Past Project Releases

Since 2020 and v.6.3, MoEML has been archiving past MoEML releases in their entirety for posterity. Just as old editions of books often remain in library collections, we are choosing to retain past editions of the MoEML project. Past staticized releases are complete but the static search function will not work on any but the current release.
You’ll find a repository of previous releases at We do not link directly to these so that crawlers are less likely to index them. To read release notes for version v.6.3 and subsequent releases, see the Release Notes page. Available past releases are given here in reverse chronological order:
  • MoEML v.6.5 (September 2020-June 2021,
  • MoEML v.6.4 (June 2020-September 2020,
  • MoEML v.6.3 (June 2018-June 2020,
If you are interested in the earlier history of MoEML, there are descriptions and a few screen captures on our History page.

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