Release Notes for MoEML v.6.3

First Static Release

Release v.6.3 marks the official launch of our new static site. One of the flagship projects for the SSHRC-funded Endings Project, MoEML has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of producing static editions of large-scale digital humanities projects. The new version of the site is comprised entirely of statically generated XHTML pages. Every time an encoder makes a change to our source XML files, our build server runs an Apache Ant build that recreates the entire MoEML site—not only the XHTML pages, but also The Gazetteer of Early Modern London, each of our various XML outputs, and a number of other generated files—all from the source TEI. The entire site (other than the search page) thus works without a server, which means that the site is not only faster than ever, but it is also well suited for long-term preservation. Programmers Martin Holmes and Joey Takeda are responsible for the conception, programming, implementation, testing, and documentation of the static build process. Their documentation for MoEML’s static build can be found here.

Funding News

The University Librarian, Jonathan Bengtson, and Lisa Goddard (Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Strategy) generously provided a seed grant to help us work on augmenting our Gazetteer for linked data purposes. These funds kept MoEML at work through the 2017-2018 winter.
Janelle Jenstad and Co-Applicants Martin Holmes and Mark Kaethler were awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant for 2018-2023 for a new project called Walking Texts in Early Modern London. The links below will take you to pages explaining more about our team and setting out our plans for the two key parts of the project.

Two New Advisory Boards

We have convened two new advisory boards to oversee the work of the Walking Texts project. Generously serving on the Stow Advisory Board are:
Generously serving on the Mayoral Shows Advisory Board are: We are honoured and grateful to have these eight academic and cultural luminaries share their time and expertise with us.

New Experts

Also generously contributing their scholarly expertise to MoEML are Shamma Boyarin, who will help us transcribe and translate the Hebrew passages in Stow’s Survey, and J. Caitlin Finlayson, who brings her experience editing and researching mayoral shows to the Editorial Board.

New Team Members

Thanks to the SSHRC funding, we’ve been able to hire a new team of researchers, programmers, and encoders. Katie Tanigawa has returned as our Project Manager and Managing Editor. Having completed his apprenticeship as Junior Programmer, Joey Takeda is now a Programmer. Our new Junior Programmer is Tracey El Hajj. Tye Landels-Gruenewald is working remotely from Ontario to help us clear the decks for the new project. English Graduate Students Chase Templet, Brooke Isherwood, and Carly Cumpstone are working on the Gazetteer. English undergraduates Lucas Simpson and Amorena Roberts are working on the mayoral shows. English undergraduates Kate LeBere and Christopher Horne are working on aligning the 1598 and 1633 editions of Stow’s Survey.

New Content

New content published with this release includes the following encyclopedia entries and texts:
  • A new article on Anne of Denmark by Courtney Thomas. Congratulations, Dr. Thomas, on this fine and very welcome contribution to our growing collection of full-length biographies.
  • A new article on The Wall, the product of a Pedagogical Partnership with Meg Roland and her students at Marylhurst University. Professor Roland and her students visited Rome and London for their course, then brought their knowledge of Rome, London, and Roman London to bear on their research into the history of the London Wall.
  • A transcription of The Several Places Where You May Hear News, a fun broadside wood engraving identifying the childbed chamber, church, the market, the hothouse, the bakehouse, the conduit, the alehouse, and the riverside as the places to hear the news.
  • A reworking of one of MoEML’s earliest library texts, The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage, first encoded in 2000, five years before MoEML adopted TEI as its standard. Our current practice, developed for our forthcoming editions of the mayoral shows and Stow’s Survey, is to separate texts and paratexts into separate files. You can view Jennie Butler’s short introduction to the Queen’s Majesty’s Passage here.
We have 209 draft documents in the pipeline, in various stages of completion, review, proofing, and publication. They will be published over the next few releases. Some of these draft documents are Finding Aids that may be of immediate value to researchers, even in their unreviewed state:
  • Joey Takeda’s Bill of Mortality Finding Aid (in proofing)
  • A Cross-Index for Pantzer Locations (in progress)
  • Variant Toponyms Listed by Carlin and Belcher (in progress)
  • Variant Toponyms Listed in Ogilby and Morgan (in progress)
  • A Mapography of Early Modern London (in progress)


To see a complete list of statistics, go to Statistics.
We added:
We tagged:
  • 956 toponyms (place names) in texts across the site
  • 3336 person names across the site

OpenLayers and OpenStreetMaps

We have switched our modern map rendering from Google Maps to OpenStreetMaps / OpenLayers. This change means that all our map rendering code is now based on the same library (OpenLayers). We have also brought the version of OpenLayers used in the Agas Map fully up to date. This update frees us from dependence on Google APIs, which tend to change a little too frequently for our peace of mind. Programmer Martin Holmes was responsible for this initiative; thanks Martin!

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