St. Anne’s Alley

St. Anne’s Alley ran north out of St. Anne’s Lane to Noble Street, passing from the church of St. Anne and St. Agnes to its churchyard (Harben). It now exists merely [as] a pathway through the churchyard to the church (Harben). St. Anne’s Alley, according to Sugden, might have been a part of St. Anne’s Lane, forming one long lane between St. Martin’s and Noble St (Sugden). Because Harben and Stow treat these two places as distinct, we have followed their lead in our own gazetteer (Harben; Stow 1598, sig. K2v).
Harben suggests that Stow refers to St. Anne’s Alley as Pope Lane End, but this toponym was used by Stow far more frequently to refer to St. Anne’s Lane; our tagging, thus, treats mentions of Pope Lane as synonymous with St. Anne’s Lane (Harben; Stow 1598, sig. K2v, K4r).


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