Now of Leprose people, and lazar houses.
IT is to be obserued, that leprose persons were alwaies for auoi
ding the daunger of infection, to be seperated from the sounde:
God himselfe commanding to put out of the host euery leaper,
Numbers 5.
Wherevpon I reade in a prouinciall sinode holden at West
by Hubert Archbishop of Canterburie, in the yeare of
Christ 1200. the second of King Iohn it was decréed according to
the institution of the Lateran counsaile, that when so many leprose
people were assembled, that might be able to build a church with a
church yarde for themselues, and to haue one especiall Priest of
their owne, that they should be permitted to haue the same with
out contradiction so they be not iniurious to the old churches, by
that which was graunted to them for pitties sake: And further it
was decréed, that they be not compelled to giue any tithes of their
gardens or increase of cattell.
I haue moreouer hearde that there is a writte in our Law, de
leproso amouendo
Leprose per
sons to be voi
ded the Cittie.
and I haue read that King Edward the third
in the 20. yeare of his raigne
, gaue commandement to the Mayor
and Sheriffes of London, to make proclamation in euery Ward,
of the Citie and suburbes, that all leprose persons inhabiting there

The Temporall gouernment.
should auoid within fiftéene daies next, and that no man suffer any
such leprose person to abide within his house, vpon paine to forfeite
his said house, and to incurre the kinges further displeasure: And
that they should cause the said Lepers to be remoued into some out
places of the fieldes, from the haunt or Company of sound people,
whereupon certaine Lazar houses (as may bée supposed) were then
builded without the Citty, some good distance, to wit, the locke
without Southwarke in Kent street, one other betwixt the Miles
, and Stratforde Bow, one other at Kingesland, betwixt
Shoreditch, and Stoke Newington, and an other at Knightes
, west from Charing Crosse.
Lazar houses builded.
These foure I haue noted
to be erected for the receipt of Leprouse people, sent out of the City
at that time. Finally I reade that one William Pole Yeoman
of the Crowne, being striken with a Leaprosie, was desirous to
build an Hospitall, with a Chappell to the honor of S. Anthonie
for the releefe and harborow of such Leprouse persons, as were de
stitute in the kingdome, to the end they should not bée offensiue to
other in their passing to and fro, for the which cause Edward the
did by his Charter dated in the 12. of his raigne
giue vnto
the said William for eThis text is the corrected text. The original is n (SM)uer a certaine parcell of his land lying in his
high way of Highgate, and Holloway, within the County of
, contayning 60. foot in length, and 34. in bredth.

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