John Norden

(b. 1547, d. 1625)

John Norden authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Norden, John, John Speed, and Jodocus Honidus. Middle-sex Described with the Most Famous Cities of London and Westminster. The Theatre of the Empire of Greant Britaine. By John Speed. London: George Humble, 1611. Insert after sig. H2r. [See more information about this map.]
  • Norden, John. London [map.] London, 1593. Reprinted in 1653 with an index entitled A Guide for Cuntrey men In the famous Cittey of London by the help of which plot they shall be able to know how farr it is to any street. As allso to go unto the same without forder troble. London: P. Stent, 1653. British Library.
  • Norden, John. London. Speculum Britanniae. The first parte an historicall, & chorographicall discription of Middlesex. Wherin are also alphabeticallie sett downe, the names of the cyties, townes,parishes hamletes, howses of name &c. direction spedelie to finde anie place desiredin the mappe & the distance betwene place and place without compasses. By Norden, John. London: Eliot’s CourtP, 1593. Insert between sig. E1v and sig. E2r. [See more information about this map.]