Honorable, the Lord Mayor of the
Citie of London, to the communaltie, and
Citizens of the same, Iohn Stow Citizen,
wisheth long health and
SInce the first publishing
of the perambulation of
Kent, by that learned
Gentleman M. William
Esquire, I haue
hearde of sundry other able persons to
haue (according to the desire of that au
thor) assayed to doe somewhat for the
particular Shires and CoThis text is the corrected text. The original is n (SM)unties, where
they were borne, or dwelt, of which
none that I knowe (sauing M. Nor
, for the Counties of Middlesex, &
Hertford) haue vouchsafed their labors

The Epistle
to the commō good in that behalf. And
therefore concurring with the first, in
the same desire to haue drawn together
such speciall descriptions of each place,
as might not onely make vp an whole
body of the English Chronographie a
mongst our selues: but also might giue
occasion, and courage to M. Camdin
to increase and beutifie his singular
worke of the whole, to the view of the
learned that be abroade. I haue attemp
ted the discouery of London, my natiue
soile and Countrie, at the desire and
perswasion of some my good friendes,
aswell because I haue seene sundrie an
tiquities my selfe touching that place, as
also for that through search of Recordes
to other purposes, dyuers written helpes
are come to my handes, which few o
thers haue fortuned to meete withall, it
is a seruice that most agreeth with my

professed trauelles. It is a duty, that I
willingly ow to my natiue mother &
Countrie. And an office that of right I
holde my selfe bound in loue to bestow
vpon the politike body and members of
the same: what London hath beene of
auncient time, men may here see, as
what it is now euery man doth behold:
I know that the argument, being of the
chiefe and principall Citie of the land,
required the penne of some excellent
Artisen, but fearing that none woulde
attempt, and finish it, as few haue assay
ed any, I chose rather (amongst other
my Laboures) to handle it after my
plaine manner, then to leaue it vnper
formed. Touching the Dedication, I
am not doubtfull where to seeke my
patrone, since you be a politique estate
of the Citie, as the walles & buildinges
be the materiall partes of the same. To

The Epistle.
you therefore, doe I addresse this my
whole labour, as well that by your au
thority I may be protected, as warran
ted by your own skill and vnderstand
ing of that which I haue written, I con
fes that I lacked my desire to the accō
plishment of some speciall partes; but I
trust hereafter that shalbe supplied, and
I professe (if more touching this worke
come vnto me) to afforde it, in all dutie.
In the meane time, I recommend this to
your view, my laboures to your consi
deration, and my selfe to your ser
uice, (as I haue professed du
ring life) in this or any

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