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MoEML’s Pedagogical Partnership Project

We at MoEML are keen to honour our pedagogical origins while upholding scholarly standards. Thus, in January 2014, we started a pilot project whereby we team up with professors in other locations, supply teaching materials, and have the students contribute to MoEML under the close supervision of their professor on site.
Learn more by visiting the Pedaogogical Partnership Project page.

Complete Courses

In 2011, Janelle Jenstad taught a graduate seminar based on The Map of Early Modern London. All the course materials are linked from the top page for English 520: Representations of London in Modern English Literature.


  • Representations of London in Early Modern English Literature. Graduate seminar taught by Janelle Jenstad, University of Victoria, 2005. Syllabus (.pdf file).
  • Early-Modern London and its Theatre. Graduate seminar taught by Glenn Clark, University of Manitoba, 2008. Syllabus (.doc file).
  • The Geography of London’s Imaginary Spaces in the 18th Century. Graduate seminar taught by Allison Muri (The Grub Street Project), University of Saskatchewan, 2009. Link.

Sample Assignments

  • Early Texts about London (.doc file): Graduate-level assignment designed to help students master the skills of data-base and catalogue searching, reading early printed texts in their original form, and analyzing the discursive field of an early text about London.


This is a list of links, print resources, and databases that might be helpful to instructors teaching courses on early modern London.
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