Welcome to MoEML v.5!

Welcome to the new and improved version of The Map of Early Modern London! What you see is the result of over a year of dreaming, thinking, debating, planning, implementing, testing, and tweaking. Even though we’re still working out some glitches, it’s time to point our URL at the new site and share it with the world.
Our new design, MoEML v.5, highlights the four distinct but wholly interoperable projects that make up MoEML: the Map, the Encyclopedia, the Library, and our forthcoming edition of John Stow’s Survey of London. The four tiles on the home page are repeated in the top navigation bar to make it easy to go from one project to another.
Each project now has its own drop-down menu and its own landing page, both of which will help our users (you!) see at a glance what resources are available. For example, the Encyclopedia landing page directs you to Topics, a Glossary, and our four -ographies: a Placeography of London locations, a Personography of historical and literary figures, an Orgography of organizations, and a Bibliography of primary and secondary resources.
We’ve freshened up the look of the site with new fonts, new colours, and a new banner, all built with accessibility issues in mind. The colours are chosen from an early modern jewel palette; the red daisy fav icon is inspired by the enamel flowers in the Cheapside Hoard. I hope you agree that we’ve come a long way since MoEML v.2, the HTML site that lived on the University of Windsor intranet from 2000 to 2003.
MoEML then (v.2 home page, 2001) and now (v.5 home page, 2013)
MoEML then (v.2 home page, 2001) and now (v.5 home page, 2013)
But this redesign is more than just a new look. We’ve rethought our metadata. We’re giving credit for all the activities associated with building this project, in keeping with our commitment to the Collaborators’ Bill of Rights. We have added new material to the Library. We have big plans for the Agas map and for John Stow’s Survey, the two anchors of our project. I’ll have more to say in the days ahead about MoEML v.5’s new features, one of which is this blog.
For now, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing MoEML team, particularly the three people who have led the charge in the redesign. Martin Holmes, our programmer since 2011 and my co-applicant on MoEML’s current SSHRC grant, has rebuilt the site infrastructure to support this new design, somehow managing to maintain both the old site and the new for over a year. When Assistant Project Director Kim McLean-Fiander joined us in February, I discovered (with considerable relief) that she is a gifted designer in her own right. She took responsibility for the look of the site, drawing mock-ups, finding cognate projects, and reminding us to think about usability at every turn. Designer Pat Szpak gave us three great concepts at the outset of this process and has graciously responded to and realized all our suggestions since.
During the process, we’ve had two research teams come and go. Cameron Butt tackled the huge job of mocking up our menus on long sheets of brown paper on the HCMC wall back in Summer 2012. He, Michael Stevens, Nathan Phillips, Sarah Milligan and Noam Kaufman weighed in on early design choices over the 2012-2013 year. Our Summer 2013 team, Zaqir Virani in particular, was deeply involved in testing. Tye Landels, our encoder, has worked shoulder to shoulder with Martin Holmes and Kim McLean-Fiander in developing the document type taxonomy and the new menu system. I’m grateful every day to work with these astonishingly talented and committed people.
We’d be glad to have your feedback as we move forward. Let us know if you see errors or if a page feature doesn’t seem to work on your device or browser. [Note: We are aware that the site does not render well on all hand-held devices. We’re working a mobile style sheet as I write!] Tell us what you like about the site, how you use it in your research or teaching, or what you’d like to see in future versions. Just click on the Send feedback link on the left side of any page to send an email directly to us.

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