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520 Class 3


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Primary readings:
Secondary reading: Collinson (.pdf), McRae (.pdf). McRae’s essay was first published in the open-source journal, Early Modern Literary Studies; click here to go directly to the essay.
Discussion Questions:
  1. How does Stow justify his information as authoritative, and what does this mean for the purpose of his survey? (EK)
  2. Stow structures his descriptions of London in specific ways (e.g. through wards, East to West, North to South, et cetera). Are his conceptualisations of London significant? For which type of audience do you imagine Stow is writing? (EK)
  3. Jonson discards familiar themes of high poetry, yet still uses a similar form and even sarcastically invokes a muse. Is Jonson’s poem heightened through being linked to traditional heroic poetic forms, or does it rather parody these forms? Does his format enhance or detract the realism of the depicted events? (EK)


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