Bretaske Lane

According to Henry A. Harben, prior to 1343 this lane had been closed up by Thomas de Porkeslee, who owned the house in the lane, called ’la Bretaske,’ and the wharf adjoining it (Harben 100). It was for this house, sometimes also referred to as la Bretasse, that the lane was named (Carlin and Belcher 67). However, in 1343, the lane was declared by the city of London and the men of Dowgate Ward to be communis omnibus hominibus (Harben 100). While the lane was transitioning to a common lane, the Dyers’ Company attempted to claim it, but were denied; this mention of the Dyers’ Company suggests that the lane may be identified with Dyers’ Hall Wharf at No. 95 Upper Thames Street Gap in transcription. Reason: Editorial omission for reasons of length or relevance. Use only in quotations in born-digital documents.[…] in which street the Dyers’ Hall had stood before the Fire of 1666 (Harben 100).


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