Northumberland House (Crutched Friars Lane)

Northumberland House was a stately home in Crutched Friars Lane, south of Aldgate. It was built by and named after Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, in 1455 (Harben). Stow records that by 1598, the house had been abandoned and that the gardens had been turned into one of the first bowling alleys, where all and sundry could bowl and gamble. But Stow notes that now of late so money [many] bowling Allies, and other houses for vnlawful gaming, hath beene raised in other parts of the Citie and suburbs, that this [Northumberland House] their ancient and onely patron of misrule, is left and forsaken of her Gamesters, and therefore turned into a number of great rents, small cottages, for strangers and others (Stow).
Northumberland House and its gardens are clearly marked on the Agas map. The house is a large residence within an enclosed compound east of St. Katherine Coleman and just above the pump at the north end of Woodroffe Lane.


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