Water Features

Water features in early modern London. This category comes from Stow, and includes the rivers (such as the Thames, Walbrook, and Medway), wells, conduits, tuns, cisterns, pools, ponds, fountains, and bosses (spewing wall fountains), the New River Project (1613), the Waterworks (built 1593-94 in Queenhithe), and other structures and features that supply water to the city.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Aldermanbury Conduit Agas Map  Empty
Annis a Cleare   Empty
Boss of Billingsgate   Empty
Clement’s Well   Empty
Conduit at Bishopsgate   Empty
Conduit in Lothbury   Empty
Conduit upon Cornhill Agas Map  Complete
Conduit upon Dowgate   Empty
Cripplegate Conduit Agas Map  Empty
Dodding Pond   Stub
Fleet River Agas Map  Empty
Fleet Street Conduit Agas Map  Empty
Gracechurch Street Conduit Agas Map  Empty
Great Conduit (Cheapside) Agas Map  Empty
Holborn Conduit Agas Map  Empty
Horsepool   Empty
Little Conduit (Cheapside) Agas Map  Stub
Loders Well   Empty
Moorditch Agas Map  Empty
Perilous Pond   Empty
Radwell   Empty
River Medway   Empty
Sewersditch   Stub
Skinner’s Well   Empty
The Standard (Cheapside) Agas Map  Empty
The Thames Agas Map  Assigned
Tode Well   Empty
Walbrook   Empty