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This page provides information about MoEML’s application process for potential contributors. Please read this page carefully before contacting the editorial staff or preparing site content.
Prospective Pedagogical Partners: Please review the Teaching with MoEML page. Your application for a Pedagogical Partnership will include a contribution proposal.
Contributions are generally assigned on the basis of an expression of interest. Because some apparently empty MoEML pages may have already been assigned to a contributor, please do not send completed projects. After reviewing your expression of interest, the general editor will invite you either to go ahead with your research or to submit a more detailed proposal.

Contributor Qualifications

MoEML welcomes proposals and expressions of interest from scholars and researchers with academic credentials in the disciplines of English, history, geography, architectural history, economic history, and/or archaeology.
Graduate students in these disciplines are also encouraged to propose contributions. As a SSHRC-funded project, MoEML supports the development of emerging scholars.
Proposals from community-based scholars and independent researchers will also be considered if the author establishes his or her credibility on the basis of previous publications, institutional affiliations, and/or professional experience. We particularly welcome contributions from alt-ac scholars, para-academic professionals, archivists, and librarians.
In keeping with its origins as a pedagogical tool, MoEML also considers work by outstanding undergraduate students if the proposal is accompanied by a letter of nomination from a recognized scholar (normally the student’s course instructor or thesis supervisor) (see below).

Submit a Statement of Interest or Proposal

Before you begin work on a location and/or page, we need to confirm that the page has not been assigned to another contributor and that you are the right person to complete the page. Send your statement of interest or proposal via email to the Project Manager, who will consult with the Project Director. Include your name, contact information, a brief bio-bibliographical note (or a link to an online professional profile), and a general statement about which locations and/or pages you would like to write for MoEML.
If you are proposing to complete or augment an existing MoEML page (or several), make sure to include the page title(s). If proposing a new location and/or page to be added to MoEML, include a brief justification of its literary and/or cultural significance. (Note that off-map locations are certainly eligible for discussion.)
If you are proposing a transcription, be sure to explain how the text contributes to a spatial understanding of early modern London. Also indicate which base text you propose to transcribe.
Any email attachments should be .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, or .odt files.

Undergraduate Applicants

Undergraduate applicants should also have a nomination letter sent directly from a recognized scholar, unless they are participating in a MoEML Pedagogical Partnership, in which case the Pedagogical Partner (the course instructor) applies on behalf of the class.
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