A-Z index of all items in the document collection (published and unpublished)

Title Item type Link Status
Anglo-American Legal Tradition: Documents from Medieval and Early Modern England from the National Archives in London bibliographic item AALT1  
Global Economics: A History of the Theatre Business, the Chamberlain’s / King’s Men, and Their Plays, 1599–1642 bibliographic item AARO1  
Abbey of St. Clare Churches ABBE1 published
Abbey of St. Mary Graces Churches ABBE2 stub
ABBE3 Retired - Do not use ABBE3 Replaced by ABBE2
Victoria Abboud person (cont) ABBO1  
George Abbot person (hist) ABBO2  
Cheap-side crosse censured and condemned by a letter sent from the vicechancellour and other learned men of the famous Universitie of Oxford, in answer to a question propounded by the citizens of London, concerning the said crosse, in the yeere 1600, in which yeer it was beautified, as also some divine arguments taken out of a sermon against the crosse, a little after it was repaired, by a learned and godly minister, sometimes preacher at Alhallows Lombardstreet bibliographic item ABBO3  
Abbot of Fleury person (hist) ABBO4  
John Abbot person (hist) ABBO6  
Sir Morris Abbot person (hist) ABBO7  
Reynold Abbot person (hist) ABBO8  
Edward Abbot person (hist) ABBO9  
Sir Maurice Abbot person (hist) ABBO10  
Abchurch Lane Streets ABCH1 published
Roger Abde person (hist) ABDE1  
Sir John Abel person (hist) ABEL1  
Ms. Abigail person (hist) ABIG1  
Abner person (lit) ABNE1  
Yalda Abnous person (cont) ABNO1  
About MoEML About MoEML; Site landing pages about published
William Abraham person (hist) ABRA1  
Abraham person (lit) ABRA2  
Mr. Abraham person (hist) ABRA3  
Absalom person (lit) ABSA1  
Andrew Buchevite person (hist) ABUC1  
Stephen de Abyndon person (hist) ABYN1  
Simon de Abyndon person (hist) ABYN2  
Accord person (lit) ACCO1  
Achilles person (lit) ACHI1  
Roger Acheley person (hist) ACHL1  
Richard Achley person (hist) ACHL2  
Acknowledgements About MoEML acknowledgements published
London: The Biography bibliographic item ACKR1  
Shakespeare: The Biography bibliographic item ACKR2  
Thames: The Biography bibliographic item ACKR3  
Acliuillus person (hist) ACOL1  
The (Gilded) Acorn Bookshops ACOR1 assigned
Hugh Acton person (hist) ACTO1  
William Acton person (hist) ACTO2  
Hugh Acton person (hist) ACTO3  
Acts of the Privy Council of England bibliographic item ACTS1  
John Donne bibliographic item ADAM1  
Mystical bedlam, or the vvorld of mad-men bibliographic item ADAM2  
Thomas Adams person (hist) ADAM3  
Neil Adams person (cont) ADAM4  
ADAM5 Retired - Do not use ADAM5 Replaced by ALLD3
The deuills banket described in foure sermons bibliographic item ADAM6  
Mr. Adam person (hist) ADAM7  
A Fragment of a Lord Mayor’s Pageant bibliographic item ADAM8  
The Conventual Buildings of Blackfriars, London, and the Playhouses Constructed Therein bibliographic item ADAM9  
The works of Thomas Adams: being the sum of his sermons, meditations, and other divine and moral discourses bibliographic item ADAM10  
Adam and Eve Bookshops ADAM11 empty
The Parish Clerks of London: A History of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks of London bibliographic item ADAM12  
Shakespearean Playhouses bibliographic item ADAM13  
Diseases of the soule a discourse diuine, morall, and physicall bibliographic item ADAM14  
The Service I am Here For: William Herle in the Marshalsea Prison, 1571 bibliographic item ADAM15  
Kate Adams person (cont) ADAM16  
Sir Thomas Adams person (hist) ADAM17  
Adam person (lit) ADAM18  
Thamesis Descriptio bibliographic item ADAM19  
Robert Adams person (hist) ADAM20  
Adam the Smith person (hist) ADAM21  
Famous Houses and Literary Shrines of London bibliographic item ADC1  
John Addis person (hist) ADDI1  
Margaret Addis person (hist) ADDI2  
Addle Hill Streets ADDL1 stub
Addle Street Streets ADDL2 empty
Adeliza of Louvain person (hist) ADEL1  
Making Defect Perfection: Shakespeare and the One-Sex Model bibliographic item ADEL2  
Adhered person (hist) ADHE1  
Admetus person (lit) ADME1  
Admiral’s Men organization (em_playing) ADMI1  
High Court of Admiralty organization (em_other) ADMI2  
John Adrian person (hist) ADRI1  
John Adrien person (hist) ADRI2  
John Adrien person (hist) ADRI3  
Adventure person (lit) ADVE1  
Advisory Board organization (modern) ADVI1  
Adwych Lane Streets ADWY1 stub
Aeëtes person (lit) AEET1  
Ælfwine of Elmham person (hist) AELF1  
Aelfstan person (hist) AELF2  
Ælfhun person (hist) AELF3  
Ælfweard of London person (hist) AELF4  
Aelfsie person (hist) AELF5  
Aeneas person (lit) AENE1  
Æolus person (lit) AEOL1  
Aeson person (lit) AESO1  
Aesop person (hist) AESO2  
Æthelstan person (hist) AETH1  
Æthelberht of Kent person (hist) AETH2  
St. Æthelburh of Barking person (hist) AETH3  
Aethelnoth person (hist) AETH4  
Aethelweard of London person (hist) AETH5  
Alfred Aetheling person (hist) AETH6  
William Ætheling person (hist) AETH7  
Nicholas de Auesey person (hist) AEUS1  
Margery de Auesey person (hist) AEUS2  
Affection person (lit) AFFE1  
Africa person (lit) AFRI1  
Danielle Aftias person (cont) AFTI1  
Agag person (lit) AGAG1  
Ralph Agas person (hist) AGAS1  
Civitas Londinum bibliographic item AGAS3  
London and Westminster in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Anno Dom. 1563 bibliographic item AGAS4  
Interact with the Agas Map Agas Map; Documentation for contributors; Teaching materials and lesson plans agas_instructions published
Add MoEML Locations to the Agas Map Agas Map; Documentation for encoders agas_locations published
Agatha Aetheling person (hist) AGAT1  
Agesilaus II person (hist) AGES1  
Hoda Agharazi person (cont) AGHA1  
Aglaia person (lit) AGLA1  
Phillip Agmondesham person (hist) AGMO1  
Agnites person (lit) AGNI1  
Ahab person (lit) AHAB1  
Writing in the Tower of London during the Reformation, ca. 1530–1558 bibliographic item AHNE1  
Sir John Ayliffe person (hist) AILI1  
AIM25: Archives in London and the M25 Area bibliographic item AILM1  
Ailwarde person (hist) AILW1  
Sarah-Jayne Ainsworth person (cont) AINS1  
Aer person (lit) AIR1  
The Buildings of Britain: Tudor and Jacobean. A Guide and Gazetteer bibliographic item AIRS2  
The Renaissance Villa in Britain, 1500–1700 bibliographic item AIRS3  
John Aker person (hist) AKER1  
Sir Aker person (hist) AKER2  
Letters of King James VI and I bibliographic item AKRI1  
Albanact person (lit) ALBA1  
Albania person (lit) ALBA2  
William Albany person (hist) ALBA3  
St. Alban person (hist) ALBA4  
Thomasine Albany person (hist) ALBA5  
Joane Albany person (hist) ALBA6  
Phillip Albert person (hist) ALBE1  
Albion person (lit) ALBI1  
Albion College Spring 2015 Students organization (ppp) ALBI2  
Albion College Summer 2017 Students organization (ppp) ALBI3  
Abbot of St. Alban’s Inn Victualling houses ALBO1 empty
Mr. Alcock person (hist) ALCO1  
Aldermanbury Streets ALDE1 published
Aldersgate Ward Wards ALDE2 published
Aldersgate Gates ALDE3 empty
Aldersgate Street Streets ALDE4 empty
Aldermanbury Conduit Water features ALDE5 empty
alderman glossary item ALDE6  
Court of Aldermen organization (em_other) ALDE7  
James Alderman person (hist) ALDE8  
Simon de Aldermanbury person (hist) ALDE9  
James Alderman person (hist) ALDE10  
Robert Aldernes person (hist) ALDE11  
Mr. Alderban person (hist) ALDE12  
Aldgate Gates; Undergraduate student articles ALDG1 published
Aldgate Ward Wards ALDG2 published
Aldgate Bars Bars ALDG3 published
Aldgate Street Streets ALDG4 published
Aldersgate Bars Bars ALDG5 stub
Aldgate Conduit Water features ALDG6 empty
Hugh Aldham person (hist) ALDH1  
Natalie Aldred person (cont) ALDR1  
Alderman Bury Sites ALDR2 stub
Allectus person (hist) ALEC1  
Alehouse Generic places ALEH1 stub
Cynthia Alexandre person (cont) ALEX1  
Alexander the Great person (hist) ALEX2  
Heywood’s Dramatic Works bibliographic item ALEX3  
Alexander II of Scotland person (hist) ALEX4  
Thomas Aleyn person (hist) ALEY1  
John Aleyn person (hist) ALEY2  
John Alforde person (hist) ALFO1  
Alfred the Great person (hist) ALFR1  
Mr. Algodus person (hist) ALGO1  
Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar person (cont) ALHS1  
Ms. Alice person (hist) ALIC1  
London Aliens Topics; Undergraduate student articles ALIE1 published
alien glossary item ALIE2  
Lady Eleanor Fitzwalter (née de Ferrers) person (hist) ALIE3  
Mr. Alieu person (hist) ALIE4  
Edmund Alison person (hist) ALIS1  
Management and Mismanagement at Bedlam, 1547 to 1633 bibliographic item ALLD1  
Edward Allde person (hist) ALLD2  
Elizabeth Allde person (hist) ALLD3  
Sir John Aleyn person (hist) ALLE1  
Edward Alleyn person (hist) ALLE2  
Hugh Alley’s Caveat: The Markets of London in 1598: Folger MS V.a. 318 bibliographic item ALLE3  
Sir William Allen person (hist) ALLE4  
Mints and Money in Medieval England bibliographic item ALLE5  
Hugh Alley person (hist) ALLE6  
Sarah Allen person (cont) ALLE7  
Dr. Allen person (hist) ALLE8  
Thomas Alleyne person (hist) ALLE9  
Ralph Aleyn person (hist) ALLE10  
Richard Alley person (hist) ALLE11  
George Allen person (hist) ALLE12  
John Allen person (hist) ALLE13  
Ralph Allen person (hist) ALLE14  
All Hallows (London Wall) Churches ALLH1 published
All Hallows Barking Churches ALLH2 published
All Hallows (Bread Street) Churches ALLH3 empty
All Hallows (Lombard Street) Churches ALLH4 empty
All Hallows Staining Churches ALLH5 empty
All Hallows the Great Churches ALLH6 published
All Hallows the Less Churches ALLH7 empty
All Hallows (Honey Lane) Churches ALLH8 empty
All Hallows (London Wall) (Parish) Parishes ALLH101 empty
All Hallows Barking (Parish) Parishes ALLH102 empty
All Hallows (Bread Street) (Parish) Parishes ALLH103 empty
All Hallows (Lombard Street) (Parish) Parishes ALLH104 empty
All Hallows Staining (Parish) Parishes ALLH105 empty
All Hallows the Great (Parish) Parishes ALLH106 empty
All Hallows the Less (Parish) Parishes ALLH107 empty
All Hallows (Honey Lane) (Parish) Parishes ALLH108 empty
Ms. Allington person (hist) ALLI1  
Richard Allington person (hist) ALLI2  
Emily Allison person (cont) ALLI3  
Ms. Allison person (hist) ALLI4  
Mr. Allin person (hist) ALLI5  
Sir John Allott person (hist) ALLO1  
Bartholomew de Almain person (hist) ALMA1  
William Almaine person (hist) ALMA2  
Almanach person (lit) ALMA3  
Henry of Almain person (hist) ALMA4  
almonry glossary item ALMO1  
Almshouse Generic places ALMS1 stub
Almundus person (hist) ALMU1  
Alnothus person (hist) ALNO1  
John Alnwick person (hist) ALNW1  
Alphonso person (hist) ALPH1  
John Alphew person (hist) ALPH3  
aldermanic sheriff glossary item ALSH1  
Bernard Alsop person (hist) ALSO1  
John Alston person (hist) ALST1  
Edward Altham person (hist) ALTH1  
James Altham person (hist) ALTH2  
Althoneus person (hist) ALTH3  
alumni Retired - Do not use alumni Replaced by team
Alwine person (hist) ALWI1  
Sir Nicholas Ailwyn person (hist) ALWI2  
Alwinus person (hist) ALWI3  
Alwyne person (hist) ALWY1  
Robert Amades person (hist) AMAD1  
Amalthea person (lit) AMAL1  
Amasa person (lit) AMAS1  
Ambition person (lit) AMBI1  
Amble person (lit) AMBL1  
Master Ambler person (lit) AMBL2  
Ambler person (lit) AMBL3  
Georges d’Amboise person (hist) AMBO1  
Gabi Ambrose person (cont) AMBR1  
St. Ambrose person (hist) AMBR2  
Mary Ambree person (hist) AMBR3  
Sergeant Ambush person (lit) AMBU1  
Sir Henry Amcotts person (hist) AMCO1  
Dame Joane Amcotts person (hist) AMCO2  
Vox Populi: Popular Autobiographies as Sources for Early Modern Urban History bibliographic item AMEL1  
Amen Corner Sites AMEN1 empty
America person (lit) AMER1  
Martin Amersbury person (hist) AMER2  
Typographical Antiquities: or an historical account of the origin and progress of printing in Great Britain and Ireland bibliographic item AMES1  
Ammianus Marcellinus person (hist) AMMI1  
Amphitrita person (lit) AMPH1  
Amphion person (lit) AMPH2  
American University Literature 434 Fall 2014 Students organization (ppp) AMUN1  
Amwell Head Semi-diplomatic; Other texts AMWE1 published
Amwell Head Riverside features AMWE2 empty
Ananias of Damascus person (lit) ANAN1  
Anchor Lane Streets ANCH1 empty
Anchises person (lit) ANCH2  
The Golden Anchor Bookshops ANCH4 assigned
The Blue Anchor Bookshops ANCH5 assigned
The Anchor and Bible (Bible and Anchor) Bookshops ANCH6 assigned
Ancient Royal Palaces in and Near London bibliographic item ANCI1  
Aaron Anderson person (cont) ANDE1  
Sir Henry Anderson person (hist) ANDE2  
Sir Edmund Anderson person (hist) ANDE3  
Thomas Anderson person (hist) ANDE4  
Susan Anderson person (cont) ANDE5  
Geoffery de St. Andomare person (hist) ANDO1  
Andrew Court Streets ANDR1 empty
Andro Morris Key Riverside features; Graduate student articles; Articles by pedagogical partners ANDR2 published
Old Church Lore bibliographic item ANDR3  
ANDR4 Retired - Do not use ANDR4 Replaced by MAND2
William Andrew person (hist) ANDR5  
James Andreu person (hist) ANDR6  
Henry Andrewes person (hist) ANDR7  
Andromeda person (lit) ANDR8  
Andromache person (lit) ANDR9  
Nicholas Andrews person (hist) ANDR10  
Anne Andrews person (hist) ANDR11  
William Andrews person (hist) ANDR12  
Nicholas Andrews person (hist) ANDR13  
Andrew’s Cross Victualling houses ANDR14 empty
Lancelot Andrews person (hist) ANDR15  
ANDRE14 Retired - Do not use ANDRE14 Replaced by ANDR15
Robert de Anesbery person (hist) ANES1  
Angel Inn (Bishopsgate) Victualling houses ANGE1 empty
Truth’s Angel person (lit) ANGE2  
Angel (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites ANGE4 empty
Angel (Without Newgate) Sites ANGE5 empty
Angel (Popes-Head-Alley) Sites ANGE6 empty
Angel Street Streets ANGE7 empty
Angel Alley Streets ANGE8 empty
The Angel (Cross Yard) Bookshops ANGE9 assigned
The Angel (New Jewry) Bookshops ANGE10 assigned
Angel Inn (Adwych) Victualling houses ANGE11 empty
The Angel Sites ANGL1 empty
Anicius person (hist) ANIC1  
Anna Perenna person (lit) ANNA1  
Anne Boleyn person (hist) ANNE1  
Anne of Denmark person (hist) ANNE2  
Anne of Bohemia person (hist) ANNE3  
Anne Watkins person (hist) ANNE4  
Anne of Denmark Biography ANNE5 published
St. Anne person (lit) ANNE6  
Anne of Gloucester person (hist) ANNE7  
Annis a Cleare Topographical features ANNI1 empty
Annis a Cleare Water features ANNI2 empty
The Annual Register, or, A View of the History and Politics of the Year 1851 bibliographic item ANNU1  
Anonymity Topics ANON1 empty
Anonymous person (other) ANON2  
A Plan of London and Westminster Shewing the Forts Erected by Order of the Parliament in 1643 & the Desolation by the Fire in 1666 bibliographic item ANON3  
London, Part of the County of Middlesex, and Part of the County of Surrey bibliographic item ANON4  
ANON5 Retired - Do not use ANON5 Replaced by BOWL5
A Groundplot of Part of the Citty of Westminster Containing Westminſter-Abby (or the Collegiate Church of St. Peter), Westminster-Hall, The Court of Wards, Court of Requests, Painted Chamber, House of Lords and Princes Lodgings, The Old & New Palace-Yard, The Great Sanctuary, and Several Other Places Adjacent bibliographic item ANON6  
London, Westminster, Southwark bibliographic item ANON7  
Nouvelle Carte du Gouvernement Civil d’Angleterre et de Celuy de la Ville de Londres bibliographic item ANON8  
A New Mapp of the Citty of London Much Inlarged since the Great Fire in 1666 in which are Several Streets Places and Buildings of Note which hath been Added since aney other Mapps of London before this hath been Published bibliographic item ANON9  
A New and Exact Plan of the City of London and Suburbs Thereof, with the Addition of the New Buildings, Churches &c. to this Present Year 1720 bibliographic item ANON10  
A New Mapp of the City of London &c. with the Many Additionall Buildings and New Streets Anno 1720 bibliographic item ANON11  
ANON12 Retired - Do not use ANON12 Replaced by SMIT58
A New & Exact Plan of ye City of London and Suburbs Thereof, With the Addition of the New Buildings, Churches &c. to this Present Year 1731 (Not Extant in Any Other,) Laid Down in Such a Method that in an Instant, May Easily be Found any Place Contained Therein bibliographic item ANON13  
Plan of the Parish of St. George’s, Hannover Square bibliographic item ANON14  
A Pocket Map of London Westminster and Southwark with ye New Buildings to ye Year 1759 bibliographic item ANON15  
Sketch of the Procession Usually Observed in the Coronation of our Kings & Queens Together with a Plan Pointing out Several New Paths and their Parts Adjacent bibliographic item ANON16  
A Map of London, Westminster and Southwark with ye New Buildngs to ye Year 1764 bibliographic item ANON17  
A New Plan of the City of London, Westminster and Southwark bibliographic item ANON18  
The City of London as in Q. Elizabeth’s Time bibliographic item ANON19  
A Map of the Tower Liberty bibliographic item ANON20  
The Tower and St. Catherins Taken from the Last Survey with Corrections bibliographic item ANON21  
Grundtriss der Statt London wie solche vor und nach dem Brand anzusehen, sampt dem Newen Model, wie selbige widrum Auffgebauwet werden solle bibliographic item ANON22  
A View of Part of the North-west Suburbs of London, as they Appeared, Anno 1570. Including the Whole of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields and its Immediate Neighbourhood, its Parochial Churches, Erected at Different Periods, &c bibliographic item ANON23  
Untitled Copperplate Map of London bibliographic item ANON24  
Vanity of vanities or Sir Harry Vane’s picture. To the tune of the Jews corant bibliographic item ANON25  
Cuckolds Haven: OR, The marryʼd mans miserie, who must abide / The penaltie of being Hornifyʼd: / Hee unto his Neighbours doth make his case knowne, / And tels them all plainly, The case is their owne bibliographic item ANON26  
A full relation or dialogue between a loyallist and a converted phanattick since the time of the late rebellion, relating their wicked conspiracy, and barbarous intentions, whereby their divellish plots is more fully discovered then ever it was before: gently disputed between them both. Together with the phanaticks lamentation and farewell to that crew. Published as a warning-piece to all the rebellious sectaries bibliographic item ANON27  
Plan de la Ville de Londres bibliographic item ANON28  
A New & Correct Map of Twenty Miles Round London bibliographic item ANON29  
A View of London about the Year 1560 bibliographic item ANON30  
Edward Ansell person (hist) ANSE1  
The Antelope (Holborn) Victualling houses ANTE1 stub
Antelope (Southwark) Sites ANTE2 stub
St. Anthony of Padua person (hist) ANTH1  
Mr. Anthony person (hist) ANTH2  
Antiquity person (lit) ANTI1  
Godard de Antioche person (hist) ANTI2  
Antiope person (lit) ANTI3  
St. Anthony of Egypt person (hist) ANTO1  
Antoninus Pius person (hist) ANTO2  
Antonio person (lit) ANTO3  
Thomas Antrobus person (hist) ANTR1  
Elizabeth Antrobus (née Woodcocke) person (hist) ANTR2  
Thomas Antrobus person (hist) ANTR3  
John Antrobus person (hist) ANTR4  
Richard Antrobus person (hist) ANTR5  
Elizabeth Antrobus person (hist) ANTR6  
Margaret Antrobus person (hist) ANTR7  
Giles of Andwarp person (hist) ANTW1  
Antwerp person (lit) ANTW2  
The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association bibliographic item APAP1  
Apothecaries’ Company organization (em_livery_lesser) APOT1  
Apothecaries’ Hall Halls APOT2 empty
Roydon, Sir Marmaduke bibliographic item APPL1  
The Dance of Death in London: John Carpenter, John Lydgate, and the Daunce of Poulys bibliographic item APPL2  
William Appleton person (hist) APPL3  
Thomas Appleyard person (hist) APPL4  
William Appleyard person (hist) APPL5  
Applications for Encoders Documentation for encoders applications published
Appold Street Streets APPO1 empty
Apollo person (lit) APPO2  
apprentice glossary item APPR1  
John Aprichard person (hist) APRI1  
Sir Allen Apsley person (hist) APSL1  
Aqua person (lit) AQUA1  
Work, Bodies, and Gender in The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item ARAB1  
Ronda Arab person (cont) ARAB2  
Arabia Britannica person (lit) ARAB3  
Catherine of Aragon person (hist) ARAG1  
A Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London 1554–1640 bibliographic item ARBE1  
Arcadius person (hist) ARCA1  
Arcas person (lit) ARCA2  
The Pursuit of Stability: Social Relations in Elizabethan London bibliographic item ARCH1  
Ian Archer person (cont) ARCH2  
John Stow’s Survey of London: The Nostalgia of John Stow bibliographic item ARCH3  
John Stow, Citizen and Historian bibliographic item ARCH4  
The History of the Haberdashers’ Company bibliographic item ARCH5  
City and Court Connected: The Material Dimensions of Royal Ceremonial, ca. 1480–1625 bibliographic item ARCH6  
The London Lobbies in the Later Sixteenth Century bibliographic item ARCH7  
The Progresses, Entertainments, and Pageants of Queen Elizabeth bibliographic item ARCH8  
Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconry of London Proclamations; Semi-diplomatic; Broadside; Graduate student articles; Articles by pedagogical partners ARCH9 published
Archdeaconry of London organization (em_other) ARCH10  
Discourses of History in Elizabethan and Early Stuart London bibliographic item ARCH11  
John Archer person (hist) ARCH12  
Thomas Archehull person (hist) ARCH13  
Court of Arches organization (em_other) ARCH14  
Ralph de Arcubus person (hist) ARCU1  
Thomas de Arden person (hist) ARDE1  
Sir Ralph Arden person (hist) ARDE2  
Thomas Arden person (hist) ARDE3  
Thomas Arden person (hist) ARDE4  
Edward Arden person (hist) ARDE5  
Arete person (lit) ARET1  
John Argent person (hist) ARGE1  
Richard Argentine person (hist) ARGE2  
Argonauts person (lit) ARGO1  
Argurion person (lit) ARGU1  
Argus Panoptes person (lit) ARGU2  
Ariadne person (lit) ARIA1  
The Sun in Aries Mayoral shows ARIE1 draft
Joseph of Arimathea person (lit) ARIM1  
Arion person (lit) ARIO1  
Aristotle person (hist) ARIS1  
Arithmetic person (lit) ARIT1  
John de Armentiers person (hist) ARME1  
Robert Armin person (hist) ARMI1  
Armourers’ Hall Halls ARMO1 empty
William Armorer person (hist) ARMO2  
Armourers and Brasiers’ Company organization (em_livery_lesser) ARMO3  
Julia Armstrong person (cont) ARMS1  
Stewart Arneil person (cont) ARNL1  
Richard Arnold person (hist) ARNO1  
Christopher Arnold person (hist) ARNO2  
Thomas Arnold person (hist) ARNO3  
Agnes Arnold (née Warmford) person (hist) ARNO4  
Robert Arnold person (hist) ARNO5  
The Brutal Truth: Bedlam: London and Its Mad bibliographic item ARNO6  
Arnold le Reus person (hist) ARNO7  
John Arnold person (hist) ARNO8  
Richard Arnold person (hist) ARNO9  
Mr. Aron person (hist) ARON1  
Mr. Aron person (hist) ARON2  
Robert de Arras person (hist) ARRA1  
John of Arras person (hist) ARRA2  
Arsaces I of Parthia person (hist) ARSA1  
Adrian Arten person (hist) ARTE1  
Arthur Tudor person (hist) ARTH1  
Arthur person (lit) ARTH2  
Artillery Yard Sites ARTI1 empty
King’s Artirce Residences ARTI2 stub
Artillery Garden Sites ARTI3 empty
Artillery Walk Neighbourhoods ARTI4 empty
Honourable Artillery Company organization (em_other) ARTI5  
Art person (lit) ARTT1  
Arundel House Residences; Articles by scholars; Peer-reviewed documents ARUN1 published
Sir Edward Arundell person (hist) ARUN2  
Dame Elizabeth Arundell person (hist) ARUN3  
Arundel Stairs Riverside features ARUN4 stub
Thomas Arundel person (hist) ARUN5  
Reinfride Arundell person (hist) ARUN6  
Arvirargus person (lit) ARVI1  
Lady Elizabeth Ascough person (hist) ASCG1  
Sir Francis Ascough person (hist) ASCG2  
Roger Ascham person (hist) ASCH1  
Mark Aschenbrenner person (cont) ASCH2  
John Ascue person (hist) ASCU1  
Lady Ascue person (hist) ASCU2  
Algare Secusme person (hist) ASEC1  
Amrita Sen person (cont) ASEN1  
Thomas Ashby person (hist) ASHB1  
Dr. Ashbold person (hist) ASHB2  
Robert Ashcombe person (hist) ASHC1  
Lady Eleanor Talbot’s Other Husband: Sir Thomas Butler, Heir of Sudeley, and his Family bibliographic item ASHD1  
Thomas Ashehill person (hist) ASHE1  
John Ashfield person (hist) ASHF1  
Alice Ashfed person (hist) ASHF2  
Asher House Residences ASHH1 empty
Katherine Ashley (née Champernowne) person (hist) ASHL1  
London in the Year 1560 bibliographic item ASHL2  
Sir John Ashley person (hist) ASHL3  
The City and the Court, 1603–1643 bibliographic item ASHT1  
Ralph Ashton person (hist) ASHT2  
John Ashton person (hist) ASHT3  
William Ashwie person (hist) ASHW1  
Richard Ashwy person (hist) ASHW2  
Ralph Ashwye person (hist) ASHW3  
Asia person (lit) ASIA1  
Anne Askew person (hist) ASKE1  
Wiilliam Askham person (hist) ASKH1  
Aspice person (lit) ASPI1  
William Aspley person (hist) ASPL1  
Sir Thomas Asseldy person (hist) ASSE1  
Asser person (hist) ASSE2  
Stephen Assewy person (hist) ASSE3  
assistant glossary item ASSI1  
A Strange Sighted Traveller Semi-diplomatic; Other texts ASST1 published
The Peasants’ Revolt: Cock-crow in Gower and Chaucer bibliographic item ASTE1  
Thomas Asteley person (hist) ASTE2  
Johannes Asteley person (hist) ASTE3  
The Career of Andrew Cane, Citizen, Goldsmith, and Player bibliographic item ASTI1  
The Ages of Man and the Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item ASTI2  
Elizabeth Astime person (hist) ASTI3  
Dame Joan Astley person (hist) ASTL1  
Thomas Astley person (hist) ASTL2  
Edmond Astley person (hist) ASTL3  
Henry Astley person (hist) ASTL4  
Ralph Astley person (hist) ASTL5  
William Aston person (hist) ASTO1  
Katherine Slaney (née Aston) person (hist) ASTO2  
Walter Aston person (hist) ASTO3  
Astraea person (lit) ASTR1  
Sir Ralph Astry person (hist) ASTR2  
Astronomy person (lit) ASTR3  
Ralph Astry person (hist) ASTR4  
Sir Francis Atcourt person (hist) ATCO1  
Alice Atcourt person (hist) ATCO2  
Athelgoda person (hist) ATHE1  
Athelaise de Mandeville person (hist) ATHE2  
Athena person (lit) ATHE3  
Thomas Atkins person (hist) ATKI1  
John Atkinson person (hist) ATKI2  
John Atkinson person (hist) ATKI3  
Richard Atkinson person (hist) ATKI4  
Atlas person (lit) ATLA1  
Big London Street Atlas bibliographic item ATOZ1  
The A to Z of Georgian London bibliographic item ATOZ2  
Atrium (St. Paul’s) Sites ATRI1 stub
Noise: The Political Economy of Music bibliographic item ATTA1  
Robert de Attabeto person (hist) ATTA2  
Alice Atte-Bow person (hist) ATTE1  
John atte Water person (hist) ATTE2  
John Attleborough person (hist) ATTL1  
William Atwell person (hist) ATWE1  
All Places Are Alike: Marlowe’s Edward II and English Spatial Imagination bibliographic item ATWO1  
Emma Atwood person (cont) ATWO2  
Adam Atwood person (hist) ATWO3  
John Atwood person (hist) ATWO4  
Andrew Aubrey person (hist) AUBR1  
John Aubrey person (hist) AUBR2  
John Aubrey person (hist) AUBR3  
Brief Lives, Chiefly of Contemporaries, Set Down by John Aubrey, Between the Years 1669 and 1696 bibliographic item AUBR4  
Auditus person (lit) AUDI1  
Sir Thomas Audley person (hist) AUDL1  
Margaret Howard (née Audley) person (hist) AUDL2  
Elizabeth Audley person (hist) AUDL3  
Anne Audley person (hist) AUDL4  
Sarah Audley person (hist) AUDL5  
St. Audoen Churches AUDO1 stub
St. Audoen (Parish) Parishes AUDO101 stub
Katherine Augustine person (hist) AUGU1  
Benedick Augustine person (hist) AUGU2  
St. Augustine of Canterbury person (hist) AUGU3  
Austin Friars (Augustinians) organization (em_other) AUGU4  
Augustine of Hippo person (hist) AUGU5  
Peter Aungier person (hist) AUNG1  
Patrick Aura person (cont) AURA1  
Marcus Aurelius person (hist) AURE1  
Austin Friars Sites AUST1 stub
St. Augustine’s Gate Gates AUST2 empty
William Austrie person (hist) AUST4  
Bartrand Descure (née Austrie) person (hist) AUST5  
Thomas Austyn person (hist) AUST6  
Lady Austrie person (hist) AUST7  
James Austen person (hist) AUST8  
James Austen person (hist) AUST9  
William Austen person (hist) AUST10  
Authority person (lit) AUTH1  
Autumne person (lit) AUTU1  
Ave Maria Lane Streets AVEM1 empty
Sir Alexander Avenon person (hist) AVEN1  
Lady Alice Avenon (née Huchen) person (hist) AVEN2  
Anketinus de Arden person (hist) AVER1  
Richard Avery person (hist) AVER2  
Timothy Avery person (hist) AVER3  
William de Avinger person (hist) AVIN1  
Robert Awbrey person (hist) AWBR1  
Dame Anne Awnsham person (hist) AWNS1  
Sir Gedeon Awnsham person (hist) AWNS2  
Axe Inn Victualling houses AXEI1 empty
Christopher Ayer person (hist) AYER1  
John de Aylesham person (hist) AYLE1  
Thomas Aylesbourgh person (hist) AYLE2  
John Aylmer person (hist) AYLM1  
Lawrence Aylmer person (hist) AYLM2  
Aylmer of Risden person (hist) AYLM3  
Ayme for Finsburie archers. Or An alphabetical table of the names of euerie marke within the same fields bibliographic item AYME1  
Arthur Aynscombe person (hist) AYNE1  
Baal person (lit) BAAL1  
Matthaeo Babalio person (hist) BABA1  
Sir William Babington person (hist) BABI1  
Katherine Babington person (hist) BABI2  
Sir William Babthorpe person (hist) BABT1  
Bacchus person (lit) BACC1  
bachelor glossary item BACH1  
Mason Bachmeier person (cont) BACH2  
John de Bachkewelle person (hist) BACH3  
Back Street Streets BACK1 empty
Rowland Backhouse person (hist) BACK2  
Sir Nicholas Bacon person (hist) BACO1  
The A to Z of Victorian London bibliographic item BACO2  
Bacon House Residences BACO3 empty
Sir Francis Bacon person (hist) BACO4  
James Bacon person (hist) BACO5  
William Bacon person (hist) BACO6  
Sir Bacon person (hist) BACO7  
Mary Bacon person (hist) BACO8  
Margaret Bacon person (hist) BACO9  
Anne Bacon person (hist) BACO10  
Robert Bacon person (hist) BACO11  
Johannes Bacon person (hist) BACO12  
William Badger person (hist) BADG1  
David Badke person (cont) BADK1  
Elizabeth de Badlesmere person (hist) BADL1  
Sir Bartholomew de Badlesmere person (hist) BADL2  
Stuart London’s Standard of Living: Re-Examining the Settlement of Tithes of 1638 for Rents, Income, and Poverty bibliographic item BAER1  
Housing for the Lesser Sort in Stuart London: Findings from Certificates, and Returns of Divided Houses bibliographic item BAER2  
Landlords and Tenants in London, 1550–1700 bibliographic item BAER4  
Early Retailing: London’s Shopping Exchanges, 1550–1700 bibliographic item BAER5  
John Bagford person (hist) BAGF1  
A Letter to the Publisher bibliographic item BAGF2  
Mary Bagwell person (hist) BAGW1  
William Bagwell person (hist) BAGW2  
Pre-Globe Shakespeare Theater Unearthed in London bibliographic item BAIL1  
William Bailey person (cont) BAIL2  
Sir William Bailey person (hist) BAIL3  
Dame Katherine Bailey person (hist) BAIL4  
Ireland, Samuel (d. 1800) bibliographic item BAIN1  
Ireland, William Henry (1775–1835) bibliographic item BAIN2  
Ralph Baines person (hist) BAIN3  
Ms. Bainham person (hist) BAIN4  
Bakers’ Hall Halls BAKE1 empty
Blackwell Hall Sites BAKE2 empty
A chronicle of the Kings of England from the time of the Romans goverment unto the raigne of our soveraigne lord, King Charles containing all passages of state or church, with all other observations proper for a chronicle bibliographic item BAKE3  
Bakers’ Company organization (em_livery_lesser) BAKE4  
Sir Anthony Baker person (hist) BAKE5  
Paul’s Bakehouse Sites BAKE6 empty
Bakehouse Generic places BAKE7 empty
Thomas Bakewell person (hist) BAKE8  
Sir Richard Baker person (hist) BAKE9  
John Baker person (hist) BAKE10  
Thomas Baker person (hist) BAKE11  
Sir Henry Baker person (hist) BAKE12  
Edward Baker person (hist) BAKE13  
An Introduction to English Legal History bibliographic item BAKE14  
Nicholas Backhouse person (hist) BAKH1  
Balaam person (lit) BALA1  
Neil Baldwin person (cont) BALD1  
John Donne: A Life bibliographic item BALD2  
Middleton’s Civic Employments bibliographic item BALD3  
Robert Baldock person (hist) BALD4  
Sir Thomas Baldry person (hist) BALD5  
Ralph Baldock person (hist) BALD6  
Baldwin I of Jerusalem person (hist) BALD7  
John Baldwin person (hist) BALD8  
Stow’s Medievalism and Antique Judaism in Early Modern London bibliographic item BALE1  
John Bale person (hist) BALE2  
Christopher Bales person (hist) BALE3  
Robert Bale person (hist) BALE4  
Daniel Balgay person (hist) BALG1  
Ball Alley Streets BALL1 stub
The (Golden) Ball Bookshops BALL2 assigned
The White Lion and Ball Bookshops BALL3 assigned
Richard Ball person (hist) BALL4  
Ballardes Lane Streets BALL5 stub
Balmes (Hoxton) Sites BALM1 empty
Alice Balstred person (hist) BALS1  
Mr. Balstred person (hist) BALS2  
Robert Balthrop person (hist) BALT1  
William Bambrough person (hist) BAMB1  
Henry Bambrough person (hist) BAMB2  
Adam Bamme person (hist) BAMM1  
Richard Bamme person (hist) BAMM2  
John Bampton person (hist) BAMP1  
Christopher Banaster person (hist) BANA1  
John Banaster person (hist) BANA2  
Richard Bancroft person (hist) BANC1  
Margery Band (née Huch) person (hist) BAND1  
Thomas Band person (hist) BAND2  
Anya Banerjee person (cont) BANE1  
Bangor Inn Sites BANG1 empty
Bank End Streets BANK1 empty
Bankside Streets; Graduate student articles; Articles by pedagogical partners BANK2 assigned
Edward Bankes person (hist) BANK3  
Thomas Banks person (hist) BANK4  
Richard Banke person (hist) BANK5  
Margaret Banke person (hist) BANK6  
The registers of St. Mildred, Bread Street, and of St. Margaret Moses, Friday Street, London bibliographic item BANN1  
Banqueting House Sites BANQ1 assigned
Banstead Downs Sites BANS1 empty
Drugo Barantyn person (hist) BARA1  
Christine Barantyn person (hist) BARA2  
Mr. Barnard person (hist) BARA3  
Mr. Barnard person (hist) BARA4  
Barbers’ Hall Halls BARB1 empty
Barbican Streets BARB2 published
Barbican Tower Sites BARB3 stub
Benjamin Barber person (cont) BARB4  
The London Charterhouse bibliographic item BARB5  
Barbarism person (lit) BARB6  
Barbarian person (lit) BARB7  
Barbers’ Company organization (em_livery_lesser) BARB8  
Ms. Barbaret person (hist) BARB9  
London: A Life in Maps bibliographic item BARB10  
Barbican Manor Residences BARB11 stub
Thomas Barber person (lit) BARB12  
Ritson, Joseph (1752–1803) bibliographic item BARC1  
Sir William Bardolf person (hist) BARD1  
Dame Agnes Bardolf person (hist) BARD2  
Bardus person (lit) BARD3  
Bard person (lit) BARD4  
Landus Bardoile person (hist) BARD5  
Francis de Barde person (lit) BARD6  
Margaret Barentin person (hist) BARE1  
William Baret person (hist) BARE2  
BARE3 Retired - Do not use BARE3 Replaced by BARA1
Barge House Stairs Riverside features BARG1 empty
barge glossary item BARG2  
Melissa Barg person (cont) BARG3  
The Barge Sites BARG4 published
Barge Victualling houses BARG5 empty
Barkley’s Inn Sites BARK1 empty
London: 2000 Years of a City and its People bibliographic item BARK2  
Thomas Middleton bibliographic item BARK3  
Mulcaster, Richard (1531/2–1611): Schoolmaster and Author bibliographic item BARK4  
Sir John Barkely person (hist) BARK5  
John Barker person (hist) BARK6  
John Barker person (hist) BARK7  
Elizabeth Barkley person (hist) BARK8  
Sir Edward Barkham person (hist) BARK9  
William Barksted person (hist) BARK10  
St. Mary de Barking Chapels BARK11 stub
Allen Barker person (hist) BARK12  
A balade declaryng how neybourhed lone [sic], and trew dealyng is gone bibliographic item BARK13  
Sir Maurice Barkley person (hist) BARK14  
Robert Barkley person (hist) BARK15  
John Barkley person (hist) BARK16  
Margaret Barkley person (hist) BARK17  
Henry Barley person (hist) BARL1  
Mr. Barlo person (hist) BARL2  
Barnards Inn Inns of Court; Sites BARN1 empty
Thomas Barnard person (hist) BARN2  
Ralph Barnauars person (hist) BARN3  
Seward’s Lichfield bibliographic item BARN4  
Sir T. Barnes person (hist) BARN5  
William Barnabie person (hist) BARN6  
Benedict Barnham person (hist) BARN7  
Sir George Barne person (hist) BARN8  
Mr. Bernard person (hist) BARN9  
Barnard’s Inn Victualling houses BARN10 empty
Barn Elms Sites BARN11 empty
Francis Barnham person (hist) BARN12  
Richard Barnes person (hist) BARN13  
William Barnocke person (hist) BARN14  
John Barnard person (hist) BARN16  
Thomas Bernewell person (hist) BARN17  
Elizabeth Barnes person (hist) BARN18  
Sir George Barne person (hist) BARN19  
Rafe Barnet person (hist) BARN20  
Mr. Barnaby person (hist) BARN21  
Beatrix Barners (née Cotton) person (hist) BARN22  
Robert Barners person (hist) BARN23  
Bartholomew Barnes person (hist) BARN24  
Margaret Barnes person (hist) BARN25  
Bartholomew Barnes person (hist) BARN26  
Margaret Barnes person (hist) BARN27  
Mary Barnes person (hist) BARN28  
Sir Cuthbart Barne person (hist) BARN29  
John Barnard person (hist) BARN30  
Elinore Barnard person (hist) BARN31  
Alice Barnard person (hist) BARN32  
Richard Barnes person (hist) BARN33  
Dr. Barnes person (hist) BARN34  
Medieval Traditions in the English Renaissance: John Stow’s Portrayal of London in 1603 bibliographic item BARO1  
Francis Baromi person (hist) BARO2  
William Barons person (hist) BARO3  
Sir James Barons person (hist) BARO4  
William Baron person (hist) BARO5  
William Baron person (hist) BARO6  
Baron of the Exchequer glossary item BARO7  
Ralph Barons person (hist) BARO8  
London in the Later Middle Ages: Government and People 1200–1500 bibliographic item BARR1  
The Religious Houses of London and Middlesex bibliographic item BARR2  
Eyre, Simon (c.1395–1458) bibliographic item BARR3  
The Government of London: The Formative Phase, 1300–1500 bibliographic item BARR4  
Pageantry on London Bridge in the Early Fifteenth Century bibliographic item BARR5  
Thomas Barry person (hist) BARR6  
Ram-Alley: Or Merrie-Trickes bibliographic item BARR7  
Lording Barry person (hist) BARR8  
Crime and Punishment in England: A Sourcebook bibliographic item BARR9  
Robert Barre person (hist) BARR10  
Richard Barrow person (hist) BARR11  
Anna of Denmark, Queen of England: A Cultural Biography bibliographic item BARR12  
Theatre as Text: The Case of Queen Anna and the Jacobean Court Masque bibliographic item BARR13  
Master of Barret person (hist) BARR14  
William Barradaile person (hist) BARR15  
Humphrey Barret person (hist) BARR16  
John Barret person (hist) BARR17  
Margaret Barrom person (hist) BARR18  
bars glossary item BARS1  
Bartholomew Lane Streets BART1 published
Excerpts from Bartholomew Fair Dramatic extracts; Semi-diplomatic BART2 published
London’s the Thing: Alienation, the Market, and Englishmen for My Money bibliographic item BART3  
Baseless Fabric: London as a World City bibliographic item BART4  
Sir Henry Barton person (hist) BART5  
Bartholomew of the Castle person (hist) BART6  
Optimism of the Will: Isabella Whitney and Utopia bibliographic item BART7  
John Barton person (hist) BART8  
Agnes Barton person (hist) BART9  
Bartram of Hamburg person (hist) BART10  
James Bartlet person (hist) BART11  
Alice Bartlet person (hist) BART12  
Bartholomew the Apostle person (lit) BART13  
William Barton person (hist) BART14  
Simon Barlet person (hist) BART15  
Robert Bartram person (hist) BART16  
Robert Barton person (hist) BART17  
Ralph Barton person (hist) BART19  
The Lost Rivers of London bibliographic item BART20  
Anne Bartelet person (hist) BART21  
Bartholomew’s Lane (West Smithfield) Streets BART22 stub
Alcia Barwis person (hist) BARW1  
Roger Basford person (hist) BASF1  
Bassinghall Ward Wards BASI1 published
Basinghall Street Streets BASI2 empty
Basing Lane Streets BASI3 published
William Basing person (hist) BASI4  
Salomon de Basing person (hist) BASI5  
Basing Hall Halls BASI6 empty
T. de Basing person (hist) BASI7  
Hugh Basing person (hist) BASI8  
Robert de Basinge person (hist) BASI9  
William de Basinge person (hist) BASI10  
Simon Basil person (hist) BASI11  
Humphrey Baskerville person (hist) BASK1  
Samuel Baskernite person (hist) BASK2  
BASS1 Retired - Do not use BASS1 Replaced by BASI5
Adam de Bassing person (hist) BASS3  
Thomas Bassing person (hist) BASS4  
BASS5 Retired - Do not use BASS5 Replaced by BASI9
Fulk Basset person (hist) BASS7  
Robert Bassett person (hist) BASS8  
Bassett’s Inn Victualling houses BASS9 stub
Bassishaw Alley Streets BASS10 empty
Sir Ralph Basset of Drayton person (hist) BASS11  
Gilbert Basset person (hist) BASS12  
Richard de Basyngstoke person (hist) BASY1  
John Batchelar person (hist) BATC1  
Peter Bate person (hist) BATE1  
Lucas de Batencourt person (hist) BATE2  
Alice Bateman person (hist) BATE3  
Lucas Batencorte person (hist) BATE4  
Bath Inn Sites BATH1 stub
Henry of Bath person (hist) BATH2  
John de Bathe person (hist) BATH3  
Thomas Batson person (hist) BATS1  
Battle Bridge (Tooley Street) Sites BATT1 stub
John Battersby person (hist) BATT2  
Ralph Batte person (hist) BATT3  
William Batte person (hist) BATT4  
Sir William Batten person (hist) BATT5  
Sir William Baud person (hist) BAUD1  
Sir Walter Baud person (hist) BAUD2  
John de Bauer person (hist) BAUE1  
Peter Baugh person (hist) BAUG1  
Albert I of Bavaria person (hist) BAVA1  
William II of Bavaria person (hist) BAVA2  
Bartholomew Bavin person (hist) BAVI1  
John Bawdwine person (hist) BAWD1  
Thomas Baxter person (hist) BAXT1  
Edmond Baxter person (hist) BAXT2  
Life Sentences: The Modern Ordering of Mortality bibliographic item BAYA1  
Theatre, Community, and Civic Engagement in Jacobean London bibliographic item BAYE1  
The Curious Case of the Two Audiences: Thomas Dekker’s Match Me in London bibliographic item BAYE2  
Mark Bayer person (cont) BAYE3  
Thomas Bayholt person (hist) BAYH1  
Nicholas Bayly person (hist) BAYL1  
Alice Bayly person (hist) BAYL2  
Baynard’s Castle Sites; Graduate student articles BAYN1 published
William Baynard person (hist) BAYN2  
Ralph Baynard person (hist) BAYN3  
Geoffrey Baynard person (hist) BAYN4  
Paul Bayning person (hist) BAYN5  
Anne Bayning person (hist) BAYN6  
bibliographic item BBBB1  
Bibliography of British and Irish History bibliographic item BBIH1  
British Book Trade Index bibliographic item BBTI1  
Henry Beecher person (hist) BEAC1  
Beachamp’s Inn Victualling houses BEAC2 empty
Lizzie Owen person (cont) BEAC3  
Robert de Bel person (hist) BEAC4  
Alice Beecher (née Heron) person (hist) BEAC5  
Jane Beecher person (hist) BEAC6  
beadle glossary item BEAD1  
William Beadle person (hist) BEAD2  
Mr. Beadel person (hist) BEAD3  
Mr. Beale person (hist) BEAL1  
Robert Bealknap person (hist) BEAL2  
Robert Beale person (hist) BEAL3  
John Beale person (hist) BEAL4  
Simon Beames person (hist) BEAM1  
George Beamon person (hist) BEAM3  
Bear Garden Sites; Articles by pedagogical partners BEAR1 published
Bearbinder Lane Streets BEAR2 empty
Bear Inn (Basinghall Street) Victualling houses BEAR3 stub
The Bear and Ragged Staff Victualling houses BEAR4 empty
Bear’s Head (Southwark) Brothels BEAR5 stub
Bearbaiting Topics; Articles by pedagogical partners BEAR6 assigned
Bear (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites BEAR7 empty
How to Track a Bear in Southwark bibliographic item BEAR8  
The (Black) Bear Bookshops BEAR9 assigned
John Beards person (hist) BEAR10  
Bear Victualling houses BEAR11 empty
Bear (London Wall) Sites BEAR12 stub
Edward Beastby person (hist) BEAS1  
Margaret Beastby person (hist) BEAS2  
Beatrice of Provence person (hist) BEAT1  
The Knight of the Burning Pestle bibliographic item BEAU1  
Francis Beaumont person (hist) BEAU2  
Thomas Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU3  
Letter from Beaumont to Ben Jonson bibliographic item BEAU4  
The Knight of the Burning Pestle bibliographic item BEAU5  
Robert de Beaumont person (hist) BEAU6  
Dame Joan de Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU7  
Henry Beaufort person (hist) BEAU8  
Richard Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU9  
Sir John Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU10  
Sir Guy de Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU11  
Lady Margaret Beaufort person (hist) BEAU12  
Elizabeth de Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU13  
Sir John de Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU14  
Sir Roger Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU15  
Elizabeth Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU16  
Dame Joan Beaufort person (hist) BEAU17  
Thomas Beaumond person (hist) BEAU18  
Beaumont’s Inn (Wood Street) Victualling houses BEAU19 stub
Beaurepair Sites BEAU20 stub
John Beaufort person (hist) BEAU21  
Henry Beaufort person (hist) BEAU22  
Thomas Beaufort person (hist) BEAU23  
Mr. Beaumont person (hist) BEAU24  
Margaret Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU25  
Sir John Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU28  
Alicia Beaumond person (hist) BEAU29  
Alicia Beaumond person (hist) BEAU30  
William de Beauchamp person (hist) BEAU31  
Richard Beaumore person (hist) BEAU32  
The Aldermen of the City of London - Temp. Henry III - 1912 bibliographic item BEAV1  
London Street Names bibliographic item BEBB1  
Suzanne Bebbington person (cont) BEBB2  
W. Becam person (hist) BECA1  
Matilde de Bocham person (hist) BECH1  
Thomas Beckland person (hist) BECK1  
Sir William Beckland person (hist) BECK2  
John Becke person (hist) BECK3  
Thomas Beckhenton person (hist) BECK4  
Gilbert Becket person (hist) BECK5  
Agnes Becket person (hist) BECK6  
Thomas Beckingham person (hist) BECK7  
Anne Beckingham person (hist) BECK8  
Anselme Becket person (hist) BECK9  
Master Becket person (hist) BECK10  
Henry Becket person (hist) BECK11  
Sir Henry Bedingfield person (hist) BEDD1  
Bede person (hist) BEDE1  
Bedford House Sites BEDF1 empty
George Neville person (hist) BEDF2  
Bedford House Sites BEDF3 empty
Thomas Bedingfield person (hist) BEDI1  
Thomas Bedle person (hist) BEDL1  
John Bedow person (hist) BEDO1  
Beech Lane Streets BEEC1 empty
Nicholas de la Beeche person (hist) BEEC2  
Beer House No. 1 Victualling houses BEER1 empty
Beer Lane Streets BEER2 published
Stow, John (1524/5–1605) bibliographic item BEER3  
London and the Rebellions of 1548–1549 bibliographic item BEER4  
Tudor England Observed: The World of John Stow bibliographic item BEER5  
John Stow and the English Reformation, 1547–1559 bibliographic item BEER7  
John Stow’s Historical Notes (1500–1605): The Craft of a Citizen Historian bibliographic item BEER8  
Londinum London bibliographic item BEER9  
Johann Christoph Beer person (hist) BEER10  
The Forgotten Majority: German Merchants in London, Naturalization, and Global Trade, 1660–1815 bibliographic item BEER11  
Christopher Beeston person (hist) BEES1  
William Beeston person (hist) BEES2  
Beeston’s Boys organization (em_playing) BEES3  
William Begecote person (hist) BEGE1  
Beggar’s Bush Victualling houses BEGG1 empty
London 1500–1700: The Making of the Metropolis bibliographic item BEIE1  
The Significance of the Metropolis bibliographic item BEIE2  
Ralph Belancer person (hist) BELA1  
John Belancer person (hist) BELA2  
Robert Belgrave person (hist) BELG1  
Jacobo Colio G. F. Belgol person (hist) BELG2  
Mr. Belin person (hist) BELI1  
Belinus person (lit) BELI2  
Bell Yard (Temple Bar) Streets BELL1 published
Sir James Bell person (hist) BELL2  
Bell Inn (Holborn) Victualling houses BELL3 empty
Bell Inn (Aldersgate Street) Victualling houses BELL4 empty
Bell Inn (Friday Street) Victualling houses BELL5 empty
Bell Inn (Coleman Street) Victualling houses BELL6 empty
Bell Savage Inn Playhouses; Victualling houses BELL7 stub
Bell Inn (St. John’s Street) Victualling houses BELL8 empty
Bell Inn (Smithfield) Victualling houses BELL9 empty
Bell Inn (Gracechurch Street) Playhouses BELL10 stub
Bell (Southwark) Brothels BELL11 stub
Bell Tavern (Warwick Street) Victualling houses BELL12 empty
Bell Tavern (Old Fish Street) Victualling houses BELL13 empty
Bell Tavern (Wood Street) Victualling houses BELL14 empty
Bell Tavern (Walbrook) Victualling houses BELL15 empty
Bell Inn (in the Strand) Victualling houses BELL16 empty
Bell Tavern (Stratford-at-Bow) Victualling houses BELL17 empty
Bell Tavern (Waltham) Victualling houses BELL18 empty
Bell Inn (Henley-on-Thames) Victualling houses BELL19 empty
Londinum Feracissimi Angliæ Regni Metropolis bibliographic item BELL20  
Fleet Street in Seven Centuries: Being a History of the Growth of London Beyond the Walls into the Western Liberty, and of Fleet Street to Our Time bibliographic item BELL21  
Robert Billesdon person (hist) BELL22  
London Wall: Through Eighteen Centuries, A History of the Ancient Town Wall of the City of London with a Survey of the Existing Remains bibliographic item BELL23  
Walter Bellingham person (hist) BELL24  
François de Belleforest person (hist) BELL25  
Bellona person (lit) BELL26  
The Great Fire of London in 1666 bibliographic item BELL27  
The Bell Bookshops BELL28 assigned
Bell Alley Streets BELL29 stub
Judith Bellowes person (hist) BELL30  
Bell and Cock Victualling houses BELL31 empty
Master Bellymount person (lit) BELL32  
Richard de Belmeis I person (hist) BELM1  
Richard de Belmeis II person (hist) BELM2  
Belsize Neighbourhoods BELS1 empty
John Belwine person (hist) BELW1  
Henry Belwase person (hist) BELW2  
Hieronymus Benalius person (hist) BENA1  
Mary Benam person (hist) BENA2  
Benbridges Inn Victualling houses BENB1 published
Notes to Index of London Citizens Involved in City Government, 1558–1603 bibliographic item BENB2  
Beyond Blank Fiction: Palimpsestic Flânerie and Converging Imaginaries in Karen Tei Tamashita’s Tropic of Orange bibliographic item BENE1  
Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction bibliographic item BENH1  
John Benham person (hist) BENH2  
Simon Benington person (hist) BENI1  
Joan Benington person (hist) BENI2  
Ben Jonson’s Head Bookshops BENJ1 empty
Bennet’s Hill Streets BENN1 empty
Kristen A. Bennett person (cont) BENN2  
Cameron Bennett person (cont) BENN3  
Bennet Abbot of Wirall person (hist) BENN4  
Henry Bennis person (hist) BENN5  
Thomas Bennett person (hist) BENN6  
Francis Benneson person (hist) BENN7  
Richard Bennet person (hist) BENN8  
Mr. Bennet person (hist) BENN9  
Constantius Bennet person (hist) BENN10  
Thomas Benolt person (hist) BENO1  
Benomye Mittun person (hist) BENO2  
The Riverside Chaucer bibliographic item BENS1  
William Benson person (hist)