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Throgmorton Street was in Broad Street Ward and ran east-west from Broad Street to Lothbury and Bartholomew Lane. Throgmorton Street appears unlabelled on the Agas map running west from Broad Street, under the Drapers’ Hall.
Stow’s Survey is the first written source to record the street as Throgmorton Street. The name, of Tudor origin, honours Sir Nicholas Throgmorton (Harben). Before this time it was known as Broad Street (Harben). Stow refers to the street as a place where many fayre houses are builded (Stow). His description of Throgmorton Street is somewhat more detailed than that of other streets because he had a personal connection to it: his father owned land there. For example, he tells of the unlawful acts of Sir Thomas Cromwell, who had a house built in the street and commanded his surveyors to build over garden plots owned by others. Stow adds, with a slight touch of bitterness, that his father lost twenty-two feet of his land but still paid the full rent of six shillings and eight pence a year (Stow). Stow’s father had no warning of the encroachment and received no explanation for the act. Stow uses the episode as a good example of how the suddaine rising of some men, causeth them to forget themselues (Stow).


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