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This is such a fascinating and exciting project! I’m excited about it on a few levels—not least of which is the ways in which students will have to critically consider sources. They aren’t just looking at relevance, but what is the nature and purpose of the source and how might that contribute to what they are discovering. I also love that it is a chance for them to perform authentic research within the context of other scholars and student-scholars.
--Sarah Bankston, Assistant College Librarian, Teaching and Learning, Oxford College Library, 2014.
The students are really enjoying this project so far and it is enlightening to me to see how seriously they are taking this work as well as how meaningful research that is real is in a classroom setting. I’m also very pleased to see how well collaboration—both in the small groups and in the way they are sharing information in class and with the other groups—appears to be working.
Kathryn Moncrief, Chair and Professor, Department of English, Washington College, 2014.
We have learned so much doing this project and the students remain excited and engaged. Also the collaborative aspect has meant that they have really helped one another and the overall documents are better.
Amy Tigner, Associate Professor of English, Graduate Advisor, and Editor-in-Chief, Early Modern Studies Journal; University of Texas, Arlington, 2014

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