Sites in early modern London or remembered by early modern Londoners and represented in MoEML’s sources.
Title Points on Agas Map Article status
Alderman Bury Agas Map Stub
Almshouses (St. Giles Cripplegate)   Empty
Almshouses (Wood Street) Agas Map Published
Amen Corner Agas Map Empty
Angel (Paul’s Churchyard)   Empty
Angel (Popes-Head-Alley)   Empty
Angel (Without Newgate)   Empty
Antelope (Southwark)   Stub
Artillery Garden   Empty
Artillery Yard Agas Map Empty
Atrium (St. Paul’s) Agas Map Stub
Austin Friars Agas Map Stub
Balmes (Hoxton)   Empty
Bangor Inn Agas Map Empty
Banqueting House Agas Map Assigned
Banstead Downs   Empty
Barbican Tower Agas Map Stub
Barkley’s Inn Agas Map Empty
Barn Elms   Empty
Barnards Inn Agas Map Empty
Bath Inn Agas Map Stub
Battle Bridge (Tooley Street) Agas Map Stub
Baynard’s Castle Agas Map Published
Bear (London Wall)   Stub
Bear (Paul’s Churchyard)   Empty
Bear Garden Agas Map Published
Beaurepair Agas Map Stub
Bedford House Agas Map Empty
Bedford House   Empty
Bishop of Hereford’s Inn   Empty
Bishops of Winchester’s Stairs   Empty
Bishop’s Hall   Empty
Bishop’s Palace Agas Map Published
Black Hall   Empty
Black Horse Court   Empty
Black Swan   Empty
Blackfriars (Holborn) Agas Map Stub
Blackfriars (St. Bartholomew’s) Agas Map Stub
Blackfriars Stairs Agas Map Stub
Blackwell Hall Agas Map Empty
Blue Bible   Empty
Blue Boar   Empty
Bread Street Market   Stub
Brewers’ Key Agas Map Empty
Bridewell Precinct Agas Map Empty
Broken Seld Agas Map Stub
Broken Wharf Agas Map Stub
Bull Baiting Agas Map Stub
Bunhill Field Agas Map Empty
Burges Court   Empty
Camera Dianæ Agas Map Stub
Cannon Row Agas Map Published
Capel’s House Agas Map Stub
Carmelite Friary Agas Map Stub
Carpenters’ Yard   Empty
Carter Court   Empty
Cecilelane   Empty
Charing Cross Agas Map Stub
Charlton House   Empty
Chartesey House   Stub
Chertsey House Agas Map Stub
City Ditch   Stub
City Dog House Agas Map Published
Clements Inn Agas Map Empty
Clerkenwell Close   Empty
Clerkenwell Green   Empty
Clifford’s Inn Agas Map Empty
Cloth Fair Agas Map Stub
Cock Court   Empty
Cock’s Rents (Bishopsgate)   Stub
Cokedon Hall Agas Map Published
College of Arms Agas Map Empty
College of Physicians   Empty
Compter Alley Agas Map Published
Convent of the Holy Well   Stub
Cook’s Row   Empty
Cornet Stoure Agas Map Stub
Covent Garden Agas Map Empty
Cradle Court (Addle Hill)   Empty
Cradle Court (Aldersgate Street)   Empty
Crosby Hall Agas Map Empty
Cross Bones Graveyard   Stub
Crossed Friars Agas Map Stub
Crown Court (Warwick Lane) Agas Map Stub
Crown Yard   Empty
Cuckold’s Haven   Published
Custom House Agas Map Empty
Deep Ditch Agas Map Published
Deputy’s Court   Empty
Devonshire Court   Empty
Doctors’ Commons (Knightrider Street) Agas Map Stub
Doctors’ Commons (Paternoster Row) Agas Map Stub
Draper’s Almshouses Agas Map Empty
Drawbridge Tower Agas Map Stub
Drinkwater Wharf   Empty
Drury House Agas Map Empty
Dudley’s House Agas Map Published
Dune’s House Agas Map Stub
Dycekey Agas Map Stub
Dyers’ Court   Empty
East India House   Empty
Ely Place Agas Map Assigned
Ely Place Garden Agas Map Assigned
Empson’s House Agas Map Stub
Fair Ground Agas Map Stub
Falcon Yard   Empty
Ficket’s Field   Empty
Finsbury Court Agas Map Empty
Finsbury Field Agas Map Published
Fisher’s Folly Agas Map Stub
Fountain Court   Empty
Furnivals Inn Agas Map Empty
Galley Row   Stub
Garland in Little Eastcheap   Empty
George Yard Agas Map Stub
Ghertsey House   Empty
Glass House (Blackfriars)   Empty
Golden Lion Agas Map Stub
Goodman’s Fields Agas Map Empty
Gray’s Inn Agas Map Assigned
Gresham House Agas Map Empty
Greyfriars Agas Map Stub
Greyhound Court   Empty
Griste’s House   Empty
Grocers’ Almshouses Agas Map Empty
Guildhall Library Agas Map Stub
Guildhall Yard Agas Map Stub
Gunfoundry Agas Map Stub
Half Moon   Stub
Hampton Court   Published
Hand Court   Empty
Hare Court   Empty
Hare House   Stub
Hatfield House   Stub
Hatton Garden   Empty
Hayʼs Wharf Agas Map Stub
Heneadge House   Stub
Hermitage Dock   Empty
Highbury   Empty
Highbury   Empty
Holborn Cross   Empty
Holborn Hall Agas Map Empty
Holborn Hill Agas Map Empty
Holborn Manor   Empty
Horner’s Key Agas Map Empty
Horsleydown Agas Map Stub
Hungerford House Agas Map Empty
Hyde Park   Assigned
Inner Temple Agas Map Stub
Jews’ Cemetary Agas Map Stub
Kennington   Stub
King’s College Mansion Agas Map Stub
King’s House in Cornhill   Published
King’s Wardrobe Agas Map Published
Kirkebies Castle   Empty
Kitchens by the Guildhall   Empty
Lambeth Palace Agas Map Stub
Leaden Porch   Empty
Leadenhall Agas Map Empty
Leadenhall Manor   Empty
Lewes Inn Agas Map Empty
Library of Gray-Friars   Empty
Lincoln’s Inn Agas Map Assigned
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Agas Map Stub
Lion Tower Agas Map Stub
Little Bailey   Empty
Little Tower Hill Agas Map Stub
Loders Well   Empty
Loke in Southwark   Stub
Lollard’s Tower Agas Map Stub
Lombard’s Place Agas Map Stub
London Stone Agas Map Published
Long Acre Agas Map Empty
Long Shop (Cheapside) Agas Map Stub
Ludgate Hill Agas Map Stub
Lyon’s Inn Agas Map Empty
Maidenhead Court   Empty
Mallow Field Agas Map Empty
Manor of Ponington   Empty
Manor of the Maze Agas Map Empty
Manor of the Rose Agas Map Stub
Maypole Socket Agas Map Stub
Meg’s Glory   Empty
Merchant Taylors’ Almshouses   Empty
Merchant Taylors’ School   Stub
Middle Row Agas Map Empty
Middle Temple Agas Map Assigned
Middle Temple Gate-house Agas Map Stub
Miller’s Court   Empty
Monte Jovis Inn Agas Map Empty
Montfichet’s Tower   Stub
Moorfields Agas Map Published
Mount Calvary Agas Map Empty
Mountjoy’s Inn (Knightrider Street) Agas Map Stub
Nettleton Court   Empty
Neville’s House and Garden Agas Map Stub
New Church Haw   Stub
New Exchange Agas Map Published
New Inn Agas Map Stub
New Seld Agas Map Stub
Nine Gardens Agas Map Stub
Northumberland House (Aldersgate) Agas Map Empty
Northumberland House (Crutched Friars Lane) Agas Map Stub
Nunnery of St. Mary Clerkenwell Agas Map Empty
Old Barge   Empty
Old Cross (Cheapside) Agas Map Stub
Old Swan Brewhouse   Stub
Oysterhill Agas Map Stub
Paddington   Empty
Pardon Churchyard   Stub
Paris Garden Manor House Agas Map Empty
Passeke’s Wharf   Empty
Paul’s Bakehouse   Empty
Paul’s Cross Churchyard Agas Map Assigned
Pembroke’s Inn   Empty
Peter Key   Stub
Petty France Agas Map Empty
Pie Corner Agas Map Empty
Pike Gardens Agas Map Published
Port of London   Empty
Porter’s Key   Empty
Powlet’s House   Empty
Prince’s Wardrobe   Empty
Pulpit Cross at St. Mary Spital   Empty
Queen’s House   Empty
Radwell   Empty
Ratcliffe   Empty
Red Lion Court   Empty
Red Lion Fields Agas Map Empty
Romeland Agas Map Empty
Royal Exchange Agas Map Assigned
Sabb’s Dock   Empty
Salisbury Court Agas Map Stub
Salisbury House   Stub
Savoy Hospital Agas Map Stub
Scavengers Close Agas Map Empty
Scotland Yard Agas Map Empty
Sempringham Court   Empty
Serjeants’ Inn (Chancery Lane)   Empty
Serjeants’ Inn (Fleet Street) Agas Map Empty
Sernes Tower Agas Map Stub
Service Tower   Empty
Sessions Hall Agas Map Published
Sessions House Agas Map Published
Sion Court   Empty
Smithfield Agas Map Published
Soke of the Archbishop of Canterbury   Stub
Somerset House Agas Map Published
South Wall of St. Paul’s   Empty
Southampton House Agas Map Empty
Spinilas Pleasure   Empty
Spitalfields Agas Map Published
St. Anthony’s Churchyard Agas Map Stub
St. Anthony’s Ordinary   Empty
St. George Fields   Stub
St. Giles Churchyard (Cripplegate)   Empty
St. James Park Agas Map Empty
St. James’s Palace   Empty
St. John’s Fields   Stub
St. Katherine Steps   Empty
St. Katherine’s by the Tower (Precinct)   Empty
St. Katherine’s Hermitage Agas Map Empty
St. Martin’s Field Agas Map Empty
St. Paul’s Chapter House   Stub
St. Paul’s Charnel House Agas Map Stub
St. Paul’s Cloister   Empty
St. Paul’s College   Empty
St. Paul’s Cross Agas Map Published
St. Paul’s School Agas Map Stub
St. Peter’s College Rents Agas Map Stub
Staple Inn   Stub
Star Chamber Agas Map Empty
Stone Court   Empty
Strand Inn Agas Map Stub
Swan Brewhouse   Empty
Tassel Close Agas Map Empty
Thavies Inn Agas Map Empty
The Angel Agas Map Empty
The Barge Agas Map Published
The Black Loft Agas Map Stub
The Castle Agas Map Published
The Castle (Fleet Street)   Empty
The Cross (by St. Mary Graces) Agas Map Stub
The Deanery (St. Paul’s) Agas Map Published
The Elms (Smithfield)   Stub
The Green Gate   Published
The Inns of Court   Stub
The King’s Storehouse Agas Map Stub
The Lamb   Stub
The Old Standard Agas Map Stub
The Steelyard Agas Map Published
The Vintry Agas Map Stub
The Wall Agas Map Published
The White Lion   Stub
The Wrestlers (Lime Street Ward)   Published
Thorney   Empty
Timberhithe Agas Map Stub
Tottenham   Empty
Toulebooth   Empty
Tower Ditch   Stub
Tower Hill Agas Map Published
Tower Royal   Empty
Town Ditch   Assigned
Trig Stairs Agas Map Empty
Trinity Court   Empty
Tyburn   Stub
Vine Yard   Empty
Wapping Mill   Stub
Warwick’s Inn   Stub
Watergate (Tower Street Ward)   Empty
Watergate, Blackfriars   Empty
Weigh House   Published
Westminster Hall Agas Map Published
Westminster Palace Agas Map Empty
Westminster School Agas Map Empty
White Bear Court   Empty
White Horse Yard   Empty
White Tower Agas Map Empty
Whitefriars Stairs Agas Map Stub
Whitehall Agas Map Published
Whittington College   Empty
Winchester Field Agas Map Stub
Windsor House   Stub
Wool Key Agas Map Empty
Woolstable   Empty
York House Agas Map Stub


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