Primary Sources

Digital editions of primary source documents such as mayoral shows and Stow’s Survey of London.
Date Title Author
in or before 1521 The Marriage of London Stone and the Boss of Billingsgate Anonymous
1559 The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage Anonymous
in or before 1561 Transcription of Poem on the Agas Map Anonymous
in or before 1561 Transcription of Cartouche on the Agas Map Anonymous
in or before 1561 A Balade declaryng how neybourhed loue, and trew dealyng is gone. John Barker
13 September 1567 Proclamation About the Lottery Mayor of London
1572? Means Devised for Better Execution of Vagrancy Statute Corporation of London
1573 The Will and Testament of Isabella Whitney Isabella Whitney
1585 The Device of the Pageant Borne before Wolstan Dixie George Peele
1587 Orders Appointed to be Executed in the City of London Anonymous
1592 The Nine Worthies of London Richard Johnson
in or before 1595 Sir Thomas More Anthony Munday
Henry Chettle
Thomas Dekker
Thomas Heywood
William Shakespeare
in or before 1599 The Shoemaker’s Holiday Thomas Dekker
1604 A Pæan Triumphal Michael Drayton
in or before 1604 Westward Ho! Thomas Dekker
John Webster
1605 The Triumphs of Reunited Britannia Anthony Munday
in or before 1605 Eastward Ho! George Chapman
Ben Jonson
John Marston
in or before 1606 If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part 2 Thomas Heywood
1608 A Strange Sighted Traveller Samuel Rowlands
1609 Camp-Bell, or the Ironmongers’ Fair Field Anthony Munday
in or before 1609 Epicene, or the Silent Woman Ben Jonson
1611 Chrusothriambos Anthony Munday
1612 Troia-Nova Triumphans, or London Triumphing Thomas Dekker
1613 The Triumphs of Truth Thomas Middleton
1614 Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of England Anthony Munday
in or before 1614 Bartholomew Fair Ben Jonson
1615 Metropolis Coronata Anthony Munday
1615? Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconry of London Church of England
1616 Chrysanaleia Anthony Munday
in or before 1616 The Devil Is an Ass Ben Jonson
1618 Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and iron triumphing Anthony Munday
1619 The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity Thomas Middleton
1620 Tes Irenes Trophæa, or the Triumphs of Peace John Squire
14 September 1620 Order for Prices of Tallow Mayor of London
1621? Shipwright Ordinances Corporation of Shipwrights of England
1623 Excerpt from The Praise and Virtue of a Jail and Jailers John Taylor
1623? Act for the Preservation and Cleansing of the Thames London Common Council
in or before 1625 The Staple of News Ben Jonson
1630 Cheapside’s Triumphs and Chyron’s Cross’s Lamentation Anonymous
22 April 1630 Articles for the Plague Mayor of London
1637 The Carriers’ Cosmography John Taylor
1641 The Doleful Lamentation of Cheapside Cross Anonymous
2 November 1643 Sabbath Orders Mayor of London
1656 The Great Boobee Anonymous
Selected Passages from A Survey of London