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The Leathersellers Hall was a hall belonging to the Leathersellers in Bishopsgate Ward east of Bishopsgate Street and north of St. Helens church. The Leathersellers Hall is not instantly recognizable on the Agas map. It is one of the houses north of St. Helens church and south of the walled garden by the west end of St. Mary Axe church. The hall is, however, featured on Richard Blome’s 1755 map of Bishopsgate Ward.
The hall was once the Hall of St. Helens Priory, but at the dissolution of that religious house it was purchased by the company of Leathersellers. Unfortunately, Stow provides no description of the hall itself, but he does mention how it was purchased by the Leathersellers along with other Companie [buildings] thereunto appertaining (Stow). This old hall remained in situ until 1799, when it was taken down for the formation of St. Helen’s Place (Harben).
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