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21 July 2013

1633 Stow Images

In Fall 2012, Janelle Jenstad purchased a copy of the 1633 edition of The Survey of London, in which playwright Anthony Munday, book collector and antiquarian Humphrey Dyson, and others continued and expanded Stow’s work. Acting on a tip from MoEML Editorial Board member Brett Hirsch, Janelle purchased the folio volume from an upstate New York bookseller who had purchased the volume from a New York collector. After a nail-biting bidding skirmish on eBay, the volume was on its way to Victoria. The volume shows some signs of foxing, and the front cover is missing. However, the rest of the binding (spine and back cover) dates from the seventeenth-century. We have donated the volume to the University of Victoria Special Collections. The volume will be conserved by Lorraine Butler at Meadland Bindery later this year. Meanwhile, the Digitisation Unit at UVic has scanned and processed 909 page images for us to use in our forthcoming versioned edition of the 1598, 1603, 1618, and 1633 Survey. We’re grateful to Kathy Mercer and her team for their excellent work!
There are two printings of The Survey dated 1633. Only the one with the title page listing Elizabeth Purslowe as the printer was actually printed in 1633 (STC 23345). A later edition, falsely dated 1633 but probably dating from some time between 1640 and 1657 (when bookseller Nicholas Bourne died), does not list the printer’s name on the title page (STC 23345.5 / Wing S5773A). As you can see from the title page below, we have secured the 1633 printing.

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