Old Cross (Cheapside)

The Old Cross on Cheapside Street had long been demolished by the early modern era, but its memory persised well into the 16th and 17th centuries via texts like the 1633 edition John Stow’s A Survey of London. The survey of Cheapside Ward recalls that the Old Cross stood and remained at the East end of the Parish Church, called S. Michael in the Corne by Pauls gate, neer to the North end of the Old-Exchange, till the yeere 1390, when the Old Cross was demolished to make way for the expansion of St. Michael Le Querne (Stow 1633, sig. 2B2v). Culturally, the Old Cross is perhaps best remembered as the place where Walter Stapledon was executed in 1326 (Stow 1633, sig. 2B2v).

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