Mayoral Shows (Modern-Spelling) Progress Chart

The following table records the progress of the modern-spelling mayoral shows, which are being published as the MoEML Mayoral Shows (MoMS) anthology on the LEMDO platform. When an edition is complete, we will add a link to its published version.
Title Year Status
The Device of the Pageant Borne before Wolstan Dixie 1585 In-Progress
The Device of the Pageant 1590 In-Progress
Decensus Astraeae 1591 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Reunited Britannia 1605 Unassigned
Camp-Bell, or the Ironmongers’ Fair Field 1609 In-Progress
Chrusothriambos 1611 In-Progress
Troia-Nova Triumphans, or London Triumphing 1612 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Truth 1613 In-Progress
Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of England 1614 In-Progress
Metropolis Coronata 1615 Unassigned
Chrysanaleia 1616 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Honor and Industry 1617 In-Progress
Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and iron triumphing 1618 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity 1619 Unassigned
Tes Irenes Trophæa, or the Triumphs of Peace 1620 Unassigned
The Sun in Aries 1621 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Honour and Virtue 1622 In-Progress
The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece 1623 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Integrity 1623 In-Progress
Monuments of Honour 1624 In-Progress
Triumphs of Health and Prosperity 1626 In-Progress
Brittannia’s Honor 1628 In-Progress
London’s Tempe 1629 In-Progress
London’s Jus Honorarium 1631 Unassigned
Londini Artium & Scientiarum: or, London’s Fountaine of Arts and Science 1632 In-Progress
Londini Emporia or Londons Mercatura 1633 In-Progress
The Triumphs of Fame and Honour 1634 In-Progress
Sinus Salutis, or, London’s Harbour of Health, and Happinesse 1635 In-Progress
Londini Speculum: or, London’s Mirror 1637 In-Progress
Pietatis, or the Port and Harbour of Piety 1638 In-Progress
Londini Status Pecatus: or, London’s Peacable Estate 1639 In-Progress

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