Camera Dianæ

Directly translating to The Chamber of Diana, Camera Dianæ or Camera Diana was located in Castle Baynard Ward near the Doctors’ Commons by Paul’s Wharf Hill. In his edition of Stow’s Survey, John Strype conveys that the illustrious building is remembered in light of Henry II:
Upon Paul’s-Wharf-Hill, within a great Gate, and belonging to that Gate next to Doctors-Commons, are many air Tenements; which in their Leases made from the Dean and Chapter go by the Name or Title of Camera Dianae, i.e. Diana’s Chamber. So denominated from a spacious Building, that, in the time of Henry the Second, stood where they are now standing. In this Camera, the arched and vaulted Structure, full of intricate Ways and Windings, this Henry the Second, as some Time he did at Woodstock, kept, or was supposed to have kept, that jewel of his heart, fair Rosamond: She, whom he there called Rosa mundi; and here, by the Name of Diana. And from thence had this House that Title. To this Day are Remains, and some evident Testifications of tedious Turnings and Windings, as also of a Passage under Ground, from this House to Castle Baynard. Which was, no doubt, the King’s Way from thence to his Camera Dianae, or the Chamber of his brightest Diana (Strype i. 706)


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