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NExt adioyning is Cheape Warde, and taketh name of the Market there kept, called Weſt Cheping, this warde alſo beginneth in the Eaſt, on the courſe of Walbrooke, in Buckles Bury, and runneth up on both the ſides to the great Conduit in Cheape. Alſo on the ſouth ſide of Buckles Berie, a lane turning up by S. Sithes Church, and by S. Pancrates church through Needlers lane, on the north ſide thereof, and then through a peece of Sopars lane, on both ſides uppe to Chepe, be all of Chepe ward. Then to begin again in the eaſt upon the ſaid courſe of Walbrook, is S. Mildreds church in the Poultrie, on the north ſide, and ouer againſt the ſaid church gate, on the ſouth to paſſe up al that hie ſtreet called the Poultrie, to the great conduit in Chepe, and then Chepe it ſelf, which beginneth by the eaſt end of the ſaide Conduit, and ſtretcheth up to the north eaſt corner of Bowlane, on the ſouth ſide, and to the Standard on the north ſide, and thus far to the weſt is of Cheape ward. On the ſouth ſide of this high ſtreet is no lane turning ſouth out of this ward, more the ſome ſmall portion of Sopars lane, whereof I haue before written. But on the north ſide of this high ſtreete is Conyhope lane, about one quarter of Olde Iury lane on the weſt ſide, and on the Eaſt ſide, almoſt as much to the ſigne of the Angell. Then is Ironmongers lane, all wholy on both ſides, and from the North end thereof through Catton ſtreete. Weſt to the North ende of S. Lawrence lane, & ſome 4. houſes weſt beyond the ſame on that ſide, and ouer againſt Ironmongers lane end on the North ſide of Catton ſtreete up by the Guildhal, and S. Lawrence church in the Iurie is altogether of Chepe ward. Then againe in Chepe more toward the weſt is of S. Laurence lane before named, which is all wholie of this warde and laſt of all is Hony lane, and uppe to the ſtandarde on that North ſide of Chepe, and ſo ſtand the bounds of Chepe ward.
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