 Westward Ho! Thomas Dekker
John Webster
in or before 1605 Eastward Ho! George Chapman
Ben Jonson
John Marston
in or before 1606 If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part 2 Thomas Heywood
in or before 1609 Epicene, or the Silent Woman Ben Jonson
in or before 1614 Bartholomew Fair Ben Jonson
in or before 1616 The Devil Is an Ass Ben Jonson
in or before 1625 The Staple of News Ben Jonson