Streets in Early Modern London
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Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Abchurch Lane C6 agas_full  Complete
Addle Hill C4  Empty
Addle Street B5  Empty
Aldermanbury B5  Empty
Aldersgate Street A4 B4  Empty
Aldgate Street B7 B8 C7  Complete
Anchor Lane C5  Empty
Andrew Court C3  Empty
Appold Street A6  Empty
Ave Maria Lane C4  Empty
Bank End D6  Empty
Bankside D5  Empty
Barbican B5 agas_full  Complete
Bartholomew Lane B6  Stub
Basing Lane C5  Complete
Basinghall Street B5  Empty
Bearbinder Lane C6  Empty
Beech Lane A5  Empty
Beer Lane C7  Complete
Bell Yard, Temple Bar C3  Complete
Bermondsey Street D8  Empty
Berwardes Lane C7  Empty
Bevis Marks B7  Stub
Billiter Lane C7 agas_full  Complete
Birchin Lane C6 agas_full  Complete
Bishopsgate Street A6 B6 agas_full  Complete
Bladder Street B4  Empty
Boss Alley C5  Empty
Botolph Lane C7  Empty
Bow Lane C5 agas_full  Complete
Bowyer Row C4  Empty
Bread Street C5  Complete
Bread Street Hill C5  Stub
Brewers Lane C5  Empty
Brick Lane B8  Empty
Bride Lane C4  Empty
Broad Lane C5  Empty
Broad St. Giles B2  Empty
Broad Street B6  Stub
Broadwall D3  Empty
Bucklersbury C6  Empty
Budge Row C5 C6  Complete
Bury Street B7  Empty
Bush Lane C6  Empty
Butcher Row C3  Empty
Butchers’ Alley   Stub
Camomile Street B6 B7  Empty
Camomile Street (Lime Street Ward) Complete
Campion Lane C5  Empty
Candlewick Street C6  Complete
Carey Lane B5  Complete
Carter Lane C4 agas_full  Complete
Castle Alley C5  Stub
Cateaton Street B5  Empty
Chancery Lane B3 C3  Complete
Charterhouse Lane B4  Empty
Cheapside Street C5  Assigned
Chick Lane, Smithfield B4  Empty
Chick Lane, Tower Street Ward C7  Complete
Chiswell Street A5  Empty
Church Alley B5  Empty
Church Alley (Langbourne Ward) C6  Empty
Church Lane (Tower Street Ward) C7  Complete
Clerkenwell Road A3  Empty
Clerkenwell Road A4  Empty
Clink Street D6  Empty
Cloak Lane C5  Empty
Cock Lane B4  Empty
Cockspur Street C1  Empty
Coleman Street B5  Empty
College Hill C5  Empty
Conyhope Lane B5  Empty
Cordwainer Street C5  Empty
Cornhill Street C6  Stub
Cousin Lane C6  Empty
Cow Bridge, Smithfield B4  Empty
Cow Cross Street B4  Empty
Cow Lane B4 agas_full  Complete
Creechurch Lane B7  Empty
Creed Lane C4  Empty
Crockers Lane C3  Empty
Crokehorne Alley B3  Empty
Crooked Lane C6  Empty
Crutched Friars C7  Stub
Culver Alley C7  Empty
Curriers Row B6  Empty
Cursitors Alley Empty
Curtain Road A6  Empty
Dead Man’s Place D6  Empty
Desborne Lane C5  Empty
Distaff Lane C5  Complete
Do Little Lane C5  Complete
Dowgate Street C6  Empty
Drury Lane B2  Empty
Eastcheap C6  Complete
Elbow Lane C6  Empty
Emperor’s Head Lane C5  Empty
Farringdon Road A3  Empty
Fenchurch Street C6 C7  Complete
Fetter Lane B3 C3  Complete
Finch Lane B6 C6  Empty
Finimore Lane C5  Complete
Fink Lane   Empty
Fleet Bridge C4  Empty
Fleet Lane B4  Empty
Fleet Street C3  Empty
Fore Street B5  Empty
Foster Lane B5  Empty
Fowle Lane, Southwark   Empty
Fowle Lane, Tower Street Ward C7  Empty
Friday Street C5  Complete
Garlick Hill C5  Stub
Gayspur Lane B5  Empty
Giltspur Street B4  Empty
Golden Lane A5  Empty
Goldsmiths’ Row Stub
Goose Alley C5  Empty
Goswell Road A4  Empty
Gracechurch Street C6  Complete
Gravel Lane D3 D4  Empty
Gray’s Inn Road B3 A3  Empty
Great St. Thomas Apostles C5  Empty
Great Wild Street B3  Empty
Greenwich Lane C5  Empty
Grub Street A5  Complete
Guildhall Yard B5  Empty
Gully Hole D7  Empty
Gunpowder Alley (John Street) Empty
Gunpowder Alley (Shoe Lane) Empty
Gutter Lane B5 agas_full  Complete
Hanging Sword Court C3  Empty
Harbour Lane C5  Empty
Harp Lane C7  Empty
Hart Street C7  Complete
Hartshorn Alley Stub
Haymarket B1  Empty
Hedge Lane B1  Empty
Hockley in the Hole A3  Empty
Hog Lane B7  Empty
Hog Lane (East Smithfield) C8  Stub
Hog Lane, Norton Folgate A5 A6  Empty
Holborn B2 B3  Empty
Holborn Bridge B4 agas_full  Stub
Holywell Street C3  Empty
Honey Lane C6  Empty
Horshew Bridge   Empty
Horsleydown D8  Empty
Hosier Lane B4  Empty
Houndsditch B7  Stub
Huggin Lane B5  Complete
Huggin Lane, Upper Thames Street C5  Empty
Ironmonger Lane B5  Assigned
Ivy Bridge Lane C2  Empty
Ivy Lane B4  Empty
Kerion Lane C5  Empty
King Street D1  Empty
King’s Alley B5  Empty
King’s Street B7  Empty
Knightrider Street C4  Complete
Lad Lane B5  Empty
Lambeth Hill C5  Complete
Lambeth Marsh D1  Empty
Lambeth Road D1 D2  Empty
Leadenhall Street C7  Complete
Leather Lane B3  Empty
Lily Pot Lane B5  Empty
Lime Street C7  Complete
Little Britain B4  Empty
Little Drury Lane B2 C2  Empty
Little Eastcheap C6  Empty
Little Moorfields A5  Empty
Little St. Thomas Apostles C5  Empty
Little Wood Street B5  Empty
Lombard Street C6  Empty
London Bridge D6 agas_full  Empty
London Wall (street) B5  Empty
Long Lane, Aldersgate   Empty
Long Lane, Smithfield B4  Empty
Long Southwark D6  Empty
Lothbury B6  Empty
Love Lane, Thames Street C7  Complete
Love Lane, Wood Street B5  Complete
Maiden Lane B5 C5  Complete
Mark Lane C7 agas_full  Complete
Middle Temple Lane C3  Empty
Milford Lane C3  Empty
Milk Street B5 agas_full  Complete
Mill Lane D7  Empty
Mincing Lane C7  Complete
Minories B7 C8  Empty
Monkwell Street B5  Empty
More Lane B5  Empty
Morgan’s Lane D8  Empty
Mount Godard Street   Empty
Narrow Wall C2 D1 D2  Empty
New Alley C6  Empty
New Fish Street C6  Empty
New Rents D6  Empty
Newgate Street B4  Empty
Noble Street B5  Empty
Norton Folgate A6  Empty
Oat Lane B5  Complete
Old Bailey B4 C4  Empty
Old Change B5 C5  Empty
Old Fish Street C5  Empty
Old Fish Street Hill C5  Complete
Old Jewry B5  Empty
Old Street A4 A5  Empty
Old Swan Lane C6  Empty
Oxford Street B1  Empty
Panier Alley   Empty
Paternoster Row B4 C4  Empty
Paul’s Chain C4  Complete
Pentecost Lane   Stub
Petty Wales / Galley Row C7  Empty
Philip Lane B5  Empty
Philpot Lane C6  Empty
Picadilly B1  Empty
Pissing Alley C5  Empty
Poor Jewry B7  Empty
Postern Lane B5  Empty
Poultry C5 C6  Empty
Prince’s Street B3  Empty
Pudding Lane C6  Complete
Queenhithe Street C5  Empty
Queen’s Bridge D1  Empty
Ram Alley C3 agas_full  Assigned
Redcross Street B5  Empty
Rodd Lane C7  Empty
Saffron Hill B4 B3  Empty
Salisbury Court C4  Empty
Scalding Alley C6  Empty
Seacoal Lane B4  Empty
Seething Lane C7 agas_full  Complete
Sermon Lane C4  Empty
Shaft Alley B7  Complete
Shaftesbury Avenue B1 B2  Empty
Sherborne Lane C6  Empty
Shire Lane C3  Empty
Shoe Lane B4 C4 agas_full  Complete
Shoemaker Row   Empty
Shoreditch Street A6  Complete
Silver Street B5 agas_full  Complete
Snow Hill B4  Empty
Soper Lane C5  Complete
Spittle Lane   Empty
St. Albans Ct. B5  Empty
St. Andrew’s Hill C4  Empty
St. Anne’s Lane B5  Empty
St. Christopher’s Alley C6  Empty
St. Clements Lane C6  Empty
St. Dunstan’s Hill C7  Empty
St. Foster   Empty
St. George’s Lane C6  Empty
St. Giles High Street B1 B2  Empty
St. John Street A4  Empty
St. John’s Lane B4  Empty
St. Katherine’s Lane C8  Empty
St. Laurence Hill C6  Empty
St. Laurence Lane C6  Empty
St. Laurence Lane, Guildhall B5  Empty
St. Laurence Poultrey Hill C6  Empty
St. Martin’s Lane C6  Empty
St. Martin’s Lane, Strand B1  Empty
St. Mary Axe Street B7  Complete
St. Mary Botolph Lane C6  Empty
St. Mary Street Empty
St. Mary at Hill Street C7  Empty
St. Michael’s Lane C6  Empty
St. Nicholas Shambles B4  Empty
St. Nicolas Lane C6  Empty
St. Olave Street D7  Empty
St. Pancras Lane C5  Empty
St. Peter’s Hill C4  Empty
St. Sepulchre’s Alley B4  Empty
St. Swithins Lane C6  Empty
St. Sythes Lane C5  Empty
Staining Lane B5  Complete
Stew Lane C5  Empty
Stinking Lane   Stub
Strand Lane C2  Stub
Suffolk Lane C6  Empty
Sugarloaf Alley Complete
Sugarloaf Court Empty
Swan Alley C6  Empty
Temple Lane C3  Empty
Thames Street C4 C5 C6 C7  Complete
The Strand B2 C1 C2  Complete
Theobalds Road B3  Empty
Threadneedle Street B6  Stub
Three Cranes Lane C5  Empty
Throgmorton Street B6  Complete
Tooley Street D7 D8  Empty
Tottenham Ct. Road A1 B1  Empty
Tower Royal C5  Empty
Tower Street C7 agas_full  Complete
Townsend Lane A3  Empty
Trig Lane C5  Complete
Trinity Lane C5  Complete
Turnagain Lane B4  Empty
Turnbase Lane C5  Empty
Turnmill Street B4  Empty
Upper Ground D3  Empty
Walbrook Street C6  Empty
Warwick Lane B4 C4  Empty
Water Lane C7 agas_full  Empty
Water Lane, Blackfriars C4  Empty
Water Lane, Fleet Street C3  Empty
Watergate C7  Empty
Watling Street C5 agas_full  Empty
Wentworth Lane B7  Empty
Westcheap B5  Stub
Whitcomb Street B1  Empty
Whitechapel B8  Complete
Whitecross Street A5 B5  Empty
Windgoose Lane C6  Empty
Wine Street   Empty
Wolsies Lane C6  Empty
Wood Street B5  Complete
Woodroffe Lane C7  Stub
Wormwood Street B6  Empty
Wringwren Lane C5  Empty
Wych Street B2  Empty