Conduit upon Dowgate

Conduit upon Dowgate was a water conduit in Dowgate Ward. It flowed from the upper end of Dowgate Street to the Thames (Stow 1633, sig. Y4r). Dowgate marks the end of the water conduit where it flows into the Thames. According to Stow, the conduit was built in 1568 at the expense of the citizens of London (Stow 1633, sig. Y4r).
In an interesting anectdote, Stow recounts the drowning of an 18-year-old man in the Dowgate water conduit:
in the yere 1574. on the fourth of Sep-tember in the afternoon there fell a storme of raine, where through the channels suddenly arose, and ran with such a swift course to-wards the common Shores, that a lad of 18. yeres old minding to haue leapt ouer ye channel near vnto the said Conduite was taken with the stream, & carried from thence towards the Thames with such a violence that no man with staues, or otherwise could stay him, till he came against a cart wheele, that stoode in the saide water gate, before which time he was drowned, & starke dead. (Stow 1633, sig. Y4r)

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