Release Notes for MoEML v.6.5

Third Static Release

v.6.5 is the third release of a static version of our site.

Past MoEML Releases

A significant advantage of the static-release model is that we can now archive past MoEML releases for posterity. Just as old editions of books often remain in library collections, we are choosing to retain past editions of the MoEML project. You’ll find all previous releases at With the next release (v.6.6), we’ll ensure that these versions are findable from the current release.

Stow’s 1598 Survey of London

With this release, we are making available the full text of our tagged transcription of the 1598 Survey of London. The text is out for peer review while we make our final checks. The 1598 Stow has been long in the making. In 2013, we converted the EEBO-TCP transcription, encoded in TEI-P4, to MoEML’s customization of TEI-P5. EEBO-TCP offered a good starting point that saved us a lot of transcribing, typing, and encoding time. Our transcription supplies the many gaps left by EEBO-TCP transcribers and restores all the features omitted in TCP’s semi-diplomatic transcription (long s, changes in font, running titles, and catchwords). Furthermore, our edition takes as its copytext the University of Victoria’s recently acquired copy of the first state of the volume (DA680 S87 1598). Our text is linked to open-access images of the UVic copy, with the exception of the Errata page (sig. 2H10v), which the first state does not include. We have transcribed the Errata from the second state and linked this one page to the EEBO surrogate of the Huntington Library copy. While our 1598 Survey will not be complete until lead editor Janelle Jenstad has published the critical paratexts that accompany the text and the entire edition (content and tagging) has undergone peer review, the text itself already has enormous value to scholars of early modern London.
The MoEML 1598 Survey is significant for two reasons. First, it makes the first edition of the text readily available for the first time. Charles Lethbridge Kingsford’s 1908 edition of A Survey of London (Oxford University Press) is reprinted from the text of 1603. This edition is widely available in libraries and can be purchased as a reprint; more significantly, it was double-keyed for British History Online, which means that the 1603 text is freely available and searchable. Our edition makes the first authorial text of 1598 freely available and searchable. Second, our text is annotated and indexed via entity tagging. All of Stow’s thousands of toponyms have been identified, tagged, and linked to MoEML encyclopedia pages. All of the many people mentioned by Stow have been identified, tagged, and linked to MoEML’s Personography. All dates (Julian calendar dates, regnal dates, and anno mundi dates) have been tagged in such a way as to facilitate translation to modern Gregorian equivalents (viewable in mouseover panes). Stow’s habit of apposing multiple toponyms means that his text offers valuable insight into the many names given to particular locations. MoEML harvests these toponyms and variants for the MoEML gazetteer.
To facilitate direct navigation to any section of the text, we have created an editorial table of contents. To facilitate continuous reading, we have added back and forward arrows at the top and bottom of each chapter page.

Interface Changes

With this release, we have made a minor interface change. The link to Related documents / disambiguation has moved from the left-hand navigation panel into the main encyclopedia entry, where it sits just under the title of the page. As our gazetteer has grown, we have made increasing use of MoEML’s capacity to make links and to differentiate places with similar names. We have therefore made this feature more prominent for users.

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