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This page offers a diplomatic transcription of the opening section of John Stow’s 1603 description of Basinghall Ward. In this section, Stow traces the jurisdictional boundaries of the ward, indicating where it abuts other wards. It is Stow’s general habit to map out each ward before he begins his detailed street-by-street description of its history and features.
Source: Stow, John. A suruay of London· Conteyning the originall, antiquity, increase, moderne estate, and description of that city, written in the yeare 1598. by Iohn Stow citizen of London. Since by the same author increased, with diuers rare notes of antiquity, and published in the yeare, 1603. Also an apologie (or defence) against the opinion of some men, concerning that citie, the greatnesse thereof. VVith an appendix, contayning in Latine Libellum de situ & nobilitate Londini: written by William Fitzstephen, in the raigne of Henry the second. London: John Windet, 1603. STC 23343. Print. Rpt. Early English Books Online. Web.
THe next adioyning to Colemanſtreete ward on the weſt ſide thereof is Baſſings hall warde, a ſmall thing, and conſiſteth of one ſtreete called Baſſings hall ſtreete, of Baſſings hall, the moſt principall houſe, whereof the ward taketh name. It beginneth in the South by the late ſpoken Market houſe called the Bay hall, which is the laſt of Colemanſtreete warde. This ſtreete runneth from thence north downe to London wall, and ſome little diſtance both Eaſt and Weſt, againſt the ſaid hall, and this is the bounds of Baſſings hall warde.
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