Molly Rothwell


Project Manager, 2022-present. Research Assistant, 2020-2022. Molly Rothwell was an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria, with a double major in English and History. During her time at MoEML, Molly primarily worked on encoding and transcribing the 1598 and 1633 editions of Stow’s Survey, adding toponyms to MoEML’s Gazetteer, researching England’s early-modern court system, and standardizing MoEML’s Mapography.

Roles played in the project

  • Abstract Author
  • Author
  • CSS Editor
  • Editor
  • Encoder
  • Geo-Coordinate Researcher
  • Markup Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Researcher
  • Transcription Proofreader

Molly Rothwell is a member of the following organizations and/or groups: