Lord Mayor’s Shows

TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern lord mayor’s shows. When complete, these digital texts will constitute a complete anthology of mayoral pageantry in London between 1585 and 1639.
Date Title Author
1585 The Device of the Pageant Borne before Wolstan Dixie George Peele
1605 The Triumphs of Reunited Britannia Anthony Munday
1609 Camp-Bell, or the Ironmongers’ Fair Field Anthony Munday
1611 Chrusothriambos Anthony Munday
1612 Troia-Nova Triumphans, or London Triumphing Thomas Dekker
1613 The Triumphs of Truth Thomas Middleton
1614 Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of England Anthony Munday
1615 Metropolis Coronata Anthony Munday
1616 Chrysanaleia Anthony Munday
1618 Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and iron triumphing Anthony Munday
1619 The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity Thomas Middleton
1620 Tes Irenes Trophæa, or the Triumphs of Peace John Squire