Guildhall Chapel

After the original Guildhall Chapel, which was built around 1290, became small and ruinous in the reign of Henry VI, it was rebuilt from 1435-55 (Carlin and Belcher 76). Henry Harben notes that the chapel was only partly destroyed in the Fire of 1666, and was of the Gothic order of a nave and aisles, the upper windows being restored in the Tuscan style (Harben 396). Other names for the location, according to Harben, are Chapel of the Blessed Mary of the Pui, Capelle Gildaule, Chapel of S. Mary de Gyhalle, Chapel of St. Mary adjoining the Guildhall, Capella de Gealda, Chapel of la Gyhalle, Chapel of the Guyhalde, Guildhall Chapel, and le Yeldehall chappell (395).


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