Section  C7

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Agas Map Section C7
Hart StreetLeadenhall StreetTower HillSt. Olave, Hart StreetAldgate StreetClothworkers’ HallSt. Katherine ColemanMark LaneMincing LaneWater LaneAll Hallows StainingChick Lane, Tower Street WardCrutched FriarsBlanch AppletonSt. Andrew HubbardFowle Lane, Tower Street WardIronmongers’ Hall (?)Billiter LaneBotolph LaneBeer LaneRomelandTower StreetSt. Dunstan in the EastWatergateSt. Gabriel FenchurchCulver AlleyPetty Wales / Galley RowAll Hallows BarkingLumley HouseHarp LaneBricklayers’ HallLove Lane, Thames StreetFenchurch StreetMonte Jovis InnThames StreetLime StreetRodd LaneSt. Margaret PattensSeething LaneWoodroffe LanePewterers’ HallNorthumberland House, Crutched Friars LaneSt. Dunstan’s HillSt. Mary at Hill StreetTower of LondonBakers’ HallPosterngateCrutched Friars Priory

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For site identifications, we are particularly indebted to the work of Adrian Prockter and Robert Taylor, A to Z of Elizabethan London (London: Harry Margary, 1979).