Training and Work Practices Contract


MoEML follows an apprenticeship model in teaching RAs. After the PI introduces RAs to project-specific resources and tools, the PI assigns them increasingly difficult tasks while gradually giving them more autonomy in individual tasks and a greater role in the collaboration. The PI does a certain amount of co-researching and writing with the RAs until they have internalized MoEML’s standards and have learned to write scholarly prose for the digital environment.

MoEML’s Obligations

MoEML is a SSHRC-funded project, which means that the PI has two obligations: (1) to ensure that the work is completed within the timeline of the grant; and (2) to offer learning opportunities to students.
RAs will learn how to:
  1. Use literary bibliographies, historical and archaeological databases, digital archives, and other online repositories of primary and secondary materials related to EM London.
  2. Write short encyclopedia-style location articles integrating primary and secondary historical and literary sources.
  3. Understand how early books were constructed and how early bookmaking techniques determine modern citation.
  4. Follow transcription, encoding, and editorial guidelines to prepare the base texts of scholarly editions.
  5. Write textual notes and annotations.
  6. Use and develop project-specific citation styles for bibliographies and in-text citations.
  7. Write reader-centered prose for the digital environment.
  8. Edit and copyedit your own and other people’s prose.
  9. Use their working knowledge of the principles of text encoding and specific knowledge of TEI elements and attributes to encode documents, using templates.
  10. Identify @xml:ids for streets, sites, and people.
  11. Find GIS coordinates using standard and custom mapping tools.
  12. Capture metadata accurately, precisely, and consistently.

RA Obligations

RAs are expected to:
  1. Seek help early and often.
  2. Attend team meetings when called to do so.
  3. Answer emails promptly (within 48 hours during the week).
  4. Report via email to the Project Manager and to the HCMC Office Manager if you are not able to work at your scheduled time.
  5. Report on your progress to the whole team at meetings.
  6. Report to the PI, SSHRC Co-Applicants, Project Manager, and/or Programmer) when asked to do so.
  7. Check out the MoEML files from SVN when you set up your workstation for the first time.
  8. Update your copy of the repository at the beginning of every work session.
  9. Commit your changes to SVN regularly throughout your work session and at the end of your work session.
  10. Save all your MoEML work (including but not limited to research notes, planning documents, and encoding notes) to the relevant folders in SVN so that they are accessible to everyone.
  11. Keep records of your research in your working_files folder.
  12. Record your hours and activities regularly and accurately in Asana.
  13. Keep MoEML passwords and user ids confidential.
  14. Bring forward suggestions and observations that might improve MoEML and/or team practices.
  15. Teach other team members when they need the skills and knowledge that you have acquired.

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