Survey of London (1633): Catalogue of Authors

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A Catalogue of Authors, venerable for Antiquity, out of whom
the Truth of those worthy and Ancient Matters contained in this
Booke is excerpted: Ranged into an Alphabeticall order.
ABbas Floriacensis
Alfred of Bever
Antonius Florentinus.
Arnold Rich.
Asserius Menevensis.
Baconthorpe Iohn.
Baldock Ralph.
Bale Iohn.
Bannester Iohn.
Benedict of Whirhall.
Beware the Cat.
Body William.
Bradshaw Henry.
Cæsars Commentaries.
Camden Clarencieux.
Capgrave Iohn.
Caxtons Chronicle.
Chancery Rolls.
Chronica Chronicorum.
Chronicle of Abingdon.
Chronicle of S. Albans.
Chronicle of Britaine.
Chronicle of Dunstable.
Chronicle of Scarborow.
Clifford Thomas.
Cooper Thomas.
Dedicato Radulphus.
Dector Dee.
Dion Rom.
Dunthorne William.
Dyson Humphrey.
Edmond de Hadenbam.
Elderton William.
Eversden Iohn.
Fabians Chronicle.
Fabians Manuscript.
Flores Historiarum.
Floriacensis Wigorniensis
Fox his Monuments.
Gaguin Rebert.
Geffery of Monmouth.
Gervase of Tilburie.
Glastenbury Antiquities
Giraldus Cambrensis.
Gower Iohn.
Grafton Richard.
Halls Chronicle.
Hall Edward.
Hardings Chronicle.
Harrison William.
Henry of Leicester.
Henry of Marleborow.
Higeden Ranulph.
Historia Tripartita.
Holinshed Raphael.
Horne Andrew.
Hoveden Roger.
Huntingdon Henry.
Ioceline of Furneis.
Iohn de Bavow.
Iohn of Beverley.
Iucliffe Roger.
Knighton Henry.
Lambert William.
Lanquet Thomas.
Leyland Iohn.
Lhuyd Humphrey.
Lib. Albo.
Lib. S. Bartholomew.
Lib. Bermondsey.
Lib. Burton sup. Trent.
Lib. Bury S. Edmonds.
Lib. Chartsey.
Lib. de Clarkenwell.
Lib. Colchester.
Lib. Constitutionum.
Lib. Customes London.
Lib. Dunmow.
Lib. Dunthorne.
Lib. Ely.
Lib. Erswicke.
Lib. Fleetwood.
Lib. de S. Katharines.
Lib. de Knighton Guild.
Lib. S. Mariæ Eborum.
Lib. S. Mariæ Overies.
Lib. S. Martins.
Lib. Osney.
Lib. de Papie.
Lib. Roffens.
Lib. Tewkesbury.
Lib. Trinitatis.
Lib. Waverley.
Lib. de Woodbridge,
Lidgate Iohn.
Lilie George.
Lilie William.
London Iohn.
Magna Charta.
Malverne Iohn.
Manuscript French.
Marianus Scotus.
Mathew Paris.
Mathew of Westminster.
Merimouth Adam.
More Thomas, Knight.
Mountgomery Iohn.
Nevil Alexander.
Osbernus Dorobernensis.
Otherborne Henry.
Packenton William.
Paradine William.
Paston William.
Patten William.
Pattent de Iugham.
Philip Commines.
Poly Chronicon.
Polydore Virgil.
Pomponius Mela.
Price Iohn, Knight.
Ralph Cogshall.
Records Canterbury.
Records of Guildhall.
Records Parliament.
Records Patent.
Records of Pontfract.
Records in the Rolls.
Records of the Tower.
Records of the Vintry.
Register of Brockesden.
Rishanger William.
Robert de Amesbury.
Roger of Wendover.
Rouse Iohn.
Savage Dennis.
Scoggan Henry.
Simon of Durham.
Smith Thomas, Knight.
Sorocold Thomas.
Spelman Henry.
Spot Thomas.
Textor Iohn.
Thorne William.
Tuke Brian, Knight.
Vita Erkenwaldi.
Walsingham Thomas.
Walter of Coventry.
William of Huntingdon.
William of Malmesbury.
Wolfe Reginald.
To these might be added many more, who cover rather the benefit and furtherance of so necessa
ry a Worke, than vain-glory and reputation amongst men.

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