Jamie Zabel


Research Assistant, 2020-2021. Managing Encoder, 2020-2021. Jamie Zabel was an MA student at the University of Victoria in the Department of English. She completed her BA in English at the University of British Columbia in 2017. She published a paper in University College London’s graduate publication Moveable Type (2020) and presented at the University of Victoria’s 2021 Digital Humanities Summer Institute. During her time at MoEML, she made significant contributions to the 1598 and 1633 editions of Stow’s Survey as proofreader, editor, and encoder, coordinated the encoding of the 1633 edition, and researched and authored a number of encyclopedia articles and geo-coordinates to supplement both editions. She also played a key role in managing the correction process of MoEML’s Gazetteer.

Roles played in the project

  • Abstract Author
  • Author
  • CSS Editor
  • Copy Editor
  • Data Manager
  • Editor
  • Encoder
  • Geo-Coordinate Researcher
  • Markup Editor
  • Primary Encoder
  • Proofreader
  • Researcher
  • Transcription Proofreader

Jamie Zabel is a member of the following organizations and/or groups: