Variant spellings

Abbey of St. Clare

Abbey of St. Mary Graces

Abbey of Grace

Abchurch Lane

Addle Hill

Addle Street

Abbot of St. Alban’s Inn


Aldersgate Ward


Aldersgate Street

Aldermanbury Conduit


Aldgate Ward

Aldgate Bars

Aldgate Street

Aldersgate Bars

Alderman Bury

All Hallows (London Wall)

All Hallows (London Wall) (Parish)

All Hallows Barking (Parish)

All Hallows (Bread Street) (Parish)

All Hallows (Lombard Street) (Parish)

All Hallows Staining (Parish)

All Hallows the Great (Parish)

All Hallows the Less (Parish)

All Hallows (Honey Lane) (Parish)

All Hallows Barking

All Hallows (Bread Street)

All Hallows (Lombard Street)

All Hallows Staining

All Hallows the Great

All Hallows the Less

All Hallows (Honey Lane)

Amen Corner

Anchor Lane

Andro Morris Key

Angel Inn

Angel Street

Angel Alley

The Angel

Annis a Cleare

The Antelope

Armourers’ Hall

Artillery Yard

King’s Artirce

Arundel House

Arundel Stairs

Asher House

St. Audoen

Austin Friars

Austin’s Gate

Ave Maria Lane

Axe Inn

Back Street

Bacon House

Bakers’ Hall

Blackwell Hall

Paul’s Bakehouse

Ball Alley

Bangor Inn


Banqueting House

Barbers’ Hall


Barbican (Tower)

The Barge

Barkley’s Inn

Barnards Inn

Bartholomew Lane

Bassinghall Ward

Basinghall Street

Basing Lane

Basing Hall

Bassishaw Alley

Bassett’s Inn

Bath Inn

Battle Bridge (Tooley Street)

Baynard’s Castle

Beachamp’s Inn

Bear Garden

Bearbinder Lane

Bear Inn

The Bear and Ragged Staff

Bear’s Head (Southwark)

Bedford House

Beech Lane

Beer Lane

Bell Yard (Temple Bar)

Bell Inn (Gracechurch Street)

Bell (Southwark)

Bell Tavern (Warwick Street)

Bell Inn (Holborn)

Bell Inn (Aldersgate Street)

Bell Inn (Friday Street)

Bell Inn (Coleman Street)

Bell Savage Inn

Bell Inn (St. John’s Street)

Bell Inn (Smithfield)

Benbridges Inn

Bennet’s Hill

Bermondsey Street


Bermondsey Abbey

Berry Street

Berwardes Lane

Bethlehem Hospital

Bethnall Green

Bevis Marks (Street)


Billingsgate Ward

Billiter Lane

Billingsgate Street

Birchin Lane

Bishopsgate Ward


Bishopsgate Street

Bishop of Hereford’s Inn

Bishop’s Hall

Bishop’s Palace

Bishops of Winchester’s Stairs

Blackfriars Precinct

Black Horse Court

Black Horse Alley

Blacksmiths’ Hall

Blackfriars Theatre

Black Hall

Blackfriars Monastery

Bladder Street

Blanch Appleton

Blue Boar Inn

Black Bull Inn (Smithfield)

Black Bull Inn (Bishopsgate Street)

Black Eagle Street

Blossoms Inn

Black Swan Inn

Blue Boar

Boar’s Head Tavern

The Boar’s Head

The Bolt and Tun


Bosham’s Inn

Boss Alley

Boss of Billingsgate

Botolph Lane

Botolph’s Wharf

Bow Lane

Bowyers’ Hall

Bowyer Row

Bread Street

Bread Street Hill

Bread Street Ward

Bread Street Market

Brewers’ Hall

Brewers’ Key

Brewers Lane

Bricklayers’ Hall

Bride Lane

Bridge Gate


Bridge Within Ward

Bridge Without Ward

Bridge House

Bridewell Dock

Bridewell Precinct


Bristol Street

Broad Street

Broad Street Ward

Broad Lane

Broken Wharf

Broken Wharf Mansion

Brook’s Wharf

Browne’s Place and Key


Budge Row

Bull Baiting

Bull Inn

Bull Wharf

Bull Inn (Southwark)

Bull and Mouth Street

Bunhill Field

Burges Court

Burley House

Bury Street

Bush Lane

Butcher Row

Butchers’ Hall

Butchers’ Alley

Camera Diane

Camomile Street (Lime Street Ward)

Campion Lane

Candlewick Street

Candlewick Street Ward

Cannon Row

Cardinal’s Hat Tavern

Cardinal’s Hat (Southwark)

Carey Lane

Carpenters’ Hall

Carriers’ Hall

Carter Lane

Carter Court

Castle Alley

Castle Alley

Castle Baynard Ward

Castle Inn (Wood Street)

Castle Inn (Smithfield)

The Castle

Castle (Southwark)

Cateaton Street


Catherine Wheel Inn


Central Criminal Court

Chancery Lane

Charing Cross

Chartesey House

Charterhouse Lane

Cheap Ward

Cheapside Street

Chequer Inn (Charing Cross)

Chequer Inn (Holborn)

Chequer Inn (Dowgate)

Charlton House

Chick Lane (Smithfield)

Chick Lane (Tower Street Ward)


Chiswell Street

Christ Church

Christchurch Southwark (Parish)

Library of Gray-Friars

Christ’s Hospital

St. Christopher’s Alley

Christopher Inn

Church Alley

Church Lane (Vintry Ward)

Church Lane (Tower Street Ward)

Church Lane (All Hallows)

City Dog House

Clements Inn

Clement’s Well


Clerkenwell Road

Clerk’s Hall

Clerkenwell Close

Clerkenwell Green

Clifford’s Inn

Clink Prison

The Clink

Cloak Lane

Clothworkers’ Hall

Cloth Fair

Cobham’s Inn

Cock Lane

Cock Court

Cock Inn

The Cockpit

Cockpit Alley (Pitt Court)

The Cockpit-in-Court

Colchester Street



Coleman Street

Coleman Street Ward

College Hill

College of Arms

St. Paul’s College

Compter Alley

Conduit (Bishopsgate)

Conduit (Cornhill)

Covent Garden

Conyhope Lane

Cooks’ Hall

Cook’s Row

Coopers’ Hall

Cordwainer Street Ward